External TV hard drive: Selection, Connection and Possible Problems

    Modern TVs support the mass of peripheral devices, including removable media (they are: external drives; hard drives; hard drives and so on), designed to save a huge amount of information (text, video, music, animation, photos, pictures and other content ). Here it will be discussed how to connect such a device to the TV receiver, in addition, recommendations will be given in case the television receiver does not see either stopped seeing external carrier.

    What suitable?

    For use in the form of an external storage device, you can use 2 types of hard drives:

    • external;
    • internal.

    External drives are hard drives that are not required for starting and work – Energy in the desired volume is served from the TV book acceptor after connecting. Connects to the TV device. This type of disk via a USB cable, which is usually included in the kit.

    Internal disks are drives, initially intended for a laptop or PC. To connect this device to TV, you will need an adapter with a USB adapter. And for the hard drives with the amount of memory from 2 TB and more will need additional energy. It can be taken from the 2nd USB connector on the TV apparatus (by means of a splitter) or from an electrical outlet (by means of a charger from a mobile phone or other technique).

    How to connect?

    Connect the internal or external railway forwarding to the TV book is possible by the 3rd methods.

    Via usb

    All modern television receivers are equipped with HDMI or USB ports. Therefore, it is much easier to connect to the TV railway via USB cable. The method is suitable exclusively for external hard drives. The sequence of operations is such.

    1. Connect the USB cable to the disk. To do this, use a regular cable supplied with the device.
    2. Connect the railway to the TV book. Usually the USB jack is located at the back either from the side of the TV device.
    3. If he has not one USB port, then take advantage of where HDD In.
    4. Turn on the TV and go to the option to search for a suitable interface. On this subject on the remote, press the Source button or Menu.
    5. In the list of signal sources, specify USB, After that, the window opens with all the files on the device, folders.
    6. Work with catalogs by means of the remote control and turn on the movie or some kind of content.

    Separate brands of television receivers work with files only specific format.

    For this reason, even after connecting the railway to the TV, some musical tracks and movies may not be played.

    Through adapter

    If you wish to connect a storage device with a serial interface to a television, use a special adapter. Then the railway can be connected via USB socket. Features here are.

    1. When the WD connection is supposed to be connected more than 2 TB, It is necessary to apply the adapter with the function of additional feeding (via USB or by means of an individual network cable).
    2. After the drive is mounted in a specialized adapter, It can be connected to the TV book via USB.
    3. If the railway is not recognized, it seems, it must first format.

    The use of an adapter can significantly worsen the signal strength. In addition, it can provoke problems when playing sound.

    In this case, you must additionally connect columns.

    Through another devissa

    If you wish to connect the drive to a rather old TV modification, it is much easier to apply an additional device for this purpose. We describe all possible methods.

    1. When there is no USB-jack on the TV device, then connect the railway Through a HDMI laptop.
    2. Use TV, Smart or Android receiver. This is a specialized device that is connected to the television transfer by AV connector or “Tulips”. Then you can connect a USB flash drive, Winchester or another removable information storage device.

    All external devices are connected via HDMI or by AV-nest. In this regard, the presence of USB-nests on the television receiver is not very necessary. In addition, TV receivers can be used to receive IPTV and CTV.

    Why not sees?

    When the television receiver does not recognize the railway, connected via USB, The reasons for this may be lied in the following:

    • disk not enough power;
    • old software on a TV receiver;
    • TV does not support the carrier file system;
    • There are viruses.

    Remember! It is necessary to be accepted for diagnostics with clarifying the performance of the TV receiver connector to which the external device is connected. To do this, you need to disconnect the railway and insert a flash drive.

    If it is defined by the TV receiver, and the files are read on it, it means that the work nest.

    Insufficient power

    Usually this appears when the railway is not enough energy for the correct work, therefore the TV receiver does not see it. It is typical for old modifications of the TV shows, in which the required voltage required for the disk functioning is not received on the USB connector. Modern drives are divided into 3 classes, everyone needs a different amount of electricity:

    • USB1 – 500 mA, 5 V;
    • USB2 – 500 mA, 5 V;
    • USB3 – 2000 mA (for some information, 900 mA), 5 V.

    Cancel the problem of low-capacity is possible by cord for connecting a drive with a Y-shaped divider. However, this decision is timely when there is more than one USB socket on the TV. Then the disk is connected to 2 USB connectors – power from 2 sockets. Enough for normal operation of the railway.

    Recommendation! When there is only one USB port on the TV panel, the Y-shaped divider connects the first cord to the nest, and the second to the electrical outlet by means of a charger from cellular or other techniques. As a result, food will begin to enter the Winchestera from the mains, and the files will be read from the railway through the USB-jack of the TV.

    Outdated by

    The next known reason, because of which the television receiver does not see a solid carrier – This is an irrelevant version of the firmware of the television. When the user found that the nest is normal and the hard drive is quite power, then it needs to install the newest version of software for his television. To perform this, you should go to the official website of the manufacturer of the technique and download the latest version of the firmware for your model of the TV book. Update software from flash drive.

    Another way to update the firmware is to execute it using the menu. At various manufacturers, this feature contains different ways. So, for television equipment Samsung, you must open the menu, go to the “Support” section and select “Update By”. Similarly, the update option and in the LG apparatus.

    If the firmware did not give results, and the TV, as before, does not recognize the railway, The reason is possible in the size of the memory of a solid carrier, which determines the receiver to the maximum. For example, a TV supporting carriers with a capacity of up to 500 MB does not see the carrier WD 1 TB due to exceeding acceptable capacity. To accurately find out if it is incredible, you need to use instructions for use.

    There in all details described, Winchesters of which volume can recognize this brand of the TV.

    Incompatibility of file system formats

    Another point to which attention should be paid is a way to organize disk files. Even in our time, many high-tech television receivers do not define solid carriers if they are not formatted in FAT32, but NTFS. Such a current situation is explained by the fact that from the very beginning the television books were provided for work with flash drives, the capacity of which was not more than 64-GB.

    And since the amount of memory is small, the FAT32 system is practiced for such USB devices, since it has a small cluster size and allows you to rationally exploit the available space. Today, when purchasing a TV receiver, you need to make your choice in favor of a device recognizing the hard drives with any file system. SAMSUNG, SONY and LG television equipment series have this option. You can find this information in the instructions of the consumer.

    The advantage of the method of organizing NTFS files is substantiated by such properties as high read speed, as well as advanced security measures when transferring data to PCs or other techniques. If you need to copy the large-sized files to the media, then you must necessarily need a hard disk with the NTFS system, since FAT32 functions with a volume of not more than 4 GB. Thus, to settle the issue of disproduction of formats, you need to change the file system on the carrier.

    Attention! If the pro-Blomb reformatting did not disappear, then you will have to diagnose the media and copied files to viruses that are able to harm not only data on the disk, but also the file system.

    About how to choose an external USB hard drive 3.0 In 2019, you can find out below.

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