How to configure YouTube on Samsung Smart TV TVs?

Today, more and more people are watching the video on the Internet. The television program does not allow you to choose the time to view the content viewer of the. Here are the advantages of video hosting. It makes it possible not only at any time to watch movies, TV shows, sports broadcasts and music clips, but also follow the life of your favorite bloggers.

To enjoy watching with maximum comfort, you can install a TV connection. Of course, the model of technology should be new. About the Nuances of Installation and YouTube Settings on the Samsung Smart TV TV Read in the article.

How to install and activate?

Brand smart TVs are available in Korea. This technique is equipped with the Tizen operating system. In this regard, video hosting does not require a separate installation. It is already built into the TV. It is worth noting that not all SAMSUNG television equipment supports SMART function. This moment can be clarified by looking at the instructions with the product specifications.

If the TV has a specified function, You can connect it to the Internet. The method is chosen depending on the situation. It can be a wired connection or Wi-Fi. Then enter the “Smart TV” menu. You need to find the YouTube icon. By clicking on it, you can choose any video. If you enter the system through Google, you can see your collections of films and music stored in the account.

It is important to understand that only watching video is available through the TV. Leave a comment and put like the Like content you could not.

These features are available only when entering a smartphone or computer.

If for some reason the method described above did not work, You can set up video hosting differently.

  1. First you need to download on a computer, laptop or tablet widget of the application under consideration.
  2. Take the flash drive. Create a folder on it, name it YouTube. Download the archive of the application you downloaded.
  3. Then insert the USB flash drive in the USB port of the television technology. Run Smart Hub.
  4. In the list that appears, find the video hosting application.

Situations occur, When the installed application disappears from the menu. In this case, you should re-install. You can find the download application in the official store Samsung Apps. You only need to enter a name in the search bar.

After installing the application, it is better to connect it to the phone or computer. This will improve ease of use. Open video you will be on your mobile or laptop. It will be played on the big screen.

To do this, you need:

  1. Open the program on your additional device (PC or phone). There you should click “View on TV”.
  2. On television technique you need to find the “Tailor” item.
  3. The code that appears must be entered into the corresponding field. After that you need to click “Add”. The binding of gadgets will indicate a special icon.
  4. To start the broadcast it will only be necessary to click on it.

How to update and restore?

If you installed the application and used for some time, but It ceased to work, update is required. To do this, open an application store. There you should find the desired widget. When the application page opens, you will see the “Update” button, which you want to click. After that, video hosting itself will be added to your TV.

Another option – Return YouTube thanks to software settings. To do this, you need to enter the Smart TV menu and find the basic parameters.

There must be an item uninstalling. You should select the specified application in the list and update it.

It is worth noting that recently on some Samsung Smart TV TVs the ability to view the Internet video disappeared. This applies to technology that has a year of release until 2012. This is explained by the fact that the application is constantly updated. Soon it will have such characteristics and opportunities that will not be able to be supported by outdated TV models.

However, owners of such models should not despair. And in this situation you can find a way out.

  1. Initially, you should enable Smart. This is done using the APP button.
  2. Then you need in a string involving the introduction of login, Write: Develop. The empty string intended for the password will be filled itself.
  3. Then you need to install a checkbox at the “Remember Password” item. The same needs to be done next to the inscription “Automatic Login”.
  4. After that, you can click the “Login” button.
  5. On the remote you need to click Tools. The menu appears. It should find settings. In the subsection “Development” you need to accept the conditions (put a tick of the word “accept”). Then you need to click OK.
  6. After that, the server’s IP address settings will be required. Make it easy. You just need to dial numbers:
  7. Then confirm the action by the OK button. After that you need to go to the “User Application Synchronization” section. Loading will end in 5-6 minutes.

Almost everyone is ready. It remains to get out of Smart Hub and go back there again. A new application will appear on the screen. It is called ForkPlayer. To watch video, you will need to turn it on. A list of sites on which there is a large selection of various films. Among them will be YouTube.

What if the program does not work?

If you follow the instructions, but it is impossible to create a video connection, you should do the following:

  • check internet connection;
  • Refresh the firmware on the TV.

If you Accidentally deleted the application, Reconfix using the actions described above. If you tried everything, and the installation and launch of the video hosting work does not work, you should contact the brand technical support that has released television equipment.

How to install YouTube on TV Samsung Smart TV See More.

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