How to choose Crosley Vinyl Player?

Today, many manufacturers of musical equipment and equipment continue to produce vinyl players. Some may say that they are no longer relevant. But this is not the root, because the vinyl players today use even professional DJs, not to mention lovers to touch the past, listening to the vinyl records of the house. Among the numerous brands producing modern “turntables” for vinyl, consider the Crosley brand, as well as the features of its equipment, popular models and selection tips.


Crosley vinyl players are analog sound combined with modern technologies in a new and improved format. His first vinyl player Mark Crosley has not been released in so distant 1992, Just at that time, CDs were widely popular. But the vinyl players of the brand immediately began to gain momentum, because they were more modern and adapted for a new standard of living.

To date The American brand Crosley is one of the largest in the production of vinyl “turntables” for both lovers and professionals. Vinyl players of the American brand have pleasant prices, carefully thought out and even an exclusive design design.

Vinyl “turntables” brand are often improved, the brand does not miss the opportunity to create new items that “like hot cakes” fly around to the world to the most real connoisseurs of high-quality sound on the plates.

The most topical models of brand players can be found in the following series:

  • Voyager;
  • Cruiser Deluxe;
  • Portfolio portable;
  • Executive Deluxe;
  • Switch II and others.

Consider some CROSLEY models in more detail.

  • Player CR6017A-MA player. Made in the original style of the 50s of the last century, suitable for listening to a variety of plates. Despite the peculiar retrodizine, this turntable has a lot of interesting and new features, including 3 speeds of playback of plates, support for radio stations, input for connecting headphones and phone, as well as a special function to change the rotation of the plate. Weight only about 2.9 kg. Question price – about 7 thousand rubles.

  • Cruiser Deluxe CR8005D-TW Player. This player refers to the updated version of the Cruiser model of the same name. The retrop player in a vintage suitcase probably will like lovers of such a style. The “turntable” is equipped with three speeds of playing vinyl disks, bluetooth module and built-in speakers. In general, there is everything you need for excellent sound. Also, this player is equipped with a headphone jack and output for connecting additional speakers. Selection of colors and textures of the Cruiser Deluxe suitcases will please even the most demanding listeners. The price of this and similar models from the series – almost 8 thousand rubles.

  • Executive Portable CR6019D-RE vinyl player in white-red suitcase. This model can adapt to the speed of rotation of the plate, while it is equipped with built-in speakers and the ability to digitize USB. This “turntable” refers to a compact, but at the same time it attracts special attention to the execution and convenient control. Price – about 9 thousand rubles.

  • We also recommend to look at players from the Portfolio series, which belong to portable. Players are produced in a wide variety of color solutions. They are equipped with a magnetic cartridge, built-in bluetooth module, as well as the ability to increase or decrease the speed of rotation of the plates to 10%. Also, the plus of models from this series is the ability to digitize the plates in the MP3 format. The cost of PORTFOLIO players – 10 thousand rubles.

  • From new products should pay attention to Voyager players, which combine the design of the middle of the last century and modern technology. For representatives of the fine sex, the CR8017A-AM model can become an excellent acquisition in amethyst color. Voyager player has 3 speeds, it can be listened to anything: from vinyl records to their own music from the phone. The weight is only 2.5 kg, and the price of 10 thousand rubles.

  • One of the most expensive players in the range of brand is Nomad CR6232A-BRin stylish vintage performance. There is no bluetooth module and pitch control, but in this case you can digitize your favorite works. Price about 20 thousand rubles.

The above was reviewed by the players that need to be installed somewhere, but also the brand offers both Bermuda legs player, made in retrostille of the 60s of the XX century. It has both Pitch control, and bluetooth. Weight about 5.5 kg. The average price of 25 thousand rubles.

Tips for choosing

Choose and acquire vinyl “turntables” from Crosley preferably in professional music stores, because when selecting the required player, it is extremely important to listen to his sound, consider the appearance of the device and, of course, get acquainted with all the characteristics and components. When selecting a player, it is recommended to pay attention to its weight, often models up to 7-8 kg are designed for domestic listening, they do not belong to professional.

It is desirable that the needle is adjusting on the device, it says about its high class. It is also very important to know that in a high-quality player it is possible to replace both the needle and the cartridge. Perhaps, One of the most important criteria in the selection of a high-quality player must be comfort from its use And, of course, an attractive appearance that will fit into the interior of the room.

Review reviews

Considering user feedback Vinyl players from Crosley, it can be concluded that the advantages include the light weight of most of the players, their original design, stylized under retro, and also that players can be freely connected to the phone. Please give potential buyers and users Attractive prices for decent American music techniques.

As for negative responses, here buyers say that in some models they lack functions by the type of bluetooth, and also upsets the absence of a phonocorrector, due to which the sound is far from perfect. Problems arise with tonarma setting, it is very difficult to adjust it. However Vinyl “turntables” Crosley can be easily transported, and they are easily placed in the closet, because they have small. They have a very loud sound, but its quality leaves much to be desired.

In general, Crosley vinyl players are quite suitable for lovers, but those who want something more trying to better pay attention to more advanced firms.

In the next video you will be waiting for the Unpacking of the Vinyl Player Crosley Portfolio CR6252A-BR.

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