How to choose a headphone extension?

Not all headphones have enough length. Sometimes the standard accessory length lacks for comfortable work or listening to music. In such cases, extenders use. The conversation in this article will go about their species, best models, as well as possible problems in working with the extension.

Varieties of extension centers

The wire is a device whose properties are very similar to the usual adapter. The transition is performed from one interface to exactly the same, only a little remote from the sound source for a short distance. Extension wires are designed for both headphones with a microphone and for ordinary headphones for the phone or PC.

    You can use the extension in cases if the standard cable is confused or interferes when working.

    There are models of extension cords with length adjustment and automatic ware. In addition, such accessories are very compact and placed in a pocket or a small bag. Accessories are of different lengths. Each user itself chooses a comfortable length for himself. Also, extension cords are divided into several types, each of which is selected separately for one or another interface.

    Cables can be so.

    • Jack 6.3 mm. The extension version is able to increase the range of professional models for monitor.
    • MINI JACK 3.5 MM. Standard connector that is used for almost any types of headset and headphones.
    • Micro Jack 2.5 mm. This type of extension is not too common, but also used to increase the wire to the desired length.


    To date, earphone extension cords are in great demand. Manufacturers produce various models that will satisfy even the most arrogant user. It is worth familiar with some popular extension cable models and their features.

    • Gradolabs Grado Extencilioncable. The extension is designed for professional use. He performs his task on perfectly. Device has a length of 4.5 meters. The cable has the ability to consistently connect a few extension cords. Quality and reliability are reflected in price. But the device is worth. The extension can be used for many years. And do not be afraid that the wire will be climbing, bend or overheat. Such problems are completely excluded. The cost of the device – 2700 rubles.
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    • Philips Mini Jack 3.5 MM – Mini Jack 3.5 mm. The model has high sound quality. In the manufacture of the accessory passed many tests that gave a good result. Length – 1.5 m. A high-quality cord with a reliable braid does not overheat, and both connectors have confident fixation. Extension can be used for telephone headphones, PC or microphone headphones. The price of the extension from 500 rubles.

    • Rock Dale / JJ001-1m. Cable length – 1 meter. The cable itself is quite durable, which eliminates the inflection and folding when working. The extension connectors are perfectly fixed and have protection elements. Of the advantages worth noting high-quality sound. The sound will be the same as when connected directly. Price Accessory About 500 rubles.

    • VENTion / Jack 3.5 mm – Jack 3.5 mm. Inexpensive device has a high-quality, thick cable. Tissue braid does not allow the wire to go or set. You can not worry if accidentally move the wire with a chair. The cable is very durable. The sound quality and dielectric answers the sound quality. They are made of copper and polyvinyl chloride. The advantage of the model is the shielding of the wire that rarely meet in low-cost models.

    Gold-plated connectors are designed to transmit analog stereo sound. Extension price – 350 rubles.

    • GreenConnect / GCR-STM1662 0,5 mm. This option considers the most optimal in terms of cost and reliability. The device has high quality connectors and half the length. Wire durable with high-quality braid. The model is suitable for both normal use and professional work. The plug is easily entered into the connector and securely fixed in it. When working, the sound remains similar, as with direct connection. There is no sound distortion. Accessory cost – 250 rubles.

    • Hama / Mini Jack 3.5 mm – Mini Jack 3.5 mm. Some users marked high quality cable. The wire is not engaged and does not crack even when used for a long time. Also when using the wire does not overheat. The sound quality is excellent. The extension will have to taste most users. Plus Cost is about 210 rubles. The disadvantage is a rubber braid. At low temperatures, the braid is characteristic of freezing. In such conditions, the extension can be used very neat.
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    • Ning Bo / Mini Jack 3.5 MM – Mini Jack 3.5 mm. This model has excellent sound without distortion. High quality plug made reliably and has excellent fixation in the connector. A minus model is considered its wire. With long use, the cable is driving and fails. Extension Cost – 120 rubles.

    • ATCOM / MINI JACK 3.5 MM – Mini Jack 3.5 mm. The main advantage of the model is its price – 70 rubles. Despite this, the device has connectors with gilding and looks no worse than expensive models. From the point of view of reliability, the extension is also not inferior. The wire is not heated even with long use. Of the minuses, the importance of the situation when working. If the cable is slightly rotated, you can detect the loss of sound in one ear. For high-quality sound, the cable must be secure.

    • GreenConnect / Aux Jack 3.5 mm. The extension agent has a stylish appearance and made in white color. High quality cable, which eliminates the possibility of inflection. Even during long-term use the wire is not damaged. The sound goes without distortion and remains the same as with a direct connection. The only disadvantage is the Channels stereo. This nuance is considered insignificant.

    Many users respond about this model as an attractive gadget with high sound quality and optimal price. Extension Cost – 250 rubles.

    • BURO / MINI JACK 3.5 MM – MINI JACK 3.5 MM. Wire cost – 140 rubles. However, quality and reliability are comparable to more expensive devices. The cable is not driving and does not overheat. It is also worth noting a high-quality plug that is confidently fixed in the connector. How many users say, there are no cons.

    • KLOTZ AS-EX 30300. The conductor wire has connectors (side A – 3.5 mm STEREO MINI JACK (M); Side B – 6.3 mm Stereo Jack (F). Wire Length – 3 meters. Accessory is suitable for both domestic use and professional work. Device black color. Strict design complements high-quality wire and gilded connectors with reliable fixation. The cost of the device is 930 rubles.

    • Defender Mini Jack 3.5 MM – Mini Jack 3.5 mm. The extension can be presented in three colors: blue, white and gray. Durable wire has a tissue braid, which eliminates the appearance of beggars and rubbing. Gold plated connectors have confident fixation. Explorer with copper. All these characteristics combines volumetric, high-quality sound without distortion and interference. The cost of the extension from 70 rubles, which makes it even more attractive for most users.
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    Possible problems

    When the earphone extender is working, the distance from the signal source occurs. But still, the main problem is considered a signal loss coefficient that increases when using extension cords. This leads to the appearance of sound frequency distortion and interference. Some low frequencies will have a low sound quality. This problem becomes noticeable when operating cables in 10 meters long and more. Of course, such a length is few commemorated. Most users use extension cords from 2 to 6 meters.

    Before buying the extension, it will not be superfluous to check the sound right in the store. High-quality device has a bulk, clean sound without any defects. To avoid problems when connecting the extension, you need to check the compatibility of the connector formats.

    To avoid mistakes, you need to take a gadget with you to which the extension will be connected.

    From minor problems it is worth noting the wire confusion. To avoid inconvenience, you can purchase a special model with cable length adjustment. Models are equipped with automatic ware, which makes the extension with more compact and convenient during transportation. So that the wire does not be engaged, not compressed and not stretched, it is necessary to store it in a special case. As a rule, manufacturers have provided such a nuance, and the cover to the extension is complete.

    Headphone extension cord is an accessory that is easy to use. Even newcomer can cope with the connection. You should only insert headphones into the connector, and you can enjoy music or watching the film. Choose a quality device will not work. When buying, you must check the quality of the sound and select the required length. Simple recommendations and a list of the best manufacturers in this article will help you in choosing.

    About how to choose a headphone extension, see next video.

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