Design of one-room apartment with an area of โ€‹โ€‹38 kV. M

Many people believe that in relatively cramped conditions of small 1-room apartments. It is impossible to realize interesting designer ideas. In fact, it is not. Even very small dwellings can be made beautiful, cozy and stylish. In this article we learn how you can do this on example 1-room apartment with an area of โ€‹โ€‹38 kV. M.


Despite the limited and humble space, it can be distinguished in different ways. If the apartment has a free layout, its arrangement limits only the fantasy of the owners. If the appointment of specific premises already has a place, then you will have to act as another plan.

Usually in the dwellings of such a device residential space more spacious than the kitchen. If you change the purpose of the room in such an odd, then you can equip a small but cozy bedroom.

In this case, the spacious will be a dining room or a living room. The dwelling will resemble the studio, however, in such conditions, a family, which has more than 2 people, will not be very convenient.

To avoid the presence of a balcony or loggia. Very often, this space is combined with a kitchen to get a large area. Then household equipment and work surfaces should be fixed on the balcony, and the living room dinner and zone is divided using a bar counter.

How to divide into two zones?

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to separate a small living space for separate functional areas. Usually in one-room apartments “Main roles” belong to the living room and bedroom. They are required to properly divide into two zones. This can be done in the following ways.

  • Podium. One of the zones can be made a little higher, erecting it on the podium. Thus, the working or kitchen space is often dressed.
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  • Partitions. The most popular and widespread way to divide odnushku 38 kV. M. on 2 main zones. Such a “separator” can be made of glass, plastic, drywall. Compact partitions are often equipped with additional shelves, sections, niches and compartments, in which not only useful items can be placed, but also different scenery adorning interior design.

  • Shirm. Often, shirms use to divide the space of a small apartment. This is a budget method of zoning. The curtain can be different – it concerns its colors, and textures.

Often, residential areas are divided Two separate and functional zones with furniture designs. For this suitable corner or straight sofas, tables, islands, racks or cabinets. You can also divide the room for 2 zones: adult and children’s. To do this, the table-cabinet specified above the podium.

Style solutions

Little area of โ€‹โ€‹one-bedroom apartment 38 kV. M. Is not an obstacle to the creation of a harmonious and stylish interior ensemble. The situation can be performed in different styles.

  • Minimalism. Best choice for a small one-room apartment. The interiors in such a modern style are always filled only with all the most necessary. Unnecessary scenery, decorations and prints in such ensembles should not be. Minimalism is more often present. Single gray, white, beige, black surfaces.

Colorful details may be present, for example, red, but in limited quantities.

  • High tech. Another modern direction. High-Tech Style One-Room Apartment must be forced furniture and other details with the predominance of materials such as glass, metal, plastic. Glossy surfaces are welcome. It is advisable to fill the interior with contemporary gadgets and technical devices.

  • Classic. This style looks better in spacious rooms. If the choice fell on it, it is necessary to give preference to light tones in decoration and furniture. It is better to choose products from natural, noble materials. Perfect Choice for Classics – Natural Tree. Wooden furniture can be decorated with carvings, but in moderate quantities. Clear, even lines are welcome.
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  • Loft. Rough, attic style. Suitable for a small one-room apartment, even if its layout is a loft without partitions. In such interiors, brutal items of dark shades are usually present. The brick or stone imitation is suitable as a finish, “naked” concrete walls and wooden floors.

Mostly in the style of Loft, there are details of a rough treated tree and metal.


Making repairs in an apartment of 38 square meters. M., It is recommended to give preference to quality materials, Weathered in bright colors. Thanks to such coatings, the situation will seem spacious and air. Using different finishing materials, it will be possible to visually divide the space. You should be careful with dense, textured and dark finishing materials, especially if we are talking about the design of the walls. Such decisions can visually reduce and steam space. Dark paints may be present, but in limited quantities.

Different materials are suitable for different areas specified in the project. So, For the living room and bedrooms you can use wallpaper, paint, and on the floor is allowed to lay a laminate, parquet, carpet. Popular cork coatings today.

The ceilings look gorgeous if they are separated by tensioning designs of suitable color. Ceiling base can be simply painted with light paint.


Counting one-room apartment with an area of โ€‹โ€‹38 kV. M., You can resort to such solutions.

  • Furniture designs must be compact. Overload the space too large and bulky structures should not.

  • Ideal solution – Transformable furniture items. In the folded state, they will occupy little space, and in the unfolded will be more functional.

  • Territories with a dedicated bedroom turn out to be more comfortable if they are extinguished by a screen or rack. Suitable beds with built-in boxes – storage systems.

  • The bedroom in one-room apartment will be more attractive and convenient if separating it with the help of the Baldakhina. This item will not only be practical, but also give the interior special charm.
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  • Sleeping place for a child You can organize by purchasing a multifunctional bed-cabinet-table or pick up a devil bed.

  • To the apartment does not look crammed and overloaded, You can use embedded household appliances and furniture, saving space. Little space can occupy an angular sofa or corner kitchen set. Such structures are installed in the free corners of the room, leaving the central part of the housing free.

Beautiful examples in the interior

    1 bedroom apartment with an area of โ€‹โ€‹38 kV. M. Maybe it looks very interesting, attractive and harmonious, if you pay enough attention to its design design. In such conditions, it is possible to realize the mass of interesting ideas that transform such dwellings. Consider some successful options.

    • One-room apartment may look attractive even with dark wall decoration. The accent wall in front of the purple sofa is better to form a brickwork imitation, and on the floor to lay a laminate of a gray brown shade. On the attached area of โ€‹โ€‹the balcony, you can place the office or recreation area.

    • In the room with white walls and floor, trimmed with brown wood, you can put a white sofa and a chair with a glass coffee table. Separate this zone from the bedroom with a double bed, located, placing between these components of a high-drawn or wood cabinets with a base on which a suspension TV is installed.

    • Interior of 1-room apartment in the new building will be attractive and welcoming if light tones will prevail in it, Prints of natural wood (gray and brown), soft tissue of pastel shades, as well as bright scenery, for example, purple pillows, floor carpets. On this background there will be harmoniously, a multi-level snow-white ceiling with diode illumination and dotted built-in lamps will look.

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