Features of blue in the interior

Many are afraid to include blue in designer projects of apartments, as they consider it too cold and gloomy. But if you put the emphasis and choose a tone, the interior will be cozy and incredibly stylish. It is necessary to know the basic rules of the combination of shades of this palette, comply with the proportions of color equilibrium. A variety of tones will allow you to choose both deep, rich color and soft, muted, calm. If you do everything right, the interior will turn out to be pacifying.


Blue color, according to psychologists and doctors, has a beneficial effect on the state of the human body and psyche. Syneva works like a real color merapist, normalizing pressure, eliminating tachycardia. In addition, this color is able to muffle the appetite, so perfectly fit into the kitchen interior for those who are afraid to recover. Psychologists determine the blue shades with balancing, calm, stimulating brain activity.

In Nature, Sinya is natural and surrounding us everywhere: at the reservoir, the sea, above our head. In the interior, such a color is quite difficult and demanding, although psychologically very well affects man. Syneva gives confidence, gives peace, satisfaction, stability. The variety of shades allows you to not limit the flight of fantasy, choose the tone almost under any style and mood. This color is appropriate both in chic and laconic design.


The color palette of the blue is very rich, it includes a chic gamut from a light blue tone to a deep and saturated dark blue. He is the most noble, moderately restrained, Elegance, does not scream or vulgar. Different intensity of shades does not level their status.

To the palette of the blue, it is customary to attract blue and all its varieties, although part of the designers highlight blue as an independent color.

In any shades, they are very close, blue is a blue derivative with the addition of a significant amount of whiteness. But Bluenese itself has enough varieties:

  • Berlin Azure – muffled tone, outgoing in a juicy gray;

  • sapphire – by analogy with a stone deeper, saturated;
  • Midnight blue – the lighter of Berlin Lazuri, inexpressive;

  • Dark blue – noble, bright, juicy, slightly darker in fact;
  • Blue is the brightest of the whole range;
  • ultramarine – with an intersection of a sea wave;
  • Blue dust – between dark blue and muted blue;
  • The Black Sea is the most discreet tone, not dark, but concise;
  • denim – catchy, but not causing;
  • cobalt – just darker jeans;
  • Royal Blue – a magnificent shade of darker blue, but one of the brightest and most noble in the blue gamma.

In addition, all shades have derivatives of light and dark species. All these tones are perfectly connected with each other, ideally connected in one ensemble. Combine this gamma with other shades is much more difficult.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to master this skill, as in “undiluted” variations in the interior in the interior. It will be too gloomy and uncomfortable composition.

In order for the design to be beautiful, harmonious and indispensable, follow these rules:

  • Use the blue to be predominantly as an additional or accent colors;

  • Be sure to follow the proportions and dilute the composition with other shades;

  • Blue is appropriate both in small and large rooms, but in the first case it should not be too dark;

  • The more the surface you want to arrange in the blue, the lighter should be the selected tone.

What colors are combined?

The combination with other shades and gamma makes quite a few variations. White-blue interior has already become a kind of classic, red-blue and yellow-blue look accepted and expressively.

Popular Blue + Orange, Brown, Salad, Golden.

It is important to choose such a combination that is not only organic, but also suitable for the overall style of your home or apartment.

We offer you the most popular color combinations.

With white

This magnificent combination will not only visually increase the space, but will be quite bright, with noble, elegant.

This combination is often used when placing a marine room.

Boldly take this combination as a basis for the design of a small and not very bright room. Use snow-white, boiled, dairy as a basis, and decorate furniture, decorative objects in blue. It is important to comply with the proportions so that the bluette shades did not have more than a third of the entire palette.

This duet look great in a variety of ornaments, prints: painting, Gzhel, strip, rhombus, zigzags and others.

Ideal white and blue gamma in the design of children’s, bathrooms, country houses, kitchens.

Add a little heat to the composition to balance the cool shades of the challenges. It can be details of coffee, cream, sandy color, ivory tone.

With gray

This is one of the most elegant combinations, designers very often use it, as the range of shades is very close, they do not contradict each other, perfectly complement. Interior in these tones does not bother, looks comfortable and original.

Since this combination is very calm, unconstant, it is suitable for the bedroom, living room, bathroom.

Very fashionable reception – the use of pearl shades of gray, which add vintage to the whole interior.

Perfectly fit into the company Light Blue Gamma, which will bring freshness and lightweight.

Neutral gray and noble blue will perform a magnificent background for bright unusual details, such as a sunny yellow shade. Choose a light gray background main color and dilute it with bluish saturated tone furniture. It is enough to add several heat-saturated accents so that it becomes finished and harmonious.

Gray color perfectly bales even the brightest tones of blue, so it’s not necessary to turn on the catchy details.

With yellow

If you are not afraid to experiment and bright combinations for you are acceptable, you can consider blue in combination with yellow or orange. The yellow-blue room always looks knight, stylish, the design is noticeable and expressive. This is a very juicy color solution where the heat of yellow complements the noble coolness of the blue. Choosing this idea for registration, leave behind the blue right to the main background, use yellow as an additional.

