Headphones – Translators: Characteristics and rules of choice

At the annual exhibition of custom electronics in Las Vegas CES 2019 were presented Headphones who are able to process and translate pronounced words to many languages ​​of the globe. This novelty produced a real extension among those who have long dreamed of the possibility of free communication with representatives of other language crops: now it is enough to buy wireless translators headphones, and you can go on a journey abroad.

In our article we will give an overview of the best models of headphones for simultaneous translation and let’s talk about how preference should be given.


These new devices Automatic translation of foreign speech using a specific technology. And although various systems with a built-in translation from one language existed and before, however, due to the rapid development of science and technology, the latest models of headphone translators cope with their task much better, allowing fewer semantic errors. Embedded into some models, voice assistant provides even more convenient use of these new electronics. Nevertheless, this wireless headset is still far from perfect.

Among the useful features of these devices in the first place You should call recognition to 40 different languages, depending on the model. Typically, such a headset connects to a smartphone with Android or iOS, to which you want to install a special application.

Headphones are capable of processing and translate short phrases to a duration of up to 15 seconds, the time between the reception and the output of the sound is from 3 to 5 seconds.

Principle of operation

In order to start a conversation with a foreigner, It is enough to insert a headset in the ear and start communicating. At the same time, some models of such a wireless headset are sold immediately in duplicate: This is done so that you can give the second pair to the interlocutor and to enter into a conversation. The device performs a synchronous translation of the pronounced text in real time, albeit not instant, as often indicate manufacturers of these gadgets, and with a small delay.

For example, if you speak Russian, and your interlocutor in English, the built-in translator will translate his speech from English into Russian and will give your headphones adapted text on your understandable language. And vice versa, after your replica, your interlocutor will listen to the text uttered in English.

Modern models

Here Selection of best models of wireless headphone translators, which day from day are becoming increasingly popular in the market of gadgets.

Google Pixel Buds

This is One of the latest models from Google with the technology of synchronous translation of Google Translate. This device is able to translate 40 languages. In addition, headphones can work in a simple headset mode, allowing you to listen to your favorite music and respond to phone calls.

Battery charges enough for 5 hours of continuous work, after which the device should be placed in a special compact case for recharging. The model is equipped with sensory control and voice assistant. The disadvantage is the lack of Russian language with the number of foreign languages ​​for translation.

The Pilot

The developer of the inlay headphone model is Waverly Labs. The device performs synchronous automatic translation into English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. In the near future, it is planned to launch support for German, Hebrew, Arab, Russian and Slavic languages, as well as languages ​​of the peoples of Southeast Asia.

The synchronous translation feature is available and when taking ordinary telephone and video calls. Gadget is produced in three colors: red, white and black. For work, a pre-installed special application is needed, which carries out the transformed text and immediately sends it to the headphone.

The stated battery life of the device – for a whole day, after which the headphones should be charged.

WT2 Plus

Chinese wireless model of headphone translators from Timekettle, Having more than 20 foreign languages ​​in its arsenal, including Russian, as well as many dialects. Availability 3 modes Works favorably distinguishes this device from its competitors. First modecalled “auto” and designed for independent work of this intelligent device. The user does not need to include anything, leaving hands free. Such technology is called “Hands FREE”. The second mode is called “Touch” And, judging by the name, the operation of the device is carried out by touching the touch of the touch pad on the headphone during the pronouncement of the phrase, after which the finger is cleaned, and the translation process begins. Such a mode is convenient to apply, while in a noisy place.

Touch mode includes noise reduction function, cutting off unnecessary sounds, allowing interlocutors to focus on each other’s speech. SPEAKER mode It is convenient when you do not plan to join a long dialogue and transfer the second earphone to the interlocutor. It happens when you need to quickly get any short information. You just listen to the translation of the answer to your question specified using a smartphone. Thanks to an excellent accumulator, these headphones can work up to 15 hours, after which they are placed in a special case where they are charged again.

The model also works using a special application, but manufacturers plan to translate the device to OFF-LINE mode.

Mumanu Click

British model of wireless headphone translators, which have 37 different languages ​​in their access, including Russian, English and Japanese. Translation is carried out using an application installed on a smartphone, which includes one of the nine language packages for choosing a client. Related translation in this model of headphones is 5-10 seconds.

In addition to translation, you can use this device for listening to music and telephone conversations. The headset management is carried out using the touch panel on the headphone housing. The model is characterized by a good quality of the sound playable thanks to the support of the APTX codec.

Battery charges enough for seven hours of continuous operation of the device, after which the case is required.


This waterproof headphone model Positioned as a device for sports people. Headphones are equipped with a fitness tracker function that allows us to count the number of steps, as well as monitor the number of heart cuts and blood sugar levels. The device performs a simultaneous translation with support to 40 different languages, the built-in noise cancellation function allows the use of headphones in noisy places, providing comfortable negotiation and high quality listening music.

Autonomous work of headphones reaches 6 hours, after which the device is placed in a portable case for recharging. Among the advantages of the model, you can also note the protection against water and the presence of 4 GB internal memory. The disadvantages include a rather complicated device setup system, as well as an exorbitant price.


When choosing a wireless headset for simultaneous translation, first of all It should be thought of which languages ​​should be included in the obligatory language pack, and depending on this to stop your choice on a particular model. Also pay attention to Noise cancellation functions, which will ensure you and your interlocutor a comfortable conversation, and will also help to avoid unnecessary noise while listening to your favorite melodies even in crowded places.

Battery life device also matters: it is very convenient to use headphones that do not discharge for a long time. And, of course, the price of the issue. It should not always be purchased by an expensive device with many unnecessary features for you, such as measured kilometers.

If you do not plan to play sports while talking with an invoice interlocutor, it is possible to do the cheaper device with the support of the standard set of foreign languages.

In the next video, you will find a review of headphone translators WEARABLE Translator 2 Plus.

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