How to connect a TV to a computer instead of a monitor?

If you connect the usual TV instead of the monitor to the computer, then your favorite movies and TV shows will be viewed on a large screen, significantly improving quality picture. The connection of the two devices does not cause special difficulties and is carried out in several ways without the involvement of a specialist.

Pros and cons

Before connecting TV to a computer instead of a monitor, you need to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of both options. Objectively monitors are much more convenient than screens even with the wide range of diagonal. TVs can not adjust any height nor the angle of inclination, unlike computers. Special bracket slightly corrects the situation, but this design requires enough free space, which may not be in the room. In addition, even the most miniature TV has a lot of weight and outstanding dimensions, so put it on a compact computer table will simply fail.

From the computer screen to a working person should be maintained by a gap equal to 50 centimeters, But in a situation with a television screen, a diagonal is more than 30 inches this distance has to be increased due to the inability to simultaneously cover the entire area. The execution of this rule is not always possible in small spaces. If the TV is used for games, then the constant movement of the view from one point to another is very tiring.

It is impossible not to mention the Input Lag – the delay in the signal processing arising from the operation of the TV as a monitor. It is especially noticeable when connecting computer and online games, and therefore their lovers need to pay attention to this parameter. INPUT LAG, measured in milliseconds, should not exceed 40. By the way, the response time of the pixel in modern models does not play a special role.

If we talk about the unambiguous pluses of the TV in relation to the computer screen, then we are talking about better picture. TV wins in such aspects as the color palette, functionality, the ability to set up and the screen update frequency. The TV can be simultaneously connected to a computer and an antenna. Change modes will be by usual pressing the button in a couple of seconds.

In addition, the explicit advantage is the availability of good speakers.

Which TV to choose?

To choose instead of a TV monitor, you need to make sure that it provides proper image quality, and the available backlight is LED. Since the plasma panels are rapidly losing their popularity due to a small life, Preference should be given LCD displays. Liquid crystal matrices will provide high screen resolution, which, in turn, will significantly improve the picture quality. In addition, they, as a rule, provide support for FullHD and have a convenient and understandable menu. A good choice will be a wireless monitor that can connect to the network using Wi-Fi.

One of the most successful options for games is the model SAMSUNG UE50NU7470U. Despite the fact that a rather large screen has a diagonal of 49.5 inches, the process of its operation is very comfortable. Connect the device to a computer in several ways, including by connecting Wi-Fi and LAN cable. Dynamic Crystal Color and 4K-resolution technology provide brightness and detail pictures. Weighs such a TV quite a bit – about 13 kilograms.

A good option and for games, and for viewing is TV Toshiba 32L5780EC. The quality of the image corresponds to a diagonal equal to 32 inches, as well as screen resolution1366 × 768. Convenience Connectivity provide 2 connectors for HDMI cable, as well as 2 USB ports. The viewing angle reaches 178 degrees, and LED-backlight and LEDs on the sides are responsible for the lack of lights around the edges. To other advantages of the model include High-quality sound, protection against children and sleep timer.

Television LG 43LK5100PLB It has a diagonal of 43 inches and a resolution of 1920 to 1080. Full HD feature creates a complete immersion effect in what is happening on the screen. TV can easily connect both the PC system unit and a specialized game console. Quality sound provides Virtual Surround system. Moreover, In stock There is a special screen coating that protects from glare.

Another suitable TV is considered SAMSUNG UE40NU7170UXRU, The diagonal of which is 49 inches. Screen connection to the system unit can be carried out in several ways, moreover, the device has a built-in Plug & Play feature.

It will be possible to manage this TV not only with the help of a regular console, but even using a smartphone.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting

In order to turn the TV in a computer screen, you should start with the purchase of an optimal model. For frequent and diverse use It is better to use a diagonal model from 26 to 27 inches, as well as resolution within the borders from 1920×1080 to 2560×1440. Make a “transformation” in several ways, both wired and wireless. If there is a cable TV, combines the system unit via VGA, DVI or HDMI. The wireless method is to create a local network or direct connection via Wi-Fi. It is also possible to use special adapters.

Quite often, the connection is selected using an HDMI cable, which allows you to create a high-quality video signal and pure sound. For its implementation, it is necessary that the corresponding connector is attended by both the TV and a PC video card. When the first cable plug is inserted into the computer connector, and the second is to the TV port, on the control panel, you must press the INPUT button, after which you activate as the main source of HDMI. If everything is done correctly, the screen comes a little, and after it will appear the desktop desktop. In case of some display errors, you will need to adjust the desktop.

