GENERAL CLIMATE Split Systems: Models, Tips for the choice

There are a large number of manufacturers of multi-split systems. But even among this very wide range, excellent positions are GENERAL CLIMATE products. It must be familiar with it as follows to any consumer before making the final choice.

Assortment series

Among non-soldered wall structures, the GC-A07HR / GU-A07H model is beneficial. This split apparatus came to replace the oldest General Climate GC-A07HR / GU-A07HR. As the manufacturer declares, the following parameters are provided:

  • Power in cooling mode 2.26 kW;
  • Power in heating mode 2.36 kW;
  • Current consumption in the “Heat” mode of 0.7 kW;
  • Current consumption in cold mode 0.65 kW;
  • Air flow from 250 to 470 cube. M.

    The volume of the sound during the operation of the inner unit varies from 26 to 40 dB, and at the external unit, this indicator is exactly 49 dB. Their dimensions – 0,698×0.25х0,185 and 0.72х0,428х0.31 m, respectively. Split system can be cleaned. The package includes a pair of coal filters. The manufacturer declares that the blinds work in intellectual mode.

    In many reviews, there is a liquid crystal screen showing the temperature level.

    The outer block has automation designed for the thawing mode, on self-diagnosis. The turbo is also implemented.

    With errors in the installation or appearance of refrigerant leaks, the Split system will stop the work itself. It helps to avoid many fatal destruction.

    Important: Buttons on the control panel can be protected from children. Built into a split-system Cold plasma ionizer of increased efficiency. Sleep mode and timer with settings for 24 hours. If the power turns off, the system itself will reboot.

    But General Climate GC-A09HR / GU-A09H can become equally good choice.

    It is also a devoid of a split-system inverter relating to the collection of Astra Premium. In the cooling mode, its power reaches 2.79, and in heating – 2.87 kW. Current consumption is 0.86 and 0.79 kW per hour. Air flow indicators and noise created are the same as the previous model.

    Continuing the conversation about specific models, you need to specify that GENERAL CLIMATE GC / GU-EAF09HRN1 on the official website of the company is not mentioned.

    But there is an inverter split system General Climate Modifications GC-EAF09HR / GU-EAF09H. Cooling is performed with a capacity of 2.6 kW, requiring a flow of 0.81 kW current. In heating mode, these indicators are 4.1 and 1.95 kW, respectively. An hourly air consumption varies from 280 to 600 cube. M. Internal air conditioner unit with dimensions 0.77×0,283×0,201 m produces noise from 24 to 41 dB.

    Other parameters are as follows:

    • Square of air-conditioned rooms up to 22 kV. m;
    • the largest length of the pipeline is 15 m;
    • the largest duct duct 10 m;
    • cross section of 3/8 inches freon pipelines;
    • cross-section of pipes for liquid ¼ inches;
    • the ability to block the console;
    • the use of photocatalytic and catechin filters;
    • Increased air ionizer.

      It is worth viewing and split-system General Climate GC-A12HR / GU-A12H. This is a good non-converter sample. In the cooling mode, it provides a power of 3.55 kW, consuming 1.1 kW current from the network. When heated, these indicators are already 3.81 and 1.06 kW, respectively. Consumers are available 4 modes at different speed of air exchange (from 330 to 550 cubes. m).

      Instructions for use

      The manufacturer mentions primarily that GENERAL CLIMATE network cables must be replaced by qualified techniques only. Special attention should be paid to the accuracy of selection of air flow. When the split system heats the air, the shutters are focused down, and when it cools it up – up.

      IMPORTANT: You can not drink hands or any items into the holes for the fence and emissions; It is impractical to even just be near these holes. It is unacceptable to turn the jet of air on animals, plants.

      Both cold and hot air should not be directed per person. You can not use the split system to:

      • dry clothes or shoes;
      • cool or warm up products;
      • replace hairdryer.

        If water falls on the air conditioner, along with damage to the device itself, you can fear by electric shock. When the inner segment “blows the wind”, and the damper begins to spontaneously rotate, the reason may be in the unpretentiousness of the compressor to the launch or in its overheating. GENERAL CLIMATE Split system has defrost mode.

        IMPORTANT: The ability of air conditioner cooling the air is directly determined by the ambient temperature. When the split system is turned on in the cooling mode against the low temperature, the heat exchanger is covered with.

        Important: When cooling the heat exchanger of the internal unit in less than zero degrees, the automation will give the command to turn off the compressor and thereby protects the equipment. Make any additional measures not necessity.

        When the split system works on air drainage, the velocity of the fan is not possible to change. In order for the commands properly, the remote control must be completely free space. You can not allow the drop in the remote control or the receipt of impacts, the penetration of fluid inside, heating with straight solar rays or static electricity discharge. Otherwise, the company removes the obligations under the warranty repair of the console.

        As for the power saving mode, it is quite good, but does not allow you to change the temperature supported, nor the velocity of the fan. Ionization mode starts default. The timer setting interval at the Split system varies from 30 minutes to 24 hours. To maximize the rate of rotation of the fan, you need to use the “Turbo” mode. If the air conditioner is completely turned off in sleep mode, then this mode will have to be installed in renewal.

        When losing or serious breakage of the remote control, turn off and turn on the split system can be an alarm switch. It allows you to start a simple automatic mode without the possibility of adjusting the parameters of the work. Switch is located on the dashboard under the lid.

        Separate attention deserves maintenance of GENERAL CLIMATE split systems.

        Before it began, it is necessary to de-energize the device. It is strictly forbidden to spray the air-conditioning water or use for cleaning easily sunbathe, especially active chemical fluids. Air filters are cleaned every 3 months. When operating the device in a particularly dirty environment – more often. Touch after removing the filter to the acute plate of the indoor unit categorically impossible.

        Filters remove detergent vacuum cleaners or washed manually. You can not use hot water 45 degrees. Invalid drying of filters over fire or near heated items.

        Installation racks of external blocks must constantly stay well. If they are damaged, it is necessary to immediately access the equipment supplier.

        How to choose

        General Climate supplies high-quality split systems – but they are important to choose as follows. Special attention should be paid to the class of energy saving. The money spent on the purchase of economical equipment is fully justified by a decrease in electricity costs. Need to take into account the noise level. But for all people, besides particularly sensitive to loud sounds, there is enough average silence.

        Inverter vehicles are preferred for heating the room. But if it is planned to preferably cool the room and only occasionally heated it, you need a “ordinary” split system. The external unit is simply obliged to be large, because otherwise it is not to provide solid performance. But in general, choosing the GENERAL CLIMATE equipment, it is possible to limit ourselves to the clarification of which split system is calculated on which area. If this indicator suits, you can take any model at your discretion.

        Overview and description of the ON-OFF CLIMAT ASTRA PREMIUM air conditioner feature from video.

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