How to choose a home cinema?

Today, the range of home theaters is quite large and varied. A variety of devices that differ from each other are available to the design, technical characteristics, functional filling. We’ll figure it out how to choose a quality home cinema, and how to correctly enter it into the interior of the room.

What it is?

Home Theater is a set of necessary equipment for viewing video materials accompanied with high-quality sound. With this technique, users can create a real cinema atmosphere at home. If you say easier, then A similar set of equipment is made up of a TV and speakers with good sound.

Thanks to high-quality sound effects, a unique atmosphere of full presence is created. This is an interesting and popular function.

During the viewing of dynamic films or militants, such an effect is achieved, as if the bullets whistling over their heads of looking. At the same time reproduced clean and clear sound.

Principle of operation

Home cinemas consist of several functional units that work as a single and balanced mechanism. Due to the correct setting, you can achieve excellent effects regarding sound transmission.

The main device receiving and transmitting signals in the home theater set is the receiver. This is a peculiar focus of the entire system, which connects with all the other components using a special cable. The last element is depending on the type of wire and the device itself to which it will connect (TV, projector or monitor). The technique may provide such inputs:

  • HDMI;
  • USB;
  • RGB;
  • composite connectors;
  • S-VIDEO connector;
  • network filter.

After connecting the central part of the cinema (receiver), there is a layout on the subwoofer, the central column and the acoustics of the frontal type.

All components of the home theater must be properly placed in the room where there are.

In such conditions, connected devices, interacting with each other, can produce high-quality sound and picture.

What is included?

Home Cinema is not a single technical device. It is made up of several main components, each of which performs its specific tasks. Consider in detail what is included in such equipment.

  • Source. The source is a device that is responsible for reading data and further convert them to video and audio signals. Today, you can still find devices in which a DVD player acts as a source. Suggested and sets with satellite receiver or more modern Blu-ray player.
  • Image transfer device. In modern home theaters most often as a transmitter of the picture is used LCD TV. Many less frequent sets with kinescopic devices – most often it is obsolete options that you can see not so often. And also the projector may act as the device under consideration. If a TV is present, it is best placed in the central part of the room.
  • AV processor. This node is a real “heart” of the entire system. The processor has a special switch. It is he who is responsible for feeding signals to a sound source (column) and a device transmitting an image. The presence of audiocodera performs sound conversion.
  • Amplifier. The most popular today are multichannel amplifiers. Channels can be from 5 to 7, and all of them are located in one case. The main task of the amplifier is to increase the level of the signal.
  • AV Receiver. This mechanism is a peculiar combination of AV processor and amplifier. Details are located in a single case.
  • Acoustic system. The scheme of any modern cinema includes high quality acoustics. Specialists have been proven that for high quality and spectacular sound, you need to have in a set of at least 5 columns. The best are the sets of acoustics of format However, many of the modern manufacturers began to produce more powerful acoustic systems of format 7.1 – they have adding speakers in the front direction.


Assortment of modern home theaters have many different sets consisting of different components. Consider what can be such devices, and what features are characteristic of them.


The best sound quality can provide multi-part models of home theaters. All available components of such systems are in the room in a certain strict order. It is necessary to achieve a better effect of reflection and visiting sound waves. Multiple options provide excellent sound quality, but for their placement requires a lot of free space, which can be a serious problem if the area of ​​the room is too small.

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Multiple systems are performed in different formats 5 in 1, 2 in 1 and even 7 in 1. Popular Hi-Fi models. Many of these devices are equipped with a large number of optional features, such as karaoke, viewing images in 3D format. Many of the listed options are available in other types of home theaters.

The more configurations are present in the system, the more expensive it is.


Soundbar is a universal combination of columns and subwoofer. Modern models of such systems are relevant due to compact sizes. If there is not enough space in the room to accommodate all the necessary components of the home theater, the Soundbar can become an excellent solution.

We must consider that When operating the soundbars, the volume of sound is usually reduced, but most users of such devices do not notice a special difference. This technique is presented in a wide range and is distinguished by an attractive design.


Monoblock systems are still considered relatively new and are not present in every home. However, such devices are a win-win solution for people who loving such a modern style as minimalism. The effect of surround sound from the monoblock home theater is achieved due to the virtual display.

Most experts adhere to the opinions that this unusual and curious technology has a great future.


Home cinemas of various formats are exhibited in audio and household appliances stores. Buyers can find bulk systems that have large and large elements in their set for which it is difficult to find free space in a small room. If you plan to arrange a technical set in a close room, it makes no sense to refer to such copies – they will only overload and without the close space.

For small-sized rooms, a high-quality mini-cinema is suitable. Modern compact devices are characterized by as high quality as large analogues.

