Features of the drawers in the style of Provence

Interior style called Provence, appeared in the XVII century on the territory of Southeast France. Regions of these lands attracted wealthy people with their natural landscapes and an unforgettable rustic flavor. Urban residents of elite classes with French chic began to transfer elements of rustic exotic in their urban life, trying to diversify the classic interiors so unusual decor.

To date, Provence style has not lost its relevance and is one of the simplest and most sought-after areas in design. Among the many components, the Dresser became the personification of the village chic. This detail of the interior is used to furnish the premises made in the traditions of the French country. Consider Read more Features of Provence Dressers.

general description

For Olive Interiors, the Dresser is one of the main furniture items. The main features of the provence chest are natural materials from which furniture is made, as well as bright shades and tones used for staining it. The appearance of the chest most often has smooth rounded shapes, no sharp corners and faces, as well as elegant curly legs of various modifications.

Provencal chest appreciates more if he looks like a loss and aged.

Allowed Application on the surface of a matte varnish coating, and as decor can be used Wood carving, forged fittings, decoupage, contrasting staining. Chic Provence lies in simplicity and functionality of objects. Deliberate negligence, which is inherent in the style of Provence style, gives products an additional raid of romanticism and antiquity.

Furniture used for Provence style has always Matte texture and careless tones: beige, cream, sand, olive, blue, mustard, gray, pale pink, coffee, blue and other pastel shades. Dark tones are used to dye the parts that must be emphasized. In addition, the emphasis may become Figure handles or chest locks.

Variety of shapes

Complex designs and abstract forms – Not applicable for Olive Style. This direction in design is characterized by its smoothness and ease of lines, poorness of elements, functionality and ergonomic. Even the smallest dresser may have a lot of capacity, but at the same time it will not take a lot of space and attract unnecessarily attention.

Classic rustic chest can have legs of different lengths or stand on the platform. It is considered, the higher the length of the legs of the chest, the one design looks elegant. The surface of his countertops can be made with rounded corners or has small sides.

The details of the furniture were cut with a rough deliberation so that it becomes clear that this subject of the interior was manually manufactured.

Dresser can be high or squat, square, oval or round in shape, wide or narrow. This piece of furniture could be designed to install along the wall or be an angular interior item.

It is impossible to imagine the chest without Retractable boxes. They can be the same type or vary by size. The sophistication and individuality of the Domdy give not only its design, but also Furnitura. Pens for it can be wooden, forged, cutting. In addition to the handles, the chests decorated Decor from brass, bronze or copper. Such elements were attached to individuals and rarery furniture. As for the size of the chest, there are no clear standards for this furniture. The size depends on the functionality of the subject and its role in the interior. Decorative products can be miniature and installed in the bedroom or narrow hallway, while the dressers are intended, for example, for storage of linen are bulky and solid.

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For the manufacture of the chest in olive style is used Natural array of wood. Furniture made of oak, pine, birch, alder, Differs in durability and naturalistic appearance. Wooden Provencal Dresser brings with him to the room a particle of heat, nature and coziness. To such products, I want to touch, view them, inhale Fragrance of wood. Often wooden dressers in past centuries decorated Worn elements. These details, as a rule, covered the paint into the tone of the product, and with the time of the metal brilliance made out the outward – and it was attached to the chest of special charm, emphasizing his honorable age.

On the facades of old chests, you can detect small Decorative carnations. Such a simple decor emphasizes the simplicity of the product and emphasizes attention on its rustic origin. In addition to metal handles, locks, corners, furniture in the style of Provence decorated with the painting, which was placed on the facade and side parts of the wooden product. For decor, most often used Floral uncomplicated motifs.

The painting of the old furniture samples was manually performed, now imitation under the antique is performed using decoupage techniques.

A characteristic feature relating to materials intended for the manufacture of the chest is that in the work do not useModern woodworking productsWood-chip or MDF with lamination. Rustic style involves the use of a solid piece of wood, which during processing retains its natural texture and a feeling of living heat.

Color palette

Furniture made in the style of the French country is different matte surfaces and simplicity forms. Color these products made under ancient, careless paints, whose shade is close to natural tones. Dresser in olive style can be white, blue, green, cream, lavender and any other shade of pastel gamma.

Rustic style furniture necessarily provides for the presence of effect effect.

Such an approach makes it possible to emphasize the fact that the dresser stood for a long time under the rays of the Southern Sun and eventually a little burned. The same effect is achieved with decoupage. To create an antique effect, the facade surface is covered with a special crochelle varnish, which when polymerization creates the effect of cracking, emphasizing the identity of the furniture and its retrostil.

