Features and overview of Yamaha amplifiers

Yamaha is definitely one of the most famous brands for the release of musical equipment. In the range of brands you can find modern musical equipment, and vintage. Some of the most pressing goods are powerful audio amplifiers, converting electrical signals into sound waves.

Amplifiers are always necessary when the quality sound of acoustics is important. You will get acquainted in more detail with the model range of amplifiers from the Japanese brand Yamaha, we learn the advantages, minuses and consider the criteria for choosing this kind of technology.

Advantages and disadvantages

Japanese brand Yamaha on hearing everyone who is at least once interested in high-quality musical equipment. Yamaha is known for its impeccable quality and long term of technical products.

  • Japanese brand suggests wide range of Professional Music Technology, including high-quality amplifiers of different power. All models can be considered unique, as they use special technologies and skill of specialists accumulated by years.
  • All brand products are Certified, It complies with international quality standards.
  • In the assortment of the brand you can pick up It is the musical amplifier that will satisfy all the requirements and a wide variety of customer requests.

Of the shortcomings, of course, it should be said about a fairly high price tag for amplifiers and related products from the brand. So, integrated amplifiers can cost up to 250 thousand rubles and even higher.

The lineup

We give a small rating overview of amplifiers from the advanced Hi-Fi manufacturer Yamaha, and also get acquainted with the characteristics of the most popular models.

Yamaha A-S2100

This model is Integral amplifier stereput 160 W per canal. The harmonic coefficient is 0.025%. There is a mm mm, ms. Weigh this model about 23.5 kg. This amplifier is a high-quality volume control that sets an acceptable signal level at the output.

Also, the model is equipped with a powerful power supply unit, providing an energetic and dynamic sound with fast response. The cost is about 240 thousand rubles.

Yamaha A-S201

This model of the integral amplifier in black with the original design and built-in phonocorrector is made in standard format. With it, you can provide a detailed and powerful sound. The output power is 2×100 W, suitable for use with many modern speaker systems. Amplification channels – two, the built-in USB player is not. Weight about 7 kg, the average price is 15 thousand rubles.

Yamaha A-S301

This model is designed in accordance with the brand’s brand concept. Represents Integral amplifier in black with concise housing. This amplifier is assembled on the basis of special components, as well as equipped with a very powerful power supply for maximum output power in 95 W per canal and surround sound. The amplifier has traditional analog and modern digital inputs that allow you to connect the amplifier to TVs or Blu-Ray players.

Yamaha A-670

Compact model A-670 in BLACK color is an integral stereoxylter, reproducing sound in a wide range from 10 to 40,000 Hz with the most minimal distortions. Cost of about 21 thousand rubles.

Yamaha A-S1100

One of the most advanced models from a Japanese brand with a dynamic sound. Produced in black and brown colors. The model has an elegant design with natural wood panels. Is an integral single-contact amplifier with a special design. StereoSiller is able fully reveal all the sound capabilities of the favorite player. Suitable for all types of audio sources.

Yamaha A-S3000

It is believed that the model with the most durable design A-S3000 – This is the best that you can offer a Japanese brand today. This stereoxylider has the full transmission of all the expressiveness of music, it can be obtained exclusively a clean sound and symmetrical signal transmission. Model equipped Special transformer for full elimination of losses when transmitting a signal, as well as many other no less interesting features.

Yamaha A-S501

This integral amplifier in Silver color (silver) is a bit Looks like a model Yamaha A-S301 for some external characteristics. The signal of this model can be received from the Blu-ray player, also the amplifier can be connected to the TV due to the presence of an optical entrance. Acoustic terminals of this model are gilded, which indicates the excellent quality of technology and its durability. Output transistors are made by casting, which allows you to get rid of even from the minimum sound distortion. Cost of about 35 thousand rubles.

Yamaha A-S801

This integral amplifier model is excellent for ensuring exceptionally powerful and high-quality sound. StereoSiller Equipped with high-quality components with symmetric design and power transformer in a special version, as well as digital audio inputs for TV and Blu-ray player. Cost more than 60 thousand rubles.

Yamaha A-U670

The integrated amplifier is suitable for reproducing even the smallest musical pattern. Power is up to 70 W per canal, the model is equipped with a low-frequency filter. The built-in digital usb converter allows you to play the sound of high resolution sources in original quality. Nonlinear distortion coefficient is only 0.05%. From the output interfaces there are access to the subwoofer and the connector for headphones. Cost of about 30 thousand rubles.

For maximum comfort, almost every amplifier model is equipped with a convenient remote control. All models Mark gives good warranty period, on average 1 year. Most of the amplifier models have special modes to increase the frequency of sound. When comparing multiple models from the list above, we can conclude that All of them are completely modern, as well as adapted even under the most demanding client.

Each Detail of the Yamaha amplifier is selected individually, and the “filling” is developed using the most recent scientific achievements and modern technologies.

Criterias of choice

To select a high-quality amplifier from the assortment of Yamaha, It is very important to pay attention not only to the basic specifications, but also on some other parameters.

  • The output power of several models can differ significantly, Therefore, the models liked it is desirable to compare in such characteristics.
  • Amplifier operating modes. Depending on the model of the stereoxylter, the power may be indicated at the same channel, and already depending on this channels can be connected in a variety of modes (in stereo, parallel and bridge).
  • Channels and Types of Inputs / Outputs. Most of the 2-channel brand amplifiers, 2 dynamics can be connected to them in several modes, but there are 4 and even 8-channel options for amplifiers. Depending on the model, this question should be specified in the specifications. As for the inputs and outputs, they should also be clarified, each model of the amplifier has their own.
  • Built-in processors. These may include filtering, crossover and compression. Filters are used to prevent damage to the amplifier by a signal of low frequencies. Crossovers divide the output signal to frequency bands to create the required ranges. Compression is necessary to limit the dynamic range of audio. This is done, as a rule, to eliminate distortions.

In addition, when choosing and buying amplifiers, preference is best to give proven sales points, as well as licensed brand stores in which authentic Japanese products are being implemented. It is also important before buying to check how the models liked.

Video review Yamaha A-S1100 integrated amplifier is presented.

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