Features of the cosmetic repair of one-room apartment

Repair is always the cost of time, forces and means. But if you carefully think over, plan and prepare for this process, you can complete it faster, and get a cozy room that will delight for several years. There are features of the cosmetic repair of a one-room apartment.

Preparation for repair

Before you start a complex and responsible process, as a cosmetic repair of 1-room apartment, it is necessary to prepare well to it, to work with pleasure. It is always nice to see the premises as a result of his labor.

First you need to imagine how you want to see the design of one-room apartment. Based on the selected idea, style and other considerations, materials are selected. After all, their range is very large today, so it will have to repel from your own preferences, features of the premises and the selected style.

All materials, be it wallpaper or tile, paint or plaster, should be purchased with a small margin. First each room you need to measure well. But Even with the most clear and thorough measurements, it may turn out that the material is not enough. In the process of repair there are different unexpected situations. In the room there is always places where it is especially difficult to glue the wallpaper or put a tile. In this case, the consumption may be a little wrong. It happens that a piece of wallpaper spoiled, a pair of tiles crashed.

Therefore, you always need to have a stock so that you do not have to interrupt the job and run in search of the required copy. After all, it may happen that it will not be.

In addition, it is necessary to purchase all the associated goods. Among them:

  • glue for wallpaper;
  • putty;
  • glue for tile;
  • water-repellent composition;
  • Primer mixes.

    You should take care of the tools that should be in the required quantity. These include:

    • brushes and rollers;
    • paint tanks;
    • sandpaper;
    • drill;
    • screwdriver;
    • a hammer;
    • Spatulas.

    An important preparatory stage of repair is to purify all surfaces. In the room you need to remove the old wallpaper from the walls, in the kitchen and to dismantle the tile in the bathroom. In short, all the walls should be smooth and clean.

    Choosing materials

    For each room, their materials are characteristic, which correspond to the operating conditions and its appointment.

    • For the room it is preferable to choose the wallpaper. There are many options – from simple paper to heavy, with different coatings. It should be borne in mind that the paper wallpaper is easiest to stick, but they will serve less, and they are much easier to spoil them. Stain on them exactly do not wash. Heavier options need to be glued, observing a specific technology. But they look more interesting, you can make coatings imitating any surface – stone, wooden, brick. But the number of other prints is impressive.

    • There is also an option to choose a wallpaper for painting or just paint the walls if they are perfectly aligned. An interesting design allows you to create decorative plaster, it also has a wide color scheme and a variety of textures.

    • For the floor most often choose laminate or parquet board, Linoleum can become a more budget option.

    • For the bathroom and toilet choose ceramic tiles and for walls and for floors. It can be glossy or matte options, with a print or without, larger elements or small. You can use other materials if you wish, but in this case there will be a solid moisture-resistant coating.

    • The kitchen also requires a tiled cover, it is convenient to wash it. In any case, the work area is drawn up tiles. With the rest of the space, you can experiment using paint, washable wallpapers, plaster and other options.

    • The hallway, and painting, and panels and tiles will be appropriate in the corridor. It all depends on the wishes of the owners.

    • As for the ceilings, then In all rooms it is more convenient to use stretch – matte or glossy, Focusing on the selected color gamut. But this is not the only option. In the room it can be painting, wallpaper, ceiling tiles. In the bathroom and in the kitchen it is also possible, but using water-repellent materials.

    Color solutions

    Most often, the studio apartment has small dimensions, and weighing the premises with dark tones will be superfluous. It is better to choose bright shades:

    • White;
    • cream;
    • beige;
    • pale yellow;
    • soft blue;
    • Light green.

    Can be played in contrasts, making bright accents. For example, white to connect with black or blue, cream – with brown. One wall may differ from others. But bright accents in a small room should be a bit – one or two. Do not choose too small drawings, like large details.

    It is better to strive for monophonic surfaces, adding some elements of the decor within reasonable limits.

    Ideas of wall decoration, floor and ceiling

    So that the apartment looks interesting and attractive, you can combine colors, materials, and sometimes styles similar in their direction. And here everyone decides himself that he is closer. At the same time it makes sense to push off from ready-made examples.

    • You can beat the space using different shades of walls that are harmoniously combined with each other. Stretch matte ceiling and a light floor of the laminate correspond to the overall idea.

    • Multi-level ceiling with original illumination can be an interior highlight. Walls under the tree and large tiles – successful addition of the common pattern.

    • Gray walls and ceiling are quite harmonized with a brick wall. Design balances bright accent in the form of a sofa.

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