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Often, for giving a furniture product of a rustic view, they are resorted to the technique Patinating. This method allows you to achieve beautiful results that focus on the dedicated elements of the decor. Any embodiment of artificial composition or decoration of the chest looks unique. This piece of furniture makes its inappropriate contribution to the general view of the interior conceived by Provence style.

How to choose?

To select furniture suitable for the interior in the style of French Provence, Attention should be paid not only to the form and size of structures, but also their combination with a common decor of the room.

Choosing a dresser for these purposes, designers recommend paying attention to the following important details:

  • Furniture used for the style of the French country must be performed only from natural wood shelves; New-fashioned and budgetary chipboard for olive furniture are not at all suitable, otherwise the product from such materials will look like low-grade Novodel;
  • The dresser should be chosen based on the size of the room, and also take into account the function for which this item will be intended;
  • For small-sized premises, it is advisable to choose a furniture product that has multifunctional use, such as storing things and dressing table, TV cabinet and linen accommodation.

Buying ancient olive chest or new stylized under ancient product, performed under the order manually, is necessary Pay attention to the strength of the guide rails for drawers. These elements of furniture can be replaced by new in the old chest, while carrying out their function to hold the boxes they must.

Where to put?

The French interior country style looks always cozy, with an inherent share of elegance. Furniture made in the style of Provence is famous for its simplicity of forms, designs and finishes. As for the olive chest, it is considered a universal element of furniture, as it is possible to put this item in almost any desired place, if only there was enough free space for this. To the chest need to organize free access, and it must be combined with all the other design details. The most frequent place for the location of the chest is chosen by several rooms.

In the bedroom

When the size of the bedroom is small, when installing in it, the chest can be completely abandoned by such a bulky structure like a linen cabinet. If the bedroom area is quite spacious, then near the universal and roomy dresser can be put out floor porridge with plants or placing the couch. Provencal dresser can be placed in the immediate vicinity of the bed or near the dressing table. Beautifully looks like this object of room interior, located in the opening between two windows, from where the flow of sunlight fall on the surface of the furniture. It will be relevant to the installation on a large-mirror dresser or a table lamp with a lamp.

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In the living room

Options for the placement of olive chest in the living room Great set. Often this interior element is used as a television stand, to install a large vase or porridge with flowers. On the horizontal countertop you can set the picture, next to put candles, decorative figurines.

Dresser placed along the wall between symmetrically located cabinets with dishes.

Often olive-shaped dresser in the living room can be seen located Opposite the sofa or soft corner in the recreation area, And also he successfully fit into the niche located inside the wall. With the help of a dresser Space in a large living room can be divided into 2 zones, If you put this item behind the back of the sofa and there is a number of floors with high plants near. Beautifully looks chest of drawers, set between two windows or in the corner of the room.

On the kitchen

Often, when locating in the kitchen, the chest performs a universal function, then it turns out a kind Buffet chest of drawers with multiple drawers. Kitchen chest can also have closed shelves or deep niches for the location of the dishes or kitchen utensils. If there is not enough space in the kitchen, then the dresser is chosen by narrow and compact dimensions. Cutlery, napkins, plates can be stored in the drawers of this interior.

In some models of dresser designed specifically for the kitchen, sections for storing bottles with wine or shelf for arrangement of dishes.

At all times, the dresser was considered a comfortable and practical detail of a residential interior. Simplicity of his forms and conciseness of an uncomplicated design introduces brightly pronounced heat, coziness, comfort. In independence from where the olive chest is transformed, there is an atmosphere of lightness and a peculiar French chic.

Examples in the interior

Olive style is expressed in harmonious naturalness and modest simplicity. The chest of drawers in the interior of a rustic style is often an important link in the whole composition.

White color used in a stylist solution French Country, Creates an atmosphere of purity and coziness. Muted shades of furniture, despite their conciseness, attract attention.

Painting on the facade of olive furniture makes these original interior items memorable and attractive. The drawing in the style of Provence should look a central and faded, the riot of paints in this style would be excess.

Olive chest The subject of the interior, which can be included in any furniture composition And everywhere he will look appropriate and organically, transforming even the most ordinary room.

Classic shape of olive style – It is simple, but good-quality furniture, which is equipped with several capacity longitudinal boxes. Such a model may well be replaced by a bulky cabinet and save in the room a lot of free space.

How to decorate the chest of drawers in the style of Provence, look in the video.

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