ELECTROLUX Split Systems: Characteristics, Models and Operation

Many people in the summer season install equipment for air conditioning in their dwellings. Currently, there are a huge number of options, as you can organize such a system in your home or apartment. Today we will talk about Split systems of the manufacturer Electrolux.

Information about brand

Swedish company Electrolux produces a large number of different air conditioning systems that have a high level of quality and reliability. Currently, most of the enterprises of this company are located in China. In the range of products of this brand, the designs are leading designs intended for household air conditioning: split-systems and monoblocks. Devices of this company meet all European quality standards.

Features of split systems

Split systems are designed to maintain the set temperature in the apartment or in the house for a long time. And monitoring the temperature not only in the summer season, but in the winter period. ELECTROLUX split systems are distinguished by a high level of energy saving, durability of work, excellent quality. In addition, such air conditioners are made in modern designer execution, so they will be able to fit perfectly in almost any interior of the room.

Cases of internal panels of such structures are covered with special application, which can protect them from scratching and other damage. Also such material allows the product to save your color. External panels are coated with anti-corrosion. It allows you to extend the service life for several years. Also, such a coating can improve the process of heat exchange in the room. Similar equipment necessarily protects against sudden voltage drops. It is also equipped with special aerodynamics, which makes it possible to evenly distribute air flow throughout the area of ​​the room.

ELECTROLUX products have a special built-in filtering system. The filter of each design consists of 6 separate items: “anticlece” device and several cleansing devices that allow you to saturate the flows by ions and delivering them from malicious bacteria. In the split systems of this brand there is also a cold plasma generator.

Such an adaptation allows you to saturate the air with an additional number of ions, without spending electricity.

The lineup

Today is the Swedish brand electrolux produces a variety of split systems:

  • Electrolux EACS-09HAR / N3;
  • Electrolux EACS-09HAT / N3 19Y;
  • Electrolux EACS-07HAR / N3;
  • Electrolux EACS-12HAT / N3;
  • Monaco Super DC Inverter.
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Electrolux EACS-09HAR / N3

This wall split system is designed for cooling and heating the room. It is equipped with several modes: night, ventilation mode, temperature maintenance, air drainage. This model is produced with a deodorizing filter. The device is controlled by remote control. Energy efficiency A class. Also, the sample is released along with the on and off timer. It has a system against ice formation during operation, the memory of the settings. The weight of the whole design reaches 30 kilograms.

Electrolux EACS-09HAT / N3 19Y

Such a split system is designed for heating and cooling rooms with an area of ​​no more than 25 square meters. It has ventilation mode, air drying, temperature maintenance, night mode. The instrument is controlled by remote control. Its energy efficiency refers to class A. The device provides a fan rotation speed adjustment. Mass of equipment is about 33 kilograms.

Electrolux EACS-07har / N3

This air conditioner is designed for premises with an area of ​​no more than 20 square meters. The optimal temperature regime in the room is achieved at the expense of a uniform supply of cold or warm air flow. The selected temperature notation is displayed on the device display. Filters in the device will purify air flows and prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors indoors. This split system is equipped with the possibility of preventing ice formation in the device and the system to protect the instrument from sharp voltage jumps. This model can quickly inform about breakdowns, as it holds regular self-diagnosis.


This air conditioner model can serve the room with an area of ​​no more than 35 square meters. It is equipped with ventilation mode, drainage, automatic maintenance of temperature regime, self-diagnosis. Such a device has a deodorizing filter, a special adjustment of air flow, which allows them to determine their directions. Also, this model is produced along with the system that prevents ice formation, the message to remember the settings. The mass of such equipment reaches almost 40 kilograms. It has a shutdown and off timer, a technique is controlled using a remote control.


This split system is designed for heating and cooling rooms with an area of ​​no more than 20 square meters. Power consumption refers to class A. This model is equipped with a system for self-diagnosis. ELECTROLUX EACS-07HAT / N3 is equipped with a deodorizing filter, a function for adjusting the directions of air flow. The total mass of the device reaches almost 30 kilograms.

