Features of laser projectors

Most recently, laser projectors could only be found in cinemas and clubs, today they have found wide use in offices and houses. Due to the high quality of the image, such devices allow not only to demonstrate presentations, rollers, but also to watch favorite films in a family circle. Since this type of equipment is presented in the market in a huge assortment, you need to be able to correctly choose a suitable model, considering not only the specifications, the price, but also reviews about the manufacturer.

What it is?

The laser projector is a special device designed to play the image on large screens. Its foundation is a laser beam, in monochrome models it is one, and in polychrome – three, the beam focuses through a special stencil, which can have a slide or image. Falling on such a stencil and passing through it, the beam on the installed screen projected the desired picture. In addition to the stencil and ray, the design of the laser projector includes a complex mirror system, it acts as a converter and creates certain angles of deviation of the emitted light. Thus, the principle of operation of this device has similarities with the functioning of TVs.

Compared with laser laser vehicles, the image does not show the finished picture.

As a screen for projectors, you can use any types of surfaces: floor, ceiling and walls.

This device also allows you to recreate a high-quality image even on uneven surfaces, since each pixel is separately projected by laser pulses that do not require additional focusing.


Despite the fact that the laser projectors appeared in the market not so long ago, they had time to significantly change during this period. Manufacturers produce a huge selection of models that satisfy any user requests.

Depending on the functional features, projectors can be intended for games, home movies (this is a mini-device with a convenient control panel), for entertainment and show (with the effect of color music) and for education, business (with the possibility of playing up to 12 slides).

All of the above species have their own technical capabilities, sizes and price.

For office and education

This is a type of projectors intended for use in educational institutions, business centers and cafes, that is, for premises with an illumination (an additional source of lighting).The main goal of such devices is to “beat” the illumination and withdraw the necessary information on the screen. The average light stream (brightness) of this type of projectors is up to 3000 lumens, this indicator directly depends on the level of external lighting in the room and the parameters of the device itself.

For home theater

This is a programmable projector, capable of working only in ideal conditions. To get a high-quality image, in the room you need to completely eliminate the presence of external light sources. In the same way as the LED projector used for home theater, the laser has good color reproduction and is equipped with a multitude of settings that allow you to control video signals and color. Unlike office options, not only for playback of graphs and text. The main advantage of this species is the low noise level, as well as the possibility of installation in any room. In addition, the home theater devices have a stylish design and fit perfectly into a modern room interior.


Represent a special type of projectors that have great weight, dimensions and high brightness. They are used, as a rule, in large rooms, as well as to create projections on structures and for installations in the open air. Like an animated projector, installing has many additional functions that allow you to create light effects. They are often installed for a holiday or a solemn event. Such devices are available in a protective durable case, they are easy to install, transport, although weighing about 20 kg.


This type of projectors is considered the most unique. As in other laser devices, a laser is responsible for creating an image in them, which on two silicon mirrors “draws” the right and left pictures. At the same time, for the polarization of light on such mirrors glue special LCD panels. Thanks to this reproduction technology, it is possible to use 3D glasses while viewing. The main disadvantage of 3D projectors is considered to be high.

To date, laser projectors are presented on the market in a huge assortment, while the models differ from themselves not only by technical specifications, but also in quality, price. We present the best models that have received many positive feedback.

  • PANASONIC PT-RZ470E. This ultra-compact novelty from the Chinese manufacturer weighs only 700 g and supports 3D mode. The principle of operation of the projector is based on the original technology “LED sources + laser-formor”, that is, the design provides for the presence of not only the laser, but also LED lamps. This model is ideal for both home theater and business purposes. The main advantages of this model are multifunctionality (you can attach headphones, game consoles, smartphones and computers), convenient control panel. Disadvantages – no Russification, card memory slot and during video playback from the Internet the image can slightly “slow down”.

  • LG HF80JS. This model is represented by the Taiwanese company. This projector gives a wide projection, so it can be installed close to the wall. The main feature of this device is that it does not disperse the light on the parties and does not blind the rapporteur. The device supports 3D-mode, thanks to the brightness of 1500 ANSI-LM, it can be used not only for presentations, but also for movies Viewers. The pluses of the model include: the presence of more than 10 outputs, including, including LAN and HDMI, the ability to connect to a computer, audio systems, equipping with two speakers with a power of 20 W and a complete set of control panel. Cons – heavy (weigh about 5 kg), the complexity of using the Internet, flashes color reproduction (the image will initially have a shift in cold tones).

  • Xiaomi Mijia. This device from the Chinese manufacturer is excellent for home theater. It weighs 7 kilograms, has high quality and impressive characteristics, among which you can highlight the good extension Full HD and the luminous flux in 5000 lumens. The size of the projection of the screen is from 107 to 381 cm, the laser resource is high and exceeds 25000 hours. Advantages of the apparatus – Stylish View, Convenient Use, High Quality Pictures Play. As for the shortcomings, it is one – high price.

