Headphones with Lightning Connector: Features, Model Overview, Differences from Standard

We live in the modern world, where scientific and technological progress affects absolutely all spheres of life. Each new day there are new technologies, equipment, devices, and old constantly improving. So it came to the headphones. If almost all of them were equipped with a well-known jack 3,5 mm well-known connector, today in trend headphones with Lightning connector. It is about this accessory and will be discussed in this article. We define what its features, consider the best and popular models, and we will also deal with how such products differ from ordinary.


The eight-contact fully digital Lightning connector began to be used since 2012 in Apple portable technique. It is inserted into the phones, tablets and media players by any side – the device works great in both sides. The small sizes of the connector allowed to make gadgets thinner. In 2016, the “apple” company presented its latest developments – iPhone 7 smartphones and iPhone 7 plus, the above-mentioned Lightning connector has already been mounted. Today, headphones with this connector are in great demand and popularity. They can be connected to different audio producing devices.

Such headphones have a number of advantages, among which the following points deserve special attention:

  • The signal is displayed without distortion and restrictions of the mounted DAC;
  • Electricity from the sound source is fed to the headphones;
  • Fast digital data sharing between sound source and headset;
  • Availability of addition to the headset of electronics, which needs additional nutrition.

As for the shortcomings, considering user experience and reviews, we can conclude that There are practically no minuses. Many buyers are worried about the fact that there will be no possibility of connecting the headset to other devices due to the differences in the connectors.

But Apple has taken care of its customers and staffed an additional adapter with a mini jack connector 3.5 mm.

Review models

Considering the fact that today IPhone 7 smartphones and iPhone 7 Plus are one of the most popular, it is not at all surprising that the assortment of headphones with Lightning is quite large and diverse. Buy such a headset can in any specialized store. Among all existing models I would like to separately allocate several most popular and sought-after.

Sharkk Lightning Headphones

These are intra-channel headphones that belong to the category of budget. There is a convenient and compact headset, the connection of which to the device is performed through a digital port. The advantages of this model include:

  • clear sound detail;
  • the presence of strong bass;
  • good noise insulation;
  • availability;
  • Easy to operate.

Disadvantages: The headset is not equipped with a microphone.

JBL Reflect Aware

Sports intracanal model equipped with a smooth case and elegant and comfortable caulders. Technical equipment is at a high level. Headphones possess such features:

  • a wide range of frequencies;
  • high levels of insulation;
  • powerful bass;
  • The presence of additional protection that makes the headset of moisture and swept-proof.

Among the minuses should be noted the value that some consider overestimated. However, if we take into account the technical parameters and a wide functionality, we can conclude that the model fully corresponds to the quality.

Libratone Q – Adapt

In-ear headphones that differ in the presence of a built-in microphone and a wide functionality. This model is characterized by:

  • high quality sound detail;
  • high sensitivity;
  • the presence of a noise reduction system;
  • the presence of a control unit;
  • high-quality assembly and ease of management.

This headset cannot be used during sports, it is not equipped with moisture protection and sweat feature. This parameter and high cost are shortcomings of the model.

Phaz P5

These are modern, stylish overhead headphones that can connect to sound media via Lightning connector or using wireless mode. Among the advantages of this model is worth noting:

  • closed type;
  • Excellent and spectacular design design;
  • Excellent quality of the playable sound;
  • the presence of additional functionality;
  • the presence of a device control unit;
  • Ability to work in wired and wireless mode;
  • APTX support.

Again, a high price is the only and most significant drawback of this model. But, of course, every consumer who will decide to buy this innovation device will never regret such acquisition. These headphones are an ideal headset for listening to music, watching movies. The design of the headset is not solid, which is why the headphones can be folded and take with you on a trip or a trip. There are many other headphone models with Lightning connector. In order to get acquainted in more detail with all possible assortment, Enough to visit the specialized point of sale or the official website of one of the manufacturers.

What differ from the standard?

The question of what headphones with the Lightning connector differ from the usual, all familiar headset, has recently been very relevant. This is not surprising at all, because every consumer who plans to buy a new device compares it with an existing product and in the end can make a choice in favor of one of the accessories. Let’s and we will try to answer this important question.

  • Sound quality – Many of the already experienced users with confidence claim that headphones with the Lightning connector are characterized by better and clear sound. It is deep and saturated.
  • Build quality – This parameter is little different. Standard headphones, like a headset with Lightning connector, are made of plastic with remote control on cable. The only difference that can be noted is the connector.
  • Equipment – earlier we have already talked about the fact that for more comfortable and unlimited use, the headset with the Lightning connector enters the sale, equipped with a special adapter. Simple standard headphones do not have any additions.
  • Compatibility. There are no restrictions at all – you can connect the device to any sound carrier. But for the standard device it is necessary to buy special adapters adapters.

And, of course, you need to note, An important difference is the cost. Probably, everyone has already understood that a headset with Lightning-out, more expensive.

Top 5 Best Lightning Headphones is presented in the video further.

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