Monaco Super DC Inverter

This separate collection of emptrolux multi-precreatitioners. It includes various inverter systems systems. They have the highest level of efficiency, which allows for a long period to maintain an optimal microclimate indoor. Models from this line have a special seasonal class of class A Energy Efficiency. This allows the unit to produce 6 times more cold airflows than to consume electricity during operation.

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Inverter air conditioners from this collection are distinguished by almost silent operation. They are capable not only to maintain the selected temperature regime in the room, but also carry out thorough air purification. Built-in filters are able to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors, protect the space from a large amount of dust, viruses and bacteria.

Terms of Use

In order for the split system to be able to serve for a long time, some basic rules for its use should be remembered. Otherwise, the equipment will be able to quickly fail and break. Remember that when the air conditioner is turned on, then all the windows should already be closed in advance. If the room will simultaneously work such a device and there will be street air, the compressor will not be able to work for a long time and breaks.

Also remember that If the air conditioner power is not designed to heat or cool the adjacent rooms, then the door to the room is recommended to close. Do not forget that for the required adjustment of the temperature mode, the device should not constantly turn it on and off. It will be enough to set up all the necessary values ​​1 time, the memory storage system will automatically turn on the selected mode.

Be sure to make sure that the surface of the internal panels is always clean. If they are constantly polluted, cooling will not be able to be full. Also because of this can dramatically increase the load on the compressor. Cleaning is recommended at least 2 times a month if the device is actively operated.

Any model of air conditioner needs service. To do this, it is better to immediately contact the specialists. Recommended 1 time per year Invite the wizards for inspection and checking the device. Regularly check the operation and remote control, its purpose is to control the air conditioner.

Remember that the air conditioner cannot be included if there is a minus temperature on the street. After all, at low temperature indicators, the oil in the design compressor can become too thick and lose all its properties. The engine because of this will work much harder and will just break.

How to choose?

Before buying a suitable Split system, the electrolux brand should pay attention to some nuances. So, consider the size of the room that will need to heat or cool. After all Each model of air conditioner is designed only for a specific area of ​​the room.

Be sure to look at the noise level of the device during operation. It is better to give preference to models with a minimum sound level. It is necessary to carefully approach the selection of type of construction. It can be standard wall. In this case, the device is installed on the wall and serves to purify and ionization of air flows in the room.

A more advanced and modern option will be multi-split. Such a system, as in the previous embodiment, is installed on wall coating. Most often, such a device is mounted in the case when you should drop or cool several rooms at once in the same room, but there must be some overall external block. This technique refers to high price category products.

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The level of functionality also plays an important role when choosing a suitable split system model. Today there are devices intended only for cooling the room, the heating mode can be too weak. Only premium class samples can sufficiently drop the rooms. Also, some air conditioners are equipped with special drainage modes, ionization and moisturizing. If you do not need such functions, then it is better to choose the equipment without them, such options will be able to do with consumers much cheaper.

When choosing, pay attention to the level of air flow filtration. For people suffering from allergies or frequent diseases, the best option will be models of air conditioners with a multi-level air purification system. Consider the warranty. On some models, it can reach several years.

Review reviews

Most buyers noted that Electrolux air conditioners are distinguished by a high level of quality and reliability. They can regularly work for a long time. Also, many have said that the devices of this brand work almost silently.

Some buyers have noticed a slight technology for installing these aggregates. Positive feedback deserved the appearance of these designs. According to consumers, the equipment is distinguished by modern and beautiful design, it will be able to fit perfectly for almost any interior of the room.

Some people spoke out about the economy of such products. Indeed, during operation, they consume the minimum amount of electricity. According to buyers, such devices are able to quickly cool or heat the room, so we use it – one pleasure.

Electrolux EACS HG / N3 Split System Overview in the next video.

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