How to choose and connect “tulip” to the TV?

Currently, most audio and video equipment devices are connected to the network using special cables and connectors. “Tulip” is considered one of the most popular, so the consumer is worth knowing the features of its connection. It is not difficult to master the procedure, but in some cases you can invite masters.

How to choose and connect "tulip" to the TV?

What is a “tulip”?

“Tulip” call a special type of connector, which is located at the end of the cable. The device performs the purpose of the marker, as it can be painted with different colors, often 3:

  • White is responsible for the mono signal;
  • Yellow – for the video;
  • Red – two-channel beep.

Sometimes this connector with wire is called the “bell”, it has a cylindrical shape.

How to choose and connect "tulip" to the TV?

It is applied to connect all sorts of devices to television equipment, such as audio equipment, video cameras, video players, game consoles, DVD players, VCRs. Thanks to this composite device, excellent sound quality and images are provided.

How to choose and connect "tulip" to the TV?

Review of species

RCA connectors are two species.

  1. “Dad” – This is a standard type plug, which is a metal pin pin with a diameter of 3.2 mm. The size of the inner cavity 6 + 9 mm. The rim of this type of connector may be different as the diameter.
  2. “Mother” – This is a nest with a panel type and a special rim. It has a depth of 7.5 mm, the outer diameter is 8 millimeters. In sponges that hug a rim, diameter a little more.

How to choose and connect "tulip" to the TV?

How to choose and connect "tulip" to the TV?


“Tulip” can be connected to the device directly or through adapters.

  • VGA – This is an adapter cable that is used to connect DVD players, satellite tuners, which are equipped with analog component video output. This device is not necessary to install a computer monitor. To ensure the performance of this connector, you need to use a special transcoder.

How to choose and connect "tulip" to the TV?

  • SCART. The adapter has a form of a 21-pin connector, with which consumers combine different types of TV equipment and media devices. Most machinery manufacturers use exactly this adaptation in their products. Reproduction of video programs of different kinds is carried out using a single cable. In terms of sound quality and pictures, this adapter is superior to the RF modulator. Thanks to this device, users can manage television modes.

How to choose and connect "tulip" to the TV?

  • USB. Connection With this type of adapter, assumes the presence of a similar connector in the design of the aggregate. In this case, the device is suitable that all Android units are usually completed.

How to choose and connect "tulip" to the TV?

How to connect to tv?

Often, when buying a TV, the user arises the question of how to connect two devices to connect two devices: equipment and “tulip”. The procedure for connecting the connector to a new TV does not imply nothing complicated, and the connection is quick and easy.


The actual method of converting a television signal from a computer is to apply the converter. The most acceptable option in this case is HDMI-RCA, because the overwhelming number of video cards is similarly equipped. VGA-RCA cost less than previous, but also the quality of their functionality below.

After the interface is selected, it is necessary to purchase a cable for connecting technology, as an option, you can buy a double VGA or HDMI.

How to choose and connect "tulip" to the TV?

There are 3 connector on the TV, each of them is responsible for the transmission of one of the signals. Regarding which converter will be selected, the device will require a separate power to obtain the desired amount of electricity directly from the PC through the cable.


Connection Algorithm is pretty simple. The user will need to enter plugs in the desired entries, which are marked with a certain color. However, there are models in which all devices have the same color. In this case, it is worth performing such activities:

  • find “Tulips”, which are marked in or two arrow;
  • Find a group on the device with an AV2 sign – and connect the beam;
  • To determine the connectors on TV technology in accordance with the following signs: V – video, L – left sound input, R – right sound entrance.

In models with a pair of connectors are supported exclusively monosular. In this case, it is necessary to connect yellow and white devices, and red – you need to leave unconnected. Usually, the “tulips” are used when connected to small screens, otherwise distorted blurred image.

How to choose and connect "tulip" to the TV?


To connect and configure an external device, you should perform the following steps:

  • Connect the wire to the external aggregate – yellow to video output, and the rest to the audio;
  • carry out the connection of wires with TV technology;
  • find the designation AV, while on the remote, you can press SOURCE, and in the associated notation AV;
  • make the power test of the connected device;
  • Expect while a signal appears on the screen;
  • Take advantage of the remote.

How to choose and connect "tulip" to the TV?

Possible problems

When connecting a “tulip”, some problems may arise. In some cases, users complain that there are no connectors, or they cannot pull out the broken out of the nest.

Well, when included with TV technology there is a “tulip”, then the connection process is greatly simplified.

How to choose and connect "tulip" to the TV?

    The most common unpleasant moments can be called the following:

    • sudden disconnection of the plug;
    • Electronics burned out;
    • There is no image;
    • On TV there is no yellow connector;
    • The device does not have input and exit for “tulip”.

    In order to eliminate the above-mentioned troubles, it is necessary to keep track of whether the plug of the wells came out, connect the “tulip” only when the technique is turned off, enter the connectors only in the appropriate compartments. And also at the time of connection it is necessary to be extremely attentive, observing security measures.

    If it does not work independently with the procedure, then you should invite masters. Properly connected TV – this is a guarantee of excellent quality viewing of your favorite programs, films, TV shows.

    How to connect any smart TV to the old TV through the “Tulip”, look in the video.

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