How to connect a Bluetooth column to a computer?

Portable Bluetooth speakers every year are becoming increasingly popular with PC users. Easily connected devices do not occupy a lot of space, but allow you to always get a great sound.


Such portable devices, like laptops, smartphones and tablets often go on sale with rather weak built-in speakers that are not able to achieve sufficient volume or cope with low frequencies. In the current situation, it is much more wiser to additionally purchase a portable Bluetooth column, which is then attached to a stationary computer, laptop or similar devices.

Usually the column works either using the built-in battery or ordinary batteries.

Connect it to PCs. Although the operating system is installed on it – Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8 or even Vista. Most often, two devices are “connected” due to the presence of a modern laptop built-in Bluetooth transmitter, but also connecting to more “age” devices using a wire or adapter is also possible. If we consider the gadget itself, To listen to music, absolutely any models will be suitable: Logitech, JBL, Beats, Xiaomi and others.

Connection process

The Bluetooth column will be connected to a computer equipped with any operating system, but most often two of them are selected – Windows 7 and Windows 10. The process of “making contact” in both options is slightly different. According to experts, It’s easier to adjust the column in Windows 10.

To Windows 7

To connect the Bluetooth column to the device equipped with the Windows 7 system, start with the direct turn on the column. By activating the device, you must translate it into connection mode – that is, the ability to “connect” to another technique with a Bluetooth transmission. Usually for this, during a pair of three seconds, the key with the inscription Bluetooth or the inclusion button. If the indicator is available on the column often flashes, it means that the procedure is carried out correctly. Next on the computer right on the taskbar with the right button, the Bluetooth button is activated.

When you press the mouse, the window is revealed, in which you want to select “Add device”. If everything is done correctly, a window will appear on the screen in which all devices that can be connected. Selecting your wireless column from the list, you need to click, then click the “Next” button. In the next step, the system itself will configure the gadget, after which it will notify that the column is connected and can be used for listening. Music In this case, immediately should be played through a wireless speaker.

In the case when the playback has not begun, you can right-click on the image of the speaker located on the taskbar, and then select the “Playback Devices”.

By right-clicking on the Bluetooth device used, you need to activate the default item.

To Windows 10

Connecting a wireless Bluetooth gadget begins with the fact that the computer opens the launch menu and selects Section “Parameters”. Next you need to move to “Devices” and click on the plus, located next to the inscription “Adding a Bluetooth or other device”. At the next stage, the gadget itself is activated and is sure to be translated into the connection mode.

You must trace the device indicator to actively flash – this signals that other devices can detect the column and connect to it. As a rule, for this, a few seconds are made to either the button with the Bluetooth icon, or the power button, although the exact action is determined depending on the model used.

When the speaker indicator started flashing, you can return to the computer and set detection of devices that have the ability to connect via Bluetooth. This is done by selecting the type of device to add. In the resulting list, you must click on the model of the existing column and wait for the appearance of the window that informs that the wireless speaker system is successfully connected. If you click on the “Finish” button, most likely the sound will immediately begin playing.

If you turn off the column, then the sound will continue through the built-in speakers or the speakers attached via cable.

When problems with sound, you can try to choose a wireless column in the settings. To do this, click on the speaker icon located on the taskbar, after which you activate the “Open Sound Options” item. In the Bluetooth window that appears, the window is selected in the window, which is indicated by “select the output device”.

It is necessary to mention that one of the latest updates of the Windows 10 operating system made it possible to output the sound to different devices, depending on the working program. For example, during the viewing of the film uses built-in dynamics, and listening to music is carried out on the column. The implementation of this feature is carried out in the “Application Device and Volume” section, within which the audio player is set for each program.

How to connect via wire?

Portable column Even if it has the ability to receive data on the Bluetooth system, you can get to work and with the wires – both in the case of a stationary computer and a modern laptop. However, for this, on the column itself, there should be an audio input indicated by the AUDIO IN or INPUT mark. Usually used cable 3.5 mm jack, although the input of the acoustic system may have a parameter and 2.5 mm. Such a wire is often present complete with a portable column. Connection In this case, it becomes even easier: one end of the cable is inserted into the corresponding connector of the speaker, and the remaining connected with the audio output of the laptop, PC or other portable device.

The sound will be transmitted through a portable device until it is disabled, or until the operating system settings are shown. It is also necessary to mention that the cable used can be one end initially soldered to the column, and therefore it is easy to unwind in extreme necessity. In the event that the user can not find the audio output of the computer, he should Focus on the green or lettuce socket located on the back panel of the main unit.

Possible problems

When connecting a Bluetooth gadget, users often arise among the same problems. For example, despite the “contact” of PC and audiophers, music may simply not be. In this case, first should be determined whether the problem is in the column or in the computer itself. In order to check the audio mode, it must be connected using Bluetooth to another device, for example, smartphone. If the music is playing, the source of the problem is the computer itself.

To check again, you should try to connect the playing device via Bluetooth, for example, another column. If the music plays in both cases, the problem is in the connection itself, it is possible to simply use the cable for its liquidation. If another column does not transmit audio, then the Bluetooth driver is probably obsolete. To correct the situation, it can be updated.

In many cases, the computer does not see the column or does not connect to it, because Bluetooth itself is disabled on one of the two devices. The operation of the module is checked through the task manager. Sometimes the PC simply cannot detect the column in the list of available devices, and therefore connect to it. The problem is solved by clicking on the “Update Equipment Configuration” icon located on the top panel of the task manager. If the Bluetooth module did not turn on even after a reboot, you will have to purchase a new connections adapter.

In the absence of sound, the problem may be in the column itself – for example, if the speakers have broken or the board burned down.

It is important to check the amount of charging of the audio order, and also make sure that there is no electromagnetic interference. You must not forget about the fact that the Bluetooth connection is usually installed password, and the PIN-code installed on the column must be recognized by the manufacturer.

Bluetooth Speakers JBL features a special application for connecting to a computer, smartphone or laptop. By downloading it, the user will be able to statenly connect two devices, as well as install the necessary passwords for connecting and updating the driver firmware. Again in the application you can find out why the main device does not see the audio code. Sometimes, by the way, the problem may be that the computer either finds the wrong column that does not displays anything at all. Wherein The remaining devices are quickly detected via Bluetooth and immediately ready to connect.

To correct the current situation Just just restart Bluetooth on audio mode. If it did not help, you can first rename the column by connecting it through a smartphone or tablet, and then reboot the connection. Running the search for connected devices on the computer, you can already “connect” with the required gadget. In the event that the user is not sure in the exact name of the column, you will have to either contact the manufacturer, or search the required information in the instructions.

Separately, it should be clarified by the phased driver update, Since it can be a “key” to solve the problem. In order to do this, you must simultaneously press the Windows and S keys, after which you drive in the “Device Manager” window. Going to this section, you need to select the Bluetooth menu, which is usually the first in the list.

Click right-clicking will allow you to go to “Update Drivers” section. As a result of these steps, the system itself will find updates on the Internet, which, by the way, must be connected, after which it will install them on a computer. Another way to update the drivers is the use of utilities that download on the Internet or are purchased in the format of the installation disk in the corresponding stores.

On how to connect a Bluetooth column to a laptop, look next.

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