To do this, right-click right-click on any empty desktop fragment, wait for the menu and proceed by the “Properties – Parameters” chain. Pressing the “Advanced” button will allow you to select the desired resolution – as a rule, the maximum is set. The “Screen Settings” tab allows you to make a TV screen main, and the computer screen is optional. If the TV does not transmit sounds, then you can right-click on the speaker image on the notifications panel. Going in the “Playback Device” menu, you will have to select your TV in the list of connected devices, then click on it right-click and confirm “Use by default”.

Connection through “Tulips” VGA and DVI is carried out according to a similar scheme. To create a VGA connection, you will need an appropriate cable. Typically, the first end of the cord is inserted into the corresponding connector on the video card, and the second – to the port of the TV. You can also use a DVI-VGA cable if there is a need to simultaneously connect to the system unit and a regular monitor, and TV. The overall computer is more convenient to attach with a DVI cable capable of providing high quality transmission.

It is necessary to add that in addition to the VGA or DVI cord, you will need to purchase a special audio cable equipped with a standard plug of 3.5.

By connecting the ends of the cable into the appropriate jacks of the TV and the computer, as well as installing the audio cable to the output with the “AUDIO-IN” margin, you must enable the computer and TV. The TV menu selects VGA or DVI as the main source of signal. You can do this by clicking on the Input button on the remote control.

TV, initially equipped Wi-Fi module, can be connected even to smartphone. Therefore, the easiest way to attach both a personal computer and the TV itself to the home network using the router. If there is no built-in module in the TV, then an additional acquisition of the adapter will be required. However, it is possible to synchronize both devices without it, thanks to Intel Widi and Miracast technologies. To successfully connect using WIDI technology, it is necessary that the PC is installed OS older than Windows 7 and the Intel Wireless Display is downloaded. Modern models, however, are most often sold with built-in support Miracast.

The first thing on the TV is activated by the required technology – either WIDI or Miracast. Usually this function is initially enabled, but if not, it will be necessary to use the “Mirror screen display” function. Next, in the case of WIDI, the Intel Wirelles Display utility is installed on the computer. Opening it, you should run the “Wireless Monitor” command, allowing you to create a connection.

During connection, the program will also need to type the security code, which will appear on the TV monitor. If we are talking about Miracast, then you will need to withdraw the Charms panel. Going to the “Devices” section, you need to click on the “Projector”, after which you run the “Add Wireless Display” function.

Connecting a computer and TV on a local network will require special software. The first thing the user will need to download and configure the DLNA server, which can be done using a licensed program called “Home Media Server”. By installing the software, you need to change some of the settings, and the TV itself is connected to the system unit using the LAN cable.

TV before starting the setup is better to turn off.

Next on the computer runs software. Opening the “Settings” section, you need to go to the “Devices” tab, after which you start searching by pressing the button. After completing scanning, the program will show all available devices, from the list of which you want to find your TV. Pressing the name of his model will confirm the connection to the Media server. The following user will need to re-open the “Settings” item and go to the “Media resources” section.

Clicking the “Add” button and select the required hard disk folders will create access from the TV. The easiest way it will do, if you select all local disks in the “My Computer” folder. When all the required files will be available on the TV screen on the TV screen, you can start scanning by pressing the “OK” button.

The process of setting up the MEDIA-server opening is completed, for which it will be enough to click on the “Start” button, located in the main menu of this program.

It is important to add that before creating a security connection both devices better turn off. Only after the cables are inserted, you can run the TV and select the connection mode using the Source or Input button. The connector selected on the remote must match the connector to which the wire is connected. The cable type is determined depending on which connectors and ports are located on the rear panel of the computer. Determining the type of connectors on the TV, it will be possible to understand which cable will be required. Marking input signal to TV will allow you to properly configure this device.

To adjust the image on the TV screen, you can try to click on the DISPLAY key. This key is often activated by an additional press of the FN key. In addition, sometimes the word display itself is missing, and the corresponding image is present instead. In Windows 7, pressing the Windows + P combination opens the “Project” menu. This section allows you to select the descending desktop display mode. In addition, in any version, you can right-click on the free section of the desktop and call the “Screen Resolution” menu or the “Properties” menu.

Section “Multiple Displays” Allows you to choose how the images will look on the TV screen.

About how to connect a TV to a computer instead of a monitor, see the following video.

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