Of course, many of them have smaller power and volume of sound, but in conditions of a small room with these parameters and cannot be remarked.

If you want to post a home cinema in a large and spacious room, you can safely buy large-sized options with high columns.

The technique may even be a bulky – the main thing is that it harmoniously fit into a having furnishings and did not spoil the general view of the interior.

In a rich assortment of different home theaters, you can find options with any technical characteristics and built-in features. We will get acquainted with some popular models of different types and learn more about their parameters.

  • LG LHB655NK. This is a popular home cinema of the budget class. The system provides optical drive, maintained a popular Blu-ray format. Using this model, not only standard video files, but also materials of the 3D format, can be played. Inexpensive home theater from LG is equipped with a Smart Share function, at the expense of which the device can be synchronized with a personal computer, a tablet or smartphone. The system is popular and convenient, but has large sizes, so for a very small room it is unlikely.

  • Sony BDV-E3100. It is high-quality equipment from a well-known Japanese brand, which costs quite inexpensively. Sony acoustic system is made in format 5.1, boasts a surround sound. Technique can reproduce the image with Full HD quality. Using this device, users can play music files from a mobile phone or tablet. Sony BDV-E3100 boasts the highest quality sound and has an attractive design. However, the speakers in the system are equipped with short wires, which creates a lot of inconveniences for owners.

  • Samsung ht-j4550k. This kit can boast of high quality acoustics and a democratic value. Samsung HT-J4550K can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding user. The cinema perfectly transmits all the sound frequencies, however, not all music lovers arrange high notes. The maximum clean sound is ensured by fixing the columns on special stands. This home theater is bad only not the most understandable control menu, which is celebrated by many users.

  • ONKYO HT-S7805. This is an elite home theater kit, which provides a modern powerful receiver and a complete set of excellent acoustics. Technique supports playback of Dolby ATMOS, DTS: S. Special decoders are provided in amplifiers, thanks to which the cinema is high functionality. In the case of the device there are as many 8 HDMI connectors, and there are 2 more, which are designed to play 4K video files. The cinema is distinguished by excellent quality, but it is quite expensive.

  • ONKYO HT-S5805. High quality premium set. It has a rich functional “filling” and a presentable appearance. Technique supports high-resolution format – 4K. The theater is equipped with a carefully thought out acoustics outstanding a wonderful sound. If we consider the entire functionality onkyo HT-S5805, it can be concluded that the equipment has a completely democratic price tag.
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  • Sony BDV-E6100. Outdoor speakers This home theater has housings produced from high quality plastic. Devices boast excellent assembly quality. Japanese home cinema Sony BDV-E6100 is the perfect product in the ratio of price – quality. There are many necessary connectors in the case. True, the settings of this technique seem to many users are not the most understandable.

  • Sony BDV-N9200W. High-quality home cinema black or white. Support system 9.1 – Included 9 columns and 1 subwoofer. Sony BDV-N9200W gives the sound of the highest quality. In terms of acoustics, all modern technologies are used in the system. Sony technique turns out to be in operation, and the columns to the cinema can be connected without using wires. Sony BDV-N9200W has no serious shortcomings, but some users claim that their cinema sometimes hangs slightly, but the rest of the time it works without problems.


For home theaters you can purchase a lot of additional accessories. Most of them perform important functions, but there are also such components that play a decorative role anymore. Consider a list of accessories for such entertainment equipment:

  • Bluetooth adapter (if the technique does not have its own built-in module);
  • Wi-Fi adapter;
  • Additional connecting cables (for example, USB, Micro HDMI, AV and many others);
  • Audio Cabers – Coaxial, Digital, Sterecabe;
  • Cubs and shelves for different home theater components;
  • Special acoustic doors.

Most accessories intended for home theaters are presented in stores where various techniques are sold. Suitable shelves and stubs can be found in furniture centers.

How to choose?

It is not easy to choose a certain home cinema, since such equipment is presented in a very large assortment. In order not to make a mistake with the purchase and stop at one particular option, it is worth repelled from a number of the main characteristics of the technique.