  • Vivitek D555. This projector model is considered budget. Despite the ability to display images in Full HD, the device has medium technical characteristics. It is recommended to buy for offices, although you can use at home to view movies (in this case, you must additionally install the screen with a diagonal of 90 inches). This projector also has a good brightness level indicators (3000 lumens) and contrast (15000: 1). If we consider the benefits of this unit, then only the available cost can be attributed to them.

  • Acer V6810. This is a laser projector that can be purchased at an affordable price. The device provides high-quality playback of the picture in 4K UHD, while the expansion of its matrix is ​​only 1920 * 1080. Since the V6810 projector brightness is 2200 lumens, and the contrast is 10,000: 1, it is recommended to install it with 220 inches screens.

  • BenQ LK970. This model is the most technological and expensive device with an extension matrix 2716 * 1528 and the ability to output the projection in 4K format. The maximum brightness of the projector is 5000 lumens, contrast – 100000: 1 and diagonal 508 cm. This unit can be connected to a TV and a computer. Plus models – the laser provides the desired sharpness, thanks to this, any scenes will look like the same as in the cinema. In addition, the laser power is easily configured manually.

  • ViewSonic LS700HD. This is a laser projector from the American brand, which demonstrates excellent dynamic contrast and has a brightness of 3,500 lm. The main advantages of the model users include a high response speed and a good interface set, there is also support for SMART TV. There are no shortcomings.

How to choose?

Since the laser projector in most cases is expensive technique, then during its purchase it is worth paying attention to many parameters.

Not only the service life of the device will depend on this, but also the image quality.

  • Color brightness color. It directly depends on the distance of the device to the screen (when it decreases, the brightness increases in proportion to) and the level of external lighting. Each model of projectors has its own brightness indicator, it is measured in lumens. If you plan to use the device for watching movies in a darkened room, you can purchase models with a brightness indicator of 1500 lumens, while the screen diagonal should not be less than 130 inches. As for the use of the projector in well-lit rooms, the ideal choice are considered models in which the light stream is 3000 lumens. The only thing in the place where the device is installed must be a slight dimming.

  • Contrast. This indicator is the white brightness attitude to black. When placing a projector in well-lit rooms, the contrast is determined by the maximum brightness of the device. In this case, black sections of the picture will be hung out external lighting. A huge role is played by the contrast for cinemas, where to view movies the hall is well darkened. The higher its indicator, the greater the dynamic range will be.

  • Permission. It is not recommended to buy projectors with expansion below HD. To have high image quality, it is better to pay a little.

  • Power. This is the most important indicator of the device, since the maximum brightness and saturation of the final picture depend on it. It is advisable to buy models with a capacity of 1 W of red, blue and green colors, which ultimately constitutes the final indicator 3 W.

  • Speed ​​and scanning angle. The higher the first parameter, the better the device. To view images in good quality you need to choose a projector with a scanning speed of at least 30 KPPS. It should be noted that the scanning speed depends on the angle, the working value of which should be from 40 to 60 degrees.

  • Projection modes. Manufacturers produce devices with vertical and horizontal trapezoid correction, depending on this, the machine can be installed at a certain angle, which is perpendicular to the screen. To date, the projector with desktop, frontal, ceiling and reverse projections are distinguished. The first view must be selected if the device is planned to be installed below or at the screen level, the second – before an opaque screen, the third hangs on the ceiling, and well, the fourth have a transparent screen.

  • 3D support. This feature is not present in all models. Choosing a 3D projector with support, it is important to clarify the seller, which technology is shown: passive or active. In the first case, the projector displays strings in turn for the left and right eye, and in the second – the frame rate is reduced by half.

  • Interfaces and connectors. It is advisable to give preference to models with VGA and HDMI connectors, also prevents the presence of outputs for multichannel audio connection to the computer. The convenience of using the interface plays a huge role.

  • Network features. Most models are issued with the possibility of projection through a wireless network. They cost a little more expensive, but have more expanded functionality.

Very good if the device is released along with the remote control. Separately, it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer, its warranty.

It is not recommended to buy a technique for which the warranty is given less than 12 months.

It is important that in the city where the device is acquired, the manufacturer’s service centers. In addition, it is important to carefully examine reviews about models and trust only verified manufacturers.

Review reviews

Despite the fact that laser projectors appeared on the market recently, they managed to get a lot of both positive and negative reviews. Most users appreciated the unlimited resource of the laser source, which averages up to 20,000 hours. In addition, in comparison with lamp models, laser possess excellent contrast, brightness and expansion. Positively respond about the projectors of this species and doctors, since the reflected light is absolutely safe for organs of vision. Some users remained unhappy with budget models that have a rainbow effect in the form of blue, green and red contours, noticeable on bright background.

How to choose a laser projector, look in video.

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