Headphones for a TV with long wire: characteristics and selection criteria

Headphones – an integral attribute of modern video and audio equipment. Sooner or later there is a situation when headphones are needed. In order not to disturb others and spend time with a TV with comfort, choose wired headphones with long cable. Using a wired device as convenient as possible and does not shine movement. What modern models are the best and what is worth paying attention to when buying – the conversation will go about this article.


To begin with, it is worth considering a number of headphones characteristics for a long wire TV. Manufacturers are often misleading consumers with common figures that are printed on the packages of devices. Some indicators at all on hearing, so most users believe these figures, and subsequently buying does not justify expectations.

List of headphones characteristics that are not always printed on packaging.

  • Sound frequency. Optimum figure – 15-20 thousand Hz. The depth of sound depends on the frequency. Therefore, the wider this indicator, the better.
  • Power. Power range depends on TV sound power. Most often the indicator is 1-50 thousand MW. It should be borne in mind that the value should not exceed the specified indicator on the headset. Otherwise, the device will not last long.
  • Volume. Optimal headphone volume with cable – 100 dB. When buying it is worth paying attention to these numbers. If the value is less than 100 dB, then listen to movies with poor-quality sound will be problematic.
  • Resistance. Standard numbers of this indicator – 32 ohms. Resistance determines the necessary force for an incoming audio signal.
  • Distortion. In any model for the TV should indicate the level of distortion. This indicator determines the changes of the original sound frequencies. When buying it is necessary to choose the smallest value.

The sound quality and service life depends on the cable. The choice of length each selects. The optimal and comfortable option will be models with a cable length of 5 or 6 meters.

It is worth noting the main advantage of wired headphones. Unlike wireless headset headphones with long wire do not distort the sound. Most models from well-known manufacturers in the manufacture of cable use oxless copper. Sound signal in such a wire goes without significant losses, so there is no distortion.


Thanks to the use of a television headset, the perception of sound is changing. High-quality headphones with high sensitivity fully immerse the user to the atmosphere of the series, movie or cartoon. There are models with a removable cable, which expands the range of use.

Cable can be connected to a computer or gamingKe. Since modern TV models are equipped with telephony, most wired headphones are included with the microphone. Therefore, the adoption of telephone calls has become the most convenient.

Review models

AKG Q701

The model intended for watching movies and TV shows on TV and on the computer. The kit includes two wires 3 and 6 meters long. Open-type overhead headphones have soft amop for user convenience and comfort.

Main characteristics:

  • Sound frequency – 10-40000 thousand Hz;
  • Power – 200 MW;
  • Sensitivity – 105 dB;
  • Resistance – 62 ohms.

The disadvantage is considered a high price and no volume controller.

Philips SHP-2500/10

This audio device is much cheaper than the previous model, but it does not affect the popularity of the product. Headphones immediately attract attention to the appearance of the case. Elegant silver hue and concise design will like minimalist lovers. Wire length – 6 meters.

The cord has a volume control that will allow you to control the sound and enjoy viewing from a considerable distance. Soft ambules fit tightly, do not miss extraneous noises and improve the quality of the sound of low bass.

Philips headphones have the following characteristics:

  • Range frequency – 15-22000 thousand Hz;
  • Power – 50 MW;
  • Sensitivity – 95 dB.

It should be noted that this model has a standard MINI jack 3.5 mm connector. But the kit also includes a 6.3 mm adapter. This provides the ability to connect headphones to almost any device.

Ritmix RH529 TV

Full-sized closed headphones, cord length – 5 m. This model has a low cost, but it is not inferior to previous audio devices. The diameter of the membrane is 40 mm, which ensures low frequencies in high quality.


  • Sound frequency – 20-20000 thousand Hz;
  • Sensitivity – 99 dB;
  • Resistance – 32 ohms.

Ritmix TV headphones have tightly adjacent incosses that prevent an extra hum.

 Criterias of choice

When buying wired headphones for the TV, it is worth paying attention to the following nuances.

  • Type of product. Headphones are closed and open. The first type is more sealed and does not miss extraneous sounds, however, during listening to music, there is a presence of an extra hum. Open type tend to skip noises, but such headphones reproduce better sound.

  • Meadows. They are cast, sliding, customizable. The most reliable device is the headphones with a simple design and high-quality handles.

  • Ambuvory – lining adjacent to the ears. There may be two types: covering and overhead. The most convenient is considered the first view. Covering soft linings produce from velor, foam rubber and leatherette.

The main technical characteristics of the headphones also play an important role in choosing. Power, sound frequency, resistance and sensitivity – These indicators can be found on the packaging of goods. But before this it follows exactly the optimal indicators.

When choosing it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer. Preference is desirable to give proven brands that have long proven themselves in the market of audio devices.

If you follow these ordinary tips, you can choose high-quality wired television headphones, which will serve for many years.

Wired headphone overview in the video below.

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