Design of a two-bedroom apartment with an area of โ€‹โ€‹44 kV. M: Ideas for creating comfort

Everyone wants to have comfort and harmony to reign in his apartment so that it was nice to come back there after work, take guests there. But for this you need to work hard – think over the ideas of creating comfort and embody them. Design of two-bedroom apartment 44 kV. m may look stylish and attractive.

Features of planning and zoning

Standard 2-bedroom apartment in a panel house with an area of โ€‹โ€‹44 kV. m usually has two separate rooms, a small kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet. The corridor can also be called big. In another case, the room can be adjacent, they are almost the same length, only slightly differ in width. Most often it is brick houses of the old building. The kitchen in such apartments is very small, the bathroom is separate.

Repair in both cases is performed by the usual scheme. For each room and other rooms choose style, buy appropriate materials and furniture. The walls are most often in such apartments. And if there is such an idea, it is necessary to consult with experts and get a special permission not to redevelop, since the wall may be carrier.

And the third option, when 44 squares represent the well-known “Khrushchev”. Many prefer a design of a two-bedroom apartment in Khrushchevka design, combining the kitchen with the hall, Making zoning with arches, partition or bar rack. And then it turns out a spacious kitchen-living room. In the second room make a bedroom or children depending on the needs. Resolution on redevelopment is also necessary.

Style solutions

In principle, you can realize any style, it would be desire. But many choose the most relevant and more simple options.

  • Modern. One of the most common and used many. The main features are concise finish using black, white, gray, beige colors. Accents better do with furniture. Here you can use saturated colors or calm, but for several tones darker or brighter of the main finish. Lighting should be thought out, interesting lamps are welcomed, multi-level ceilings, but only in the presence of sufficient height in the room.

Decor is appropriate, but quite in small quantities.

  • Minimalism. Echoes modern style. But here the main thing is a large amount of free space. Everything should be sustained in strict tones. White walls and minimum of black furniture – here is the perfect option, an interesting chandelier form without a hint of personnel. You can, of course, choose another combination, for example, gray with white.

  • High tech. Perfect style for modern people. A lot of techniques are welcome, a transforming furniture, which advanced, rolling down – in one word appearing from the most unexpected places. Glass and metal surfaces will complement the interior.

  • Nautical. Summer positive style, allowing you to feel very comfortable. The color palette includes white, beige, blue, blue, turquoise. Marine themes may be present in the paintings, photos, decor elements.

  • Provence. Cute gentle and calm rustic decor will always create a feeling of peace and harmony. Tender shades, simple wooden furniture, lightweight designs, textiles with floral prints, live bouquets – all this will help in recreating style.


Before repaid for repair, you need to think about the design and materials that will participate in the design. It is necessary to immediately decide on the apartment with a small kitchen, How to better organize space – whether two rooms are combined into one or create a dining area in the hall.

Choosing a style for decoring an apartment, it is advisable to stick it in all rooms. In any case, not to use diametrically opposite directions, in no way intersecting with each other.


The room is drawn up in accordance with the selected style. The ceilings are most often done by tension, if the Loft type style or chalet is not selected, when the beams are required in one case, the wooden surface is required. The shades of the walls are chosen so that they echoed with the overall setting or, on the contrary, were contrasting. It can be wallpaper – monophonic or unobtrusive prints, decorative plaster, cork panels (again, if appropriate style is selected), painting. On the floor in the hall it is better to put a laminate or parquet, if there are no wooden coatings with the effects effect, for example, as for Shebbi-Chic style.


Rest room should not overload the abundance of colors. It is better to choose a calm tone of wallpaper: cream, beige, gray, blue, green, lavender, pale turquoise. Bright accents can be created with the help of beds and decorative pillows, as well as curtains.


In such apartments, the kitchen often does not happen big. Therefore, experimenting with not too moisture-resistant materials should not. The tile is most suitable – both on the floor, and on the walls. You only need to find the desired tones, you can combine them with each other, choose an interesting drawing or mosaic.


Usually in the hallway stick wallpaper or paint walls. But you can put a beautiful tile, create a brick imitation, stone, wood. It all depends on the owners preferences. Since the corridor is the place where the dirt accumulates quickly, the tile on the floor will be the most successful option.


The bathroom and toilet are traditionally laid out with a tiled, selected for the planned style and interior. In rooms with high humidity, this is the most optimal option. Decor elements can serve a curtain, textiles, shelves, interesting lighting.

Choice of furniture

Furniture in rooms are chosen given what functions of these rooms will perform, and focusing on their own needs. If the hall is only a recreation area, then there will be enough to put a large comfortable sofa, coffee table with armchairs, place a TV. If in the family love to read, the rack with books will have to be.

The bedroom usually takes a central place, in addition to it, bedside tables can go. In the presence of free space in the bedroom you can place a wardrobe and chest.

In the bathroom it’s usually shelves, lockers. In the hallway – shelf for shoes and hanger. If space allows you to accommodate and a wardrobe.

In the children’s room, first of all, there should be a comfortable bed, playing area, table for classes, clothing storage systems. In the presence of free space, a sports corner will be relevant.

Beautiful examples

Search for ideas – lesson not from the lungs. This will help you already prepare.

  • In this elongated room, the walls, gender, ceiling are very organic. The room is divided conditionally on the zones. There is a place to relax and work. Elements of decor – photos, pictures, photos – successfully complement the room.

  • Such a living room. A small room looks pretty spacious due to light furniture.

  • And again the option when you can relax with comfort, and fully work. Calm tones of decoration, the presence of the most necessary furniture contribute to this. Live flowers, statuettes, photos.

  • Wonderful bedroom in the spirit of Provence. Everything has to harmony and rest. “Old” bed and the same bedside tables, simple wallpapers, bouquets, decorative pillows and blankets – everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

  • The bedroom in gentle pastel colors will always look advantageously and give a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Finishing, furniture, decor – everything is perfectly combined with each other.

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