If you stopped on the shades of the sea wave, bright cobalt, turquoise, then a steam tone of the solar palette is fitted to them. If Syneva is as cold as possible, then the shades of yellowness should be the corresponding degree – neutral.

Remember that too cold shades, abundant in the design project, create an impression of neutility, sterility, treated room. Be sure to add to the composition of heat and light.

With brown

Brown gamma well calms the saturation of the blue, adds the interior of heat and softness. Perfectly combined with blue palette shades of coffee, coffee with milk, cocoa, cinnamon.

This combination allows you to create a status interior, a little tin, strict but elegant.

Data combinations are good in the design of the Cabinet, living room, hallway, library. Very often, this tandem is used both in a classic style and in modern minimalist, for example, Industry.

The harmonious composition can be created, combining tree tonality and blue decor: nut, oak, chestnut and cherry are perfectly combined with the palette of blue. Light variations of blue, for example, turquoise, azure or corn can be used as basic, complementing their brown elements. You can take a brown brown as a basis and play with extra blue.

In both variations there will be a very harmonious ensemble.

With beige

This is one of the canonical variations of the designer solution in color. Freshness of blue is superbly complemented by the cozy of gamma beige. At the same time, beige able to balance even bright shades of blue, soften it, give it status and smartness.

Ideally, the beige is taken for the main background, on which bright blue details are winning.

Terms of Use in Finishing

First of all it is necessary to determine what premises blue color use most appropriate. Designers recommend adhere to the following concepts:

  • Silane’s living room is good as catchy accents: upholstered furniture, decorative elements, textiles, paintings of paintings;

  • Blue is ideal for finishing the kitchen, but only if you are not afraid to lower an appetite, you should choose contrasting variations of combinations – with white, yellow, orange;

  • In the bedroom, the blue is most appropriate, it relaxes and has to sleep, the only one, should be avoided too dark, pressing shades in large quantities;

  • making up a nursery, especially for a boy, blue can be chosen boldly, especially bright and interesting will look like a maritime room, in any case a companion blue should be cheerful;

  • Sea nature The blue is perfectly suitable for decoration of the bathroom and bathroom.


As for the ceiling, the classic white here does not have rivals. Light Boumond Ceiling will be relevant in the bedroom, nursery, bathroom, in the kitchen. Avoid dark and too bright tones of blue, otherwise the ceiling will put pressure on you, inhibition.


As for the floor and plinth, the blue tile will look great in the bathroom, toilet, hallway, in the kitchen. Absolutely luxuriously looks blue carpet on the floor of the living room.

Remember that, the darker and brighter your gender, the more noticeable on it will be garbage and dust. So consider the dark blue gender also in terms of practicality.


The most popular solution when choosing a blue gamma as the main background – wall design. Wallpaper in blue monochrome or with elements in this range are very popular. Blue walls in the living room will be perfect, you can make one of the walls in the cast blue, the rest of making more restrained. Blue walls will decorate the bedroom well.

In the bathroom more than anything relevant blue tile in the design of walls. In the kitchen, blue can be not only walls, but also apron headset.

The main thing, observe the sense of measure, such a monochrome is not the best color solution, choose something one thing to not overload the interior.

We use as accent

If you decide to take blue in the quality of an additional or accent color, here there are much more variations. This is the optimal solution, from the point of view of color proportions, you do not risk getting into the gloomy, make the design too cold and uncomfortable. Most often, the furniture is chosen as accents:

  • in the living room sofas, armchairs;

  • in bedroom beds;

  • Chairs, corner sofa and headset in the kitchen.

Textiles and decor in this palette are very popular:

  • Curtains, tulle, curtains;

  • tablecloths;

  • chandeliers, lamps;

  • Pictures and decor.

When placing a bathroom and a bathroom, you can go beyond the standard bluette tile and select a toilet or bath in this color.

Remember that the focus in the selected range requires the predominance of another shade in the room design. It can be beige, snow-white, yellow, lemon, light gray, brown.

Styles of interior

This palette looks great and different style directions. Most Popular: Provence, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Classic, Loft.

  • Provence. Soft and gentle rustic style in which a lot of air, freshness. Maled wood and white color predominate, as well as light pastel palette. Since the bright accents in this stylist are not implied, it is used in muffled, barely by a catchy version, mostly celestial blue. Allowed Small Flowers on White Curtains, Blue or Azure Decor.

  • Scandinavian. Concise and discreet, mostly light interior, in which Sinyeva can act in a bright version, but in small quantities. It can be a painted shelf, armchair, picture on the wall, curtains. The main gamma should be neutral.

  • Classic. This style obliges, there must be notes of restrained luxury, the nobility of the blue fits perfectly into the concept. Appropriate combinations with brown gamut, natural tree. Speecually looks combination of blue and gold trim in the classic interior. You can take blue both as a basis and as an emphasis.

  • Loft. Modern minimalist style directions are perfectly complemented by blue. Loft style distinguish natural shades, rough finish. Syane can be used as catchy details: lamp, table, paintings, textiles.

Original examples

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