Furniture for Studio Apartment

Often, huge prices for housing make young families look for extraordinary solutions. And the first thing that comes to mind is a small-sized studio apartment. Today, such a layout is not only very popular, but also practical. To feel comfortable at home, it is necessary to correctly pick up furniture for the studio apartment.

We develop a design project

Before you begin the choice of furniture, you need to know exactly what is the studio apartment. Such a name is premises where partitions are completely lacking. You will have a single large room only deleted on the recreation area, work, cooking. The huge advantage of apartment studios is able to freely design your own design and embody creative ideas into reality.

However, if the dream apartment is still far away, it is necessary to pay a time to careful layout. The main thing is not only to choose, but also put the furniture right. In small apartments, the availability of compact furniture – the first condition. Do not create extra partitions that will occupy a place. Each furniture element must be perfectly combined and harmony with others.

Use with the mind all space. For example, a good service can serve the built-in wardrobes to the ceiling, hanging beds, drawers for linen. Prefer warm, light shades, as well as gloss and mirror surfaces. Such simple manipulations will allow visually expanding the room. A good solution will also buy an apartment with a balcony where you can organize a sleeping place, a study or kitchen.

Choose for bedroom and living room

In small apartments, combine the living room with the bedroom – the best choice. Thinking up the position of each furniture unit stands to the smallest detail. Most often, many owners can not afford to purchase a bed and equip a separate place for her. In this case, it is recommended to buy a transforming sofa, which is easy to decompose on the night. An interesting option will be hidden beds that are attached to the wall in the afternoon and do not interfere with free movement.

For saving of space, longline beds are well suited, especially if you have children. Under such beds well post wide drawers where you can put blankets, pillows and bed linen. For young children, the optimal choice will be the table-bed. In the afternoon, the child will use it as a workplace for games, and at night it is a magnificent bedroom area.

As for other furniture, all the benefits have a wardrobe. Doors in it do not open a ladder, and quietly move away. It is difficult to overestimate and capacity of such cabinets. And in the presence of a mirror surface, it can be decorate with sandblasting patterns and photo printing, which will only complement the interior.

The studio apartment should avoid swinging wardrobes, large sofas and dresser.

Modern kitchen furniture

The kitchen is most often a very compact place, so the furniture is worth choosing so that it saves space. Separately, it is necessary to note the built-in technique that will not overload the room. It can be a small cooking surface, built-in microwave, narrow washing machine. Be sure to purchase a good hood, because the aromas of food are eaten into the cloth.

As for lockers, give preference to mounted models with a variety of shelves.

A good option will be separated by the kitchen area from the residential bar. It not only looks stylish, but also allows you to have a dining place. Under the resistment, you can place the boxes in which the dishes and household accessories will be stored. Space above the rack is also worth using – a few hollow cabinets for cereals and spices will not be superfluous.

From the colors choose light tones and natural stone, so the kitchen will look fresh and bright.

How to arrange?

Correct the furniture is easy even in a tiny studio apartment. Stop your choice on embedded models: they will help save a lot of space due to a special sliding mechanism. A good solution will make such furniture to order, then the master will consider the planning of exactly your living space. Excellent if the apartment has a rectangle shape, then the cabinets and shelves will be optimally installed along the walls, leaving the middle of the room free to move.

Instead of a massive bed, acquire a sofa transformer. It can also be placed near the wall. From the side of the window, it will be good to place a small bedside table for trifles: glasses, napkins, water bottles. Space over the sofa take stylish shelves to which you can put books, photos or decorative accessories. In the apartments, the partition between the bedroom and the living room will look more good – another place for trifles.

It is much more difficult to deal with the hallway. Here you do not contain luxurious cabinets with mirrors, you will have to limit yourself to hanger. An excellent solution will be the installation of antlesoles that can be used for storing volumetric things. Will not be unnecessary bench or handbag. As a bright spot, pick a beautiful picture or outdoor flower.

Consider the interior

When placing furniture in the apartment of the studio, you should always think about it, and whether it will suit you. There are several most famous interior styles, ideal for studio. The first of them is “Loft”, which is translated from English as “attic”. For this style, simplicity and array of open space are characterized. Furniture for such an apartment Pick in dark shades, accessories and another setting – in white and gray colors.

Apartment in the style of “Modern” – the perfect island of modernity. All furniture and technique should be a modern current design. Elegantly looks small sofa beds of light shades, dark coffee tables, a variety of puffs, drip chairs. As partitions between the kitchen and the bedroom, it is advisable to mount the bar rack.

High-tech style looks very minimalist – Find for order lovers. In such an apartment, everything is ordered, all in their places. Line and perfection of lines – Basic Style Principles. Choose a careless furniture of smooth cold shades: gray, silver, metallic. The total atmosphere can be diluted with a small amount of bright accessories.

For young girls, a good solution will be a good decision to stay on the rustic style “Provence”. Comfortable upholstered furniture, decorative baffies, flowing curtains and floral compositions – all this characteristic features of style. Pick the furniture with a variety of striped or polka dot prints, and it is advisable to place soft stools in the kitchen.

Beautiful designer solutions

Modern style – one of the most popular for apartment studio. Effective separation on the zone allows you to distinguish the place for rest and cooking. Add a stylish lamps, floor flowers or a small spectacular rug to add a comfort atmosphere. Interestingly looks and apartments with contrasting colors.

Sleeping place located in Niche – Perfect Designer Trick. Next to it looks great modern kitchen with an abundance of white, gray and brick shades. If the separated option does not like you, try to make a single space where every object in positive. Elegant accessories refresh such premises.

Romantic style studios are very popular. A chic combination will be white with red, but do not overdo it with brightness. Anaturaje will complement transparent curtains, floor lamps and modern paintings. Soft lamp with lamp with lamps.

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