  • Consider the technical characteristics of the cinema – power parameters, frequency frames and other important values. All listed properties are always reflected in the accompanying documentation that you need to see before buying devices.
  • Decide which technique you need. If you planned to put a home theater in the room of a small square, you should not choose too large and high-power devices. In such a setting, too loud and powerful sound will not deliver users due. And for spacious premises, it is not necessary to buy too small and low-power cinemas.
  • Try to select such devices that are read as much relevant formats as possible. It makes sense to acquire cinemas that can play video files Full HD and 4K formats. In such extensions, films and music clips of excellent quality and high resolution are performed.
  • Explore the functional filling of this entertainment technology. You can find a lot of home cinema models, in which there are karaoke functions, synchronization with other smart devices and other useful options. Immediately decide for yourself, which configurations you need, and from which it will not make sense. Remember – the more the functionality of the technique, the more expensive it will cost.
  • It is impossible not to take into account the design of the home theater. The equipment must harmoniously fit into the existing interior. It concerns the colors of devices, and their size. Equipment should not overload the interior, making it low-attractive and tasteless.
  • Making a choice in favor of the home theater model you like, do not hurry to pay at the checkout. Preferably in the store carefully inspect all components of the technical kit for marriage or damaged parts. Inspect all connectors and outputs, make sure that there are no rigging parts on the housings, scratches, chips, or scrap.
  • If possible, check the quality of playback of music files and video files. During testing home theater, nothing should be confused. If at the time of the check you heard a distorted sound with noises or a picture with a bits of pixels and bad color reproduction, it is better to refuse to buy. If you were given time only on a home check, coming home, it is recommended to immediately extend all the possibilities of the cinema.
  • Explore home theater package. The set with the technique should be a remote control, instruction manual and all the necessary connections cables.
  • If you want to acquire, really, high-quality and durable technique of attractive design, it is recommended to give preference only to brand products. Today, many famous manufacturers produce excellent cinemas – buyers have plenty to choose. Do not think that all brand equipment is expensive expensive. Many famous brands make excellent devices at democratic prices.
  • For the purchase of original brand products it is worth going off only in proven stores where the appropriate technique is sold. Only in such places sellers will answer all your questions and will be issued a warranty card. In case of marriage or faults, you will always replace purchased technique. Do not buy such things in dubious outlets, where everything costs at times cheaper – here you can hardly find original and high-quality goods accompanied with warranty service.
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Do not hesitate to pickily inspect the technique you plan to buy. So you insight yourself from the acquisition of low-quality or damaged goods.

How to make it yourself?

Home Cinema It is quite possible to collect with your own hands. Many people resort to such a decision. But first, you need to make a detailed draft future design, indicating all the necessary components that will be provided in it.

In order to build a good cinema at home, you will need all the equipment from the list below:

  • projector;
  • screen for projector;
  • acoustic system;
  • All necessary connecting cables;
  • computer or laptop;
  • Light filters on the windows.

Select suitable room for all equipment. It does not necessarily be large, but it is desirable that there are high ceilings in it – so the sound will be distributed better.

We collect the entertainment system like this:

  • Move the connection of all the necessary components to the computer or laptop (it all depends on which components you prepared for home theater equipment);
  • To get a good darkening of the room, you can hang more dense curtains on the windows;
  • Place in the room comfortable sofas and armchairs.

How to equip the room?

The interior design in which the home theater is located, can be sustained in different styles. Consider some successful examples.

  • An interesting interior will work if convenient folding chairs or sofa with square edits are placed opposite the screen on the podium slightly above the level. This interior will be interesting and stylish. You can perform an environment in combination of blue colors and wooden textures – the original solution.

  • The excellent setting will work out if opposite the cinema with a large screen to place a modular sofa of a large length that occupies the whole wall. In decoration of this room, you can stick to calm and muted paints.

  • If the house has a free room, weathered in dark colors, it can be fully equipped under the hall for watching movies. It is worth hanging a big TV or a projector screen and arrange all the other constituents of the cinema. Dark walls can be supplemented with red sections to achieve greater similarity with theatrical environment. Harmoniously watch leather black chairs arched opposite the screen at different levels. The solution is expensive, but gorgeous.

  • A not bad atmosphere, fully sustained in slightly muted pastel shades (for example, beige). On one of the walls you can hang a big TV or the projector screen, and opposite several cozy cream chairs. The interior will be simultaneously both cozy, and have to view your favorite films.

  • Beautiful interior can be equipped in a small room. There is a long angular sofa and a wide screen of home theater can be placed opposite each other. At the same time, to decorate the walls, it is permissible to choose a calm dull yellow or cream hue, and the wall behind the sofa is worth making an accent – gray.

There are a lot of room interior design options, which has a home theater. The situation can be both chic and modest, but no less attractive. Each user itself makes a choice in favor of a better solution based on its own taste preferences and financial capabilities.

How to place system components?

    Home Theater can be placed in the apartment and in the room on the attic, and in any other places. In any case, it is necessary to comply with the rules for the placement of equipment in relation to users. The screen should be in the center and at the level of the viewers. Acoustics It is required to place the perimeter of the room.

    If we are talking about a powerful and loud acoustic system located in the apartment, it is advisable to take care of the sound insulation of walls and door canvases. Today in stores selling everything you need to achieve an excellent sound insulation effect.

    Rating inexpensive home theaters with high-quality sound in the following video.

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