Features and selection of a laser printer cartridge

Laser printer – device in demand in almost all offices. It is designed to print texts, documents, images. The external simplicity of the design is hidden complex technological nodes and laser Cartridges.

Many note that the resource specified on the cartridge packaging does not correspond to reality, and the paint usually ends before. A good cartridge must provide high-quality printing, but it does not always succeed. It is worth understanding how many sheets should have enough equipment resource that it represents and how to choose it.


Laser printer – complex design. The cartridge device body consists of two blocks:

  • upper – this is a tank for spent toner;
  • lower – paint container.

Top of block Also includes a number of elements, among which it is worth highlighting photoman, metal shaft, blade for cleaning the device and the container itself. The contents of the lower compartment also provides for the placement of additional elements and spare parts for reliable operation of the equipment. The design has a small weight, and this is one of its features.

The principle of laser print is simple. The main device is a photoconductive shaft. With it, it is possible to organize the transmission of the picture on the carrier – mainly paper. The shaft has a photosensitive layer and looks like a cylinder, the surface of which has a charge. It remains until the light beams on the surface.

The second most important design element is laser, Incoming the optical-mechanical system of mirrors and lenses. The mechanism that form individual elements provides the movement of the thin beam along the surface of the shaft. The beam gives laser.

Through the action of the laser, the following actions occur:

  • The reflection of the beam from the system, which includes 4-6-graded mirrors;
  • climm of the surface of the drum;
  • “Dragging” charge from the area that becomes conducted.

As a result, in the place where the charge came from, a neutral zone is formed. Pole differences leads to the fact that the particles of powder begin to pester a rotating shaft. At the same time, negative particles stick to the area that the beam lit up. As a result, the coloring toner comes through a narrow hole, provided on the shaft, and is evenly distributed over the surface with a dosing blade.

The formation of a point picture contributes Laser adjustment control microcontroller. The mirror system contributes to the reversal of the beam of light, resulting in the image strings on the surface of the drum.

Final Stage of the Laser Printer – This is paint on a sheet. The drum continues to rotate inside the design, while the charge on its surface is negative. Gradually, the element reaches the surface of the sheet and concerns the shaft with a positive charge. By touching the paint particles are attracted by paper, due to which the image can be transferred.

For how many grabs?

Usually, the inconsistency of the resource of the cartridge declared values ​​is due to the fact that the manufacturer uses a universal formula when calculating this indicator. Her also know called “Formula 5%”.

According to her one page of the A4 sheet, there should be enough toner in order to cover 5% of the surface volume. This calculation suggests that if the total area of ​​the sheet painted by toner exceeds the specified percentage, the cartridge is consumed faster, so it fails to provide its long-term storage.

For devices that are used to apply color paint, released their formula. It takes into account the following colors:

  • Red;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • black.

Thanks to simple calculations, it is easy to guess that for color printers, the updated rule is called “Rule 20%”, as 4 colors are considered, each of which is 5%. Thus, if you wish, you can determine the shelf life of the acquired device.

How to choose?

Before buying a cartridge to a laser printer, it should be carefully Read the instructions for technology. And also recommended explore the list of consumables, who recommends the manufacturer. The best solution will be the purchase of an original version, as it will provide uninterrupted equipment.

    Some prefer cheap fakes, but their use can entail a number of not the most pleasant consequences. Among them:

    • increase in the degree of wear of the laser printer;
    • poor-quality color transfer, appearance of pale shades, changing the color scheme;
    • Low image clarity or text;
    • Increased risk of printer breakdown.

    When choosing a reliable cartridge, it is recommended to pay attention to some indicators.

    1. Compatibility. Consumables are issued by third-party companies, so manufacturers provide in the design of the chip cartridge, with which it is possible to ensure the connection of the equipment to certain models of printers. Unreadable cartridge is better not to buy.
    2. Marking OEM. It means that the cartridge belongs to the same brand that the printer to be installed to be installed. Buying such a device will give high quality and clear printing.
    3. Universality. Today we produce models having a combined design combining black and color cartridges. Convenient option for those who work in print salons or manufactures printed house products.
    4. Type ink. Most preferred are solid, as they allow you to achieve high print quality and save the selected color. As part of such inks, a wax-like substance is contained, which, before making paper, manage to melt.

    The selection of the cartridge is a responsible process, since the print quality depends on it, the duration of the laser printer service life.

    How to clean?

    During the operation of the laser printer, the cartridge is often clogged, which is why it is necessary to clean it. The main sign of the occurrence of such a need is to deteriorate print quality.

    And also the following problems appear:

    • On sheets during printing, uneven lines appear;
    • On the surface of the documents, large ink spots or blots are detected;
    • The printer ceases to issue the desired shades of images;
    • The test template does not use all ink;
    • Along the sheet go black or color lines depending on the type of device;
    • The sheet appears background;
    • Along the surface of the paper go wide strips of gray or black.

    Any of the problems that have arisen requires Immediate cleaning cartridge. Otherwise, print quality will be worse, and the risk of printer breakdowns.

    It is worth noting that such a rule is rational only for black and white printer models, therefore it is considered obsolescents, as manufacturers produce more and more color devices.

    The occurrence of strips, stains, deterioration of color – all this indicates that toner was poured into the cartridge. And also the reason may wage in penetration of foreign particles. Basically, similar problems are associated with the use of low-quality toner or paper.

    So that the printer gave the required texts and images should be carried out regularly cleaning equipment when replacing the cartridge. There is only one method of cleaning such devices. At the same time, the method has two configurations. If the cartridge works occurred, it follows:

    • Clear drum inside the case;
    • Remove the drum and wipe it with a wet and dry cloth separately from the case.

    This is the only procedure necessary to perform to Restore the previous level of the laser printer. This is explained by the fact that the photo is the main printing element in the cartridge, so it is it that is subject to unpleasant pollution during operation.

    Additionally, it is worth noting that turn over the cartridge with an open lid to extract the drum is not recommended. This will lead to the rash of the spent toner. Before the analysis of the design should be pre-lay on the surface of the table. Clean fabric or napkins. Wipe the drum should be soft cloth.

    On the form below can be clearly familiar with the features of the selection of the cartridge for the laser printer.

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