DVD players with screen: what it is and how to choose?

Familiar to each DVD player – A simple and convenient device for movies at home, but it is extremely difficult to take it with it. Developers solved this problem with the creation of portable DVD players with a screen. Such a device combines a TV, and a player. It can work autonomously and does not require complex connections. Compact DVD players – Excellent alternative to laptop. In addition, with the right choice of the model of the player, it can become an equal replacement and laptop, not counting the Internet access.


However, this device has its own features of the work. The main feature of such a player – the availability of the screen. The device reminds the form of a laptop, only instead of the keys – drive. The convenient location of the screen and the drive allows you to fold the player, as a result of which it becomes quite compact item.

The next difference from the ordinary player is the ability to battery from battery. The charged device allows you to watch movies without a direct power source, for example, in a long road or during the rest in nature.

A small conditioner includes a wide functionality, the set of which depends on the model. Additionally, the DVD player may have a TV tuner, which will allow not only to watch movies and TV shows from disks, but also viewed television channels from anywhere. And these devices are equipped with memory card connections, which relieves the process of movies of movies from the need for disks: you can play video from different carriers.

Portable DVD player with a screen – an ideal solution for lovers to travel, rest in nature, spend time with friends in the country. Its advantages only confirm this.

Rating models

Review of models that includes the most popular, will help determine the choice of device.

  • EPLUTUS EP-1516T. The model is presented in an average price segment: the cost will be about 7 thousand. rubles. The laconic design of the device is designed not to distract the attention of the viewer from the screen, which is the main advantage of the model. 16 inches diagonal, bright clear image – and all this in a portable portable format. As well as advantage – high-quality sound and the ability to control from the console.

  • Portable DVD LS-130T. The cost of this model does not exceed 6 thousand. rubles, but it is not inferior in the quality of the preceding. A simple ergonomic apparatus has high characteristics: a modern audio system and high-resolution screen. The model is especially relevant for those who did not plan to watch movies through headphones. In addition, it is impossible not to note the possibility of rotation of the screen 180 degrees. In short, the LS-130T is the perfect device with the best price and quality ratio.

  • DVB-T2 16 »LS-150T. Honorable third place on right occupies model DVB-T2 16 »LS-150T. This player has only one difference from the previous ones – the model is charging from the car cigarette lighter with a capacity of 12 V. The disadvantage of users mark a high level of heating during long-term viewing, but in general the model is flawless. The main positive characteristics can be considered high-quality sound, beautiful image, pleasant design.

  • Special place in the rating assigned models EPLUTUS LS-780T, The most fiscal option, but with excellent characteristics. For a small cost – about 4 thousand. rubles – you can get a player with good quality pictures. Also, the model allows you to play movies from the USB carrier and is equipped with a TV tuner.

Selection criteria

To select the optimal device model, it is worth paying attention to a number of criteria. After analyzing them, make the choice will not work.

  • Screen diagonal and its permission. The most important in compact disc players is its screen. Diagonal should be as wide as possible, and the quality of the resolution is higher. Minimum acceptable screen resolution 480 to 234 pixels. Under such conditions, moving films will be the most enjoyable.

  • Supported playback formats. A player capable of playing exclusively one or two video formats cannot be the most successful purchase. The portable player is capable of recognizing the following formats: DVD, CD, DIVX, XVID, as well as audio (MP3 and other) and graphic. Such a set of formats will make the player as universal as possible.

  • Availability of TV- and FM tuner. The criterion for the presence of data of tuners can be attributed to optional. The need for them is extremely individual: the buyer only needs to decide on the purchase, whether it needs one or another function. Of course, its presence will not be superfluous, because the stock of films and TV shows can end in any moment, and television and air radio – no.

  • Ability to connect to external devices. Compact play easily can become stationary if you connect it to the TV and speakers. This feature is present only in the presence of the required cable connections. Multifunctional player with the ability to listen to music can have an AUX input, which will allow you to play music even with a smartphone.

  • Supply system. There are 3 main variants of the player: from the battery, from the stationary source of electricity and from the car cigarette lighter. Will need to choose the appropriate. Universal models will be considered, those that combine nutrition opportunities autonomously from the battery and from one of the remaining two power sources. When you choose nutrition from the battery, pay attention to its capacity: what it is more, the longer the player will be able to work without recharging.

  • Additional functions. Manufacturers offer various functions. Built-in memory, connection to Wi-Fi – all this will only make the device even more functional. For example, an anti-reflective coating screen and a rotating monitor will allow you to watch movies from different angles, which will make a view in a large company as comfortable as possible.

The unconditional plus to the selected model will be its small cost. However, it is worth choosing modeling from proven manufacturers with good reputation.

Fake fakes of famous brands of technology. Whatever the choice, the main thing is that the purchase fully satisfy the needs of the buyer.

About how to choose a DVD player with a screen, see the following video.

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