Hi-Fi-acoustics: Definition, Specifications, Recommendations for the choice

Nowadays, high-quality Hi-Fi-acoustics are in many homes. This technique enjoys enviable, because it attracts buyers with excellent sound and the presence of additional functions. Many manufacturers produce such acoustic equipment, so there is something to choose from. In this article we will get closer with modern Hi-Fi-acoustics and find out that it represents.

What it is?

Hi-Fi is a combination speaking of high accuracy. The specified term means that the sound that is reproduced using special equipment is as close as possible to the original. It is for these qualities that modern consumers are so often choosing such acoustics.


Modern audio systems such as Hi-Fi use mad demand. Most users have one name of such equipment associated with first-class high-quality sound. All equipment of this type is manufactured in accordance with DIN 45500 and EC60581 standards – this is a fairly wide range of amplitude-frequency characteristics. In addition, these standards suggest that the technique is characterized by low noise and low nonlinear distortion coefficient. Such a rigid framework allowed to honestly compete current producers.

However, listed features do not interfere with many firms to reduce production processes using exclusively budget materials, for example, the body from chipboard instead of a tree, and processors responsible for processing sound in receiver are taken from models released in the past.

The segment of modern H-FI techniques is designed for a mass consumer who got used to simple and mediocre sound (for example, a car radio on the way to work and from work), who does not want to hear something better.

Hi-Fi acoustics usually has the following technical parameters:

  • Band width reproducible frequency – from 20 to 42,000 Hz is the optimal indicators, but selecting such a technique, it is desirable to give preference to options that this value is greater;
  • Chart Achkh Here is the most smooth (ideally – horizontal).

The power characteristics of modern H-FI equipment are different. Each user chooses himself, what option will suit him more and will be appropriate in the conditions of his stay.


Hi-Fi acoustics today is presented in a wide range. Each buyer has the opportunity to find an optimal option with a set of necessary options and configurations.

Consider what types of audio systems under consideration are divided into.

  • Shelf. Models placed on separate shelves or racks. Such systems are more often performed by compact or medium sizes.

  • Outdoor. Hi-Fi Acoustic systems designed for installation on the floor. This technique is more suitable for premises, the area of ​​which ranges from 10-12 kV. M and more. Often, these devices have large sizes and differ especially “rich”, saturated sound.

  • Active. Modern acoustics of this species has a mass of its features. Usually an amplifier is already provided in its device, so the quality of the reproduced sound is many times cleaner and better than in the analogues of the passive type.

Best models

We will analyze a small rating of the best models of Hi-Fi-acoustics in accordance with their price category.


There are many beautiful Hi-Fi acoustic systems that stand quite inexpensively.

We will analyze the overview of popular options.

  • Elac Debut C5. Inexpensive German acoustics, characterized by strict external design. The total capacity is 50 W, the housing is made of high-quality MDF. The frequency of the crossover is 3 kHz.

  • IAMAHA NS-P160. Popular and inexpensive system having a high-quality body from MDF. Maximum power level limited 60 W.

  • SVEN HT-201. Inexpensive, but high-quality audio system, which is manufactured in Chinese factories. The housing from the MDF is made in laconic black, the subwoofer power is 20 W, and the speakers – 2×12 W.

  • JBL Stage A120. Acoustics, designed to operate in combination with a home cinema. Provides high-quality living sound, pleases users with saturated and surround sound. The system is collected from 2 front speakers produced from MDF in black. Maximum total power limited 250 W.

Medium price category

Consider a list of relevant Hi-Fi-bush.

  • Elac Debut B5. The shelf speaker system made in traditional black. Nominal total capacity is 50 W, the housing is made of MDF driven by vinyl. Front columns of this model weigh only 5.2 kg. Magnetic shielding is provided, there are standard screw terminals, a removable grille.

  • Sony SS-CS5. 3-band acoustic Hi-Fi system, has 3 speakers for improved and maximum clear sound. The maximum power of the front speakers is 100 W. The system refers to a politic type. The housing is made of MDF, trimmed with veneer.

