How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Windows 10 computer?

Quite convenient to use Bluetooth headphones together with stationary PC. This allows you to get rid of the mass of wires that usually only interfere. To connect the accessory to a computer running Windows 10, you need about 5 minutes. Even if there are problems, they can be easily eliminated.

What is necessary?

Connect headphones easily with all necessary. Need Computer and headset. Additionally need to be purchased Bluetooth USB Adapter. This element provides connection on this communication channel.

The adapter is inserted into any USB-port computer. Then you need to install the drivers. This usually happens automatically using a disk that comes in the kit. After that, you can connect Bluetooth headphones and use them by appointment.

Customize the adapter on a computer running Windows 10 at all is required. It is usually enough to insert a device into a suitable port. Next, the system will automatically find and load the driver. True, the computer after that will need to restart. Blue Blue Blue icon appears on the shortcut panel automatically.

It is worth noting that Sometimes the adapter does not connect the first time. You should try to insert it to another port. When choosing the adapter itself, it is worth considering its compatibility with another electronics in the computer. Some modern motherboards allow you to install a device for wireless communications directly inside the housing.

Instructions for connecting

Wireless headphones are a convenient access to operation. The first connection does not take much time, and the following are usually automated. It is worth noting that the headset must be charged. Connect the Bluetooth headphones to the Windows 10 computer on the following algorithm.

  • On the computer you need to activate the Bluetooth module. When it is turned on on the control panel, the corresponding blue icon appears. If this icon is not visible, you should open the notification center and activate Bluetooth using the corresponding button. To do this, it is enough to switch the slider to the desired position. You can also activate wireless communication through the parameters.

  • Necessary Go to “Parameters” through the “Start” button. Next you need to switch to the “Device” tab.

  • In addition, you can see the “Bluetooth and other devices” item. At this stage, you can also turn on the adapter if it has not been turned on. You should click on “Adding a Bluetooth or other device”.

  • It’s time include headphones themselves. Usually the indicator starts to glow blue. This means that the device is available to detect a computer. If the indicator does not shine, then it is possible that the accessory is already connected to some gadget. You should turn off the headphones from the device or find the key on the body with the inscription “Bluetooth”. Button must be pressed or even delay for a while depends on the headset itself.

  • After that on the computer Go to the “Bluetooth” tab. A list of all available devices opens. In the list there must be headphones. It will be enough just to choose them among other devices. The connection status will appear on the screen. Usually the user sees the inscription: “connected” or “connected voice, music”.

  • Perhaps the device will ask Password (PIN) to confirm the operation. Usually, by default, these are simple combinations of numbers of type “0000” or “1111”. Accurate information can be found in the instructions for headphones from the manufacturer. Password request more often occurs if the pairing is carried out on the old Bluetooth version.

  • Headphones will eventually be displayed in the list of connected devices. There they can be disabled, connect or remove them at all. The latter will require a re-connection according to the instructions above.

In the future it will be enough Enable headphones and activate a Bluetooth module on a computer, To pairing happened automatically. For this you do not need to make additional settings. It is worth noting that the sound may not switch automatically. Just for this will have to configure the computer. Make it required only once.

How to setup?

It happens that the headphones are connected, but the sound of them does not go. You need to configure the computer so that the sound automatically switched out between columns and headsets. The whole process will take no more than 4 minutes.

To start You need to get into the “Playback Devices” tab, Changing the right mouse button on the sound icon on the control panel.

In evaporated Menu Select “Sounds” and go to “Play”. The list will be headphones. You should click on the icon right mouse button and set the value “Use default”.

After such a simple setting, it is enough to connect headphones and they will be used to output sound automatically.

There is a simple way to set up. It follows through the “Parameters” to get into the “Sound” menu and in the Open Sound Options tab to install the required device. There you need to find headphones in the drop-down list.

It is worth noting that the system will propose to select a device for outputting or entering audio.

It is important to establish the latter if the Bluetooth headphones have a microphone, while it is used. Otherwise, the headset will not work fully.

If the accessory is intended only for listening to audio, you should simply select a device for output.

Possible problems

Connect Bluetooth headphones to a computer running Windows 10 is really quite simple. In the presence of an adapter, the whole process occupies very little time. But sometimes headphones are not connected. The first thing you can do is restart PCs, turn off the headset and start the whole process from the very beginning.

Users often face various failures that interfere with the pairing. Consider the main problems and ways to solve them.

  • Section Bluetooth is not at all in the computer parameters. In this case, you must install the drivers for the adapter. You should make sure that it is displayed in the list of “Device Manager”. It is possible that you need to try to connect the adapter to another USB port. Perhaps the one that is used, failed.
  • It happens that the computer does not detect headphones. maybe, The headset is not included or already connected to some gadget. You need to try to turn off and turn on Bluetooth again on headphones. To verify the performance of the module, you should try to connect accessory to a smartphone or another gadget. If earlier the headphones have already been used with this computer, then you need to remove them from the list and connect in a new way. It happens that the problem lies in the settings of the headset itself. In this case, they should be reset to factory parameters. In the instructions for a specific model, you can find a key combination that will change the settings.
  • If there is no sound in the connected headphones, it says about incorrect settings on the computer itself. It is enough to simply change the parameters of the audio extender so that the headset is to be the default device.

Usually, when connecting headphones on a wireless communication channel, no problems occur. It is worth noting that Some adapters do not allow you to simultaneously connect several headphones or sound output devices. Sometimes Bluetooth headphones are not connected to a computer only because it has already conjugate columns on the same communication channel. Just turn off one accessory and connect another.

On how to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to a computer running Windows 10, see the following video.

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