How to configure Smart TV on Samsung TVs?

Smart television is a modern technology that allows you to fully use the Internet and interactive services on TVs and special consoles. By connecting to the Internet, you can view video content from popular social networks, movies, music. Smart TV Samsung can easily replace the computer in part of entertainment. You can install multiple applications and even games to such a TV.

How to connect via cable?

SMART TV wired connection on Samsung TVs can not be called very convenient due to the need to pull the wire and somehow “mask” it in the interior. It is for this reason most TVs Samsung is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, however, the highest data transfer rate can only be provided wire connected to the Internet.

If you can lend to TV LAN cable, it will allow you to view movies and other media in the highest quality without delays and lags.

You can also view transmission to record from home router and use torrent resources to maximum.

In modern TVs, after connecting the cable, there is no need to configure the connection type, this happens automatically. In the Samsung Smart TV 2012 TVs, the release and older will have to configure the type of connection manually As follows: “Networks” – “Network Setup” – “Type of Network” – “Cable”. After a successful connection, click OK – and you can start using smart television.

To connect the TV to the network, you need to connect it with a cable that comes from the router. This type of connection is optimal than the LAN cable directly going to TV.

The fact is that some providers can use another type of connection, and it may not always be compatible with Smart TV. therefore, If there is no router, it is desirable to purchase it.

Connection via Wi-Fi

The main advantage of the SAMSUNG wireless connection is the lack of wires. However, the quality of the signal may sometimes be lost, for example, due to unstable connection or interference, including walls and bulky interior items separating the router and TV. In most Wi-Fi TVs, the module is already built into the manufacturer. But if it is not, you can additionally purchase the samsung-wis12abgnx adapter and connect it to the USB device connector.

Before you start connecting the Samsung TV to the Internet, you should check and, if necessary, change the settings for receiving IP B DNS addresses. This can be done as follows: “Network” – “Network Status” – “Set up IP” – “Get automatically”. Next, you can turn on the router and check that the Wi-Fi network has steadily distributed the Internet.

To connect SMART TV, go back to the “Network Settings” menu and click the Start button. After the search, the device will show a list of available connections, you can select your home network. Next will need to enter the security key (password from Wi-Fi network). On this configuration of the Internet connection ends – you can proceed to using all the features that SMART TV gives.

How to use?

The most advanced Samsung SMART TV models are considered to be one of the best representatives of smart televisions. This is possible not only due to the high quality of video and audio, but also a very simple, intuitive interface in which even a person can figure out, very far from modern high technologies. The built-in browser allows you to use TV as a full-fledged computer, as part of the search for articles, video, photo and audio materials. All TVs are equipped with a convenient remote control, where there are SMART TV call buttons (multicolored cube).

After connecting the TV to the network, you can proceed to directly use and install:

  • Programs and applications are interested in;
  • Widgets for the convenience and speed of using digital capabilities.

Smart Televisions of the Samsung brand have a lot of useful and unique features, which makes their sales leaders in their segment. You can find all the applications you can see samsung apps. Services for watching films and TV series are most popular among users: MEGOGO, ZOOMBY, Youtube, Vimeo, Ivi. The application itself will suggest popular and classic versions, highlighting them in recommendations.

For game applications for more convenient use, you can add your TV Wireless keyboard and the mouse to connect to the available USB connectors.

Possible problems

If the SMART TV on the Samsung TV refuses to work normally or does not turn on at all, then there may be several reasons why.

  1. Small Internet connection speed or its absence. If the TV is connected via Wi-Fi, and the reason for instability is precisely a slow connection, you can try to connect TV to the router via LAN cable. If there is no connection at all, it can be caused by problems on the Samsung manufacturer server or provider.
  2. Memory overflow due to loading a large number of widgets. Periodically, it is necessary to clean the television memory, deleting unused applications. When there is little free memory, the device begins to slow down.
  3. In the browser “beat” cache. It is also necessary to clean regularly. This will free up memory and avoid hanging.
  4. The firmware version is outdated. When you enter the new update, televisions that use the old version are starting to brake. You can download the update as directly to TV (if the speed of the Internet connection is high), and load using a PC to the flash drive, and then connect it to the device by updating it.

The reason for the hang of a smart TV can also be its incorrect setting. Very often, until this point, the well-worked TV begins to lag, if the children or adults have become inappropriate to change the settings in it. Solution of the problem is the SMART TV Samsung reset to factory settings. After you need to restart the device.

But most often that the TV does not work, the console is to blame. This is the most common cause of user handling to specialists of service centers. The console may fail for different reasons, first of all you need to check the elementary – perhaps the batteries. Then you need to replace them. Also, when using low energy intensity elements, the TV does not immediately respond to pressing on the remote control, but the technique itself is in perfect order.

Check if everything is in order with the remote control or it will be required to repair, you can use the camera of any smartphone. To do this, you must enable the camera on the device and bringing the remote to it, click on any button. If in the chamber you will see the red light from the remote sensor – it means it is correct. If there is no reaction, then you need to contact the service center.

If Smart TV suddenly hinders and does not respond to any actions, then it can be rebooted. To do this, turn off the device from the network for 5-10 minutes, and then turn on again. As a rule, this simple reception helps, because smart TVs are very reminded by their internal content and smartphones, and they also need a reboot.


Modern Smart Televisions Samsung are complemented by remote control, however, the most “fresh” models make it possible to control the device without a remote control using gestures or voices. To do this, there is a built-in camera that reacts to the movements of the hands. Some models can synchronize with other household appliances for the house (refrigerator, washing machine and T. D.) manufacturer Samsung and allow them to manage.

To use all the features of smart TV to the maximum, follow the recommendations listed.

  1. Despite the great features of Smart TVs, The volume of their physical memory is extremely small, especially in comparison with PC. Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean the browser data cache, as well as delete unused applications. This will allow maintaining the optimal speed of the device.
  2. Before changing the settings in Smart TV, carefully examine the instructions. This will avoid many problems and allow you to fully enjoy a smart multimedia device.

SMART TV from the South Korean company Samsung is a symbiosis of tested quality and modern high technologies, allowing us to turn the usual TV into an entertainment device with unlimited possibilities.

In the next video, you will learn what SMART TV is and what it is.

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