  • Yamaha NS-P350. Beautiful system for fans of powerful bass. The nominal total power of this model is 150 W. Rear speakers are made in the politic variant. The housing is made of MDF black.

Very popular and powerful acoustics in demand.

  • Jamo S807. Two-band acoustic system of outdoor type. Included 2 Frontal Speakers of the Highest Quality. The maximum total power of this acoustics is 200 W. Jamo S807 is performed in brown.

Premium class

Consider in detail which HI-Fi-acoustics are considered the most popular in premium class.

  • HECO ASCADA 2.0. BTX Piano Black Set. Dear shealing Hi-Fi-acoustics, equipped with Bluetooth, USB. Performed in black and distinguishes with impeccable sound. Possible synchronization with a personal computer. The power of the front AC – 2×35 W.

The system refers to active type.

  • Jamo S807 HCS. Beautiful set of acoustic system proposed in different colors of the case. Features excellent acoustic parameters. The maximum total power of this device is 440 W. Frontal columns of the system belong to the floor type, and the rear – to the shelf.

  • ELAC F6.2. Elegant and expensive Hi-Fi-acoustics, perfectly coping with the task of creating a surround sound for home theater. Gives pretty powerful bass, not spoiling the remaining frequencies. Maximum total power is 140 W.

  • JBL Stage A190. Advanced Acoustic System for Home Cinema. Features beautiful external design. The nominal total power is 20 W, the maximum – 225 W. The housing is made of MDF of concise black.

How to choose?

The choice of high-quality Hi-Fi acoustics should be responsible, especially if you planned to purchase a dear premium class model.

In order not to be mistaken with a search for a decent option, you need to consider several important factors and features of different criteria for musical equipment.

  • First of all, the buyer needs determine what kind of objectives he plans to use pickup acoustics. If the devices are selected for computer and work behind it, you can choose an inexpensive version of small or medium power. If you want to add a quality home cinema, not just a computer technique, that is, it makes sense to find a more powerful and functional model with which watching movies and listening to music will deliver special pleasure to households.
  • Follow take into account the area of ​​the room in which the technique will be. For large and spacious rooms, you can safely buy loud and powerful acoustic Hi-Fi systems. For cramped conditions, it makes no sense to buy similar musical equipment – it is better to choose something practical and convenient, preferably average power.
  • Decide which functional “filling” you expect from the selected device. Today, you can find Hi-Fi acoustics with the most different options and functions. Decide for yourself what configurations will be really needed, and for what it makes no sense to overpay. So you will save yourself from extra unjustified spending, because more functional devices will always cost more.
  • Pay attention to the technical characteristics of the technique. It is advisable to study them by reading the accompanying documentation – only here all the parameters will be indicated as accurately as possible, without exaggeration (sellers often overestimate many parameters to more interest the consumer).
  • Check the technique before payment. Carefully inspect the housings on any defects or damage. High-quality equipment will be assembled perfectly, without cracks, backlats and poorly fixed parts. Do not hesitate to pickily inspect the acoustics – so you inspire yourself from buying a low-quality product.
  • It is recommended to check what sound gives the music technique you choose. During testing, devices from speakers should not bend extra noises, crackles. Sound should not be distorted, deaf or unpleasant to perception. If you did not like the sound of a specific model, select another option.
  • Select products of a well-known brand with a good reputation. Today, many manufacturers produce high-quality and reliable techniques. The audio systems of the Hi-Fi format, which make both Russian, and Japanese, and German brands come on sale. Select the option that you will like most. Do not think that all brand musical technique is expensive expensive – many companies offer relatively inexpensive, but equally high-quality speakers for home.
  • Buy Hi-Fi-acoustics in a corporate or proven store with a good reputation. Only at such vending points you can purchase the original and new technique, which will be accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty. Here will provide a warranty card that you will definitely need to save.

It makes no sense to look for high-quality HI-Fi-systems on the market or in cheap stores with bad glory – here you risk running into low-quality products that the warranty does not apply.

In the next video, you will see an overview of Wireless Hi-Fi-Acoustics Yamaha MusicCast 20.

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