Design kitchen-studios area of ​​15-17 kV. M.

    One of the most significant premises in an apartment or house is, of course, a kitchen. In some apartments, its square is very small and many would like to expand her. Following current trends, most people make a decision to combine the kitchen room with a configuration, converting, so the usual kitchen in the kitchen-studio.




    Concept – Studio is not new. In a broad sense, this is a spacious room without impressive partitions with a special organization of space. The idea of ​​uniting the kitchen with the dining room and the living room in order to optimize the space, came to us from Europe and America. To date, such a layout is becoming increasingly popular.

    In such a room, more light and space, thanks to the absence of walls and doors. The room in a single style is divided into separate zones, due to the specific design. In each delimited space, there are attributes inherent in the kitchen, dining room and living room.

    Multifunctional interior kitchen-studios is used simultaneously as a place for cooking and reception of guests.

    We put furniture

    The competent placement of furniture in each area of ​​the kitchen-studio will allow you to save space to maximize, make the room functional and comfortable for all households.

    Design must start with a zone designed for cooking. Having defined a place for washing, plates, refrigerators and a working area We turn to the planning of the kitchen-dining area.

    With a linear arrangement of the kitchen headset located on one wall. As a rule, this layout is combined with island or peninsular.

    Excellent option for any kitchen Placing furniture in the form of the letter G. Such a placement of furniture releases enough space for the dining area.

    Planning, in which the furniture is placed along both walls, is relevant for the room having a narrow rectangular shape with one window. Part of the items is on one side, and the second one – to another. The passage between the placed objects should be from 120 cm to 150 cm.

    P-shaped – most convenient planning in all respects. With such an arrangement, it is possible to use the area by the window, where the work area will be covered due to the penetration of daylight. The distance between parallel to the furniture objects should be at least one meter, and better than 1.2 m.

    At the peninsular layout, one of the modules of kitchen furniture is installed by the end to the wall, being a continuation of the headset. This allows you to clearly zonate space in the kitchen-studio.

    Island layout involves the location of the main elements of the kitchen wardrobe in the form of the letter P or r, and one element is installed mansion. It can be used as a dining table or in the role of a working surface with built-in kitchen devices.

    Setting the furniture, it is necessary to observe the distance between the sink, stove and refrigerator – it should not exceed one meter.

    The dining area is usually used daily and should be placed as close to the kitchen area. The dining area is always equipped with a table and chairs. If it allows the area, then the table is better to install big, but if the room is not very large, you can install a folding table.

    Examples design projects

    From the form of a room intended for multifunctional use, one or another layout will depend on the number and location of door and window outlook. In oblong narrow spaces, furniture is located in parallel to the windows. In the premises, the shape that is striving for a square, place furniture for three zones can be perpendicular to the windows.

    Separate uniform lighting is set to distinguish each zone in the studio. Fixtures of aimed action are installed in the kitchen area. In the dining area are placed above the table. To illuminate the entire room, a chandelier is used or several point ceiling lights.

    15 kV. M

    In order to achieve comfort and comfort in such a small room, it is necessary to maximize each centimeter of this area. Clearly distinguish such a minor area will not work, but the smooth transition is quite possible. It is better to divide the space in cross section. Kitchen zone with M-shaped or P-shaped layout Place in the far corner, the central part to give the dining area, and the recreation area is closer to the window.

    In a small room for visual expansion of space, the kitchen set is selected either in the color of the walls if you want to hide the kitchen or a close shade.

    Furniture for saving space is better to select transforming. Folding table and chairs in the dining area will be a very successful solution in this small space. The kitchen area must be equipped with the necessary built-in equipment: a small oven, a narrow dishwasher, a compact cooking panel and necessarily a good extract. Instead of the table and chairs, you can use a bar rack folding design and high stools.

    16 kV. M

    For kitchen in 16 kV. M Mr. More planning solutions and technical equipment of such an area will be more diverse compared to 15 square meters. M.

    Kitchen zone arrangement can be supplemented with bar counter, buffet installation or small storage area. The placement of furniture under this area is available in any way and depends on the form of the room and the methods of cross section of space.

    Longitudinal division of the room involves the placement of the kitchen headset along the wall M-shaped or linear. Sofa and coffee table are located on the opposite side. The dining area is located in the center. The TV in this case is hanging on the wall above the workplace, part of the upper boxes in this case is missing. Instead of a stationary dining table with a g-shaped layout, you can use a bar rack.

    With the transverse division of the room on the zone, the best option for 16 meters-studios will be accommodating the kitchen in the corner. Set the kitchen headset in this case can be a pencent or island method.

    17 kV. M

    Premises such an area can accommodate a larger number of kitchen elements compared with 16 meter space. For the kitchen area you need: Large fridge, washing machine, full cooking panel and buffet.

    Kitchen set can be placed by island or peninsular. A large oval or round table and six chairs are installed in the dining area. The living area is equipped with a spacious corner sofa, coffee table and TV.

    Kitchen-dining area can be zoned using arches or a small partition, and you can lift onto the podium.

    The second tier as a way to increase the area

    The task of each designer consists in creating a well-thought-out interior of a small studio that allows you to maximize the use of data square meters as efficiently. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to invent, and then implement interesting, and sometimes very bold projects. Thanks to them, it is possible not only to competently use the area provided, but also to increase it, by high ceilings.

    You can implement this idea using the construction of a second tier, thus adding several additional meters to Square. The second tier can be used as a sleeping place. And on the first tier there is a kitchen, living room and dining room.

    Color solutions in the interior

    In the interior of the kitchen-studio color is of great importance. When the studio room is cleaned, it is better not to use a bright color gamut. As a rule, designers are limited to one maximum two main shades, adding 2-3 additional. Design of a kitchen-studio having an area of ​​more than 30 kV. m, possibly in any colors. In such a spacious room will be relevant and light and dark shades. Interior design in fully dark paints is permissible only if there are large windows.

    In a small kitchen-studio, it is better limited to the bright and monophonic wall decoration. As a bright or dark accent, it is better to choose individual decor elements. It can be curtains, plaffones of lamps, upholstery of upholstered furniture in the living room and other elements.

    For visual expansion of the space of the facade of the kitchen headset, it is better to choose bright shades (white, dairy, light beige) with a glossy surface.

    Interior ideas

    Studio with M-shaped kitchen headset with a large dining table and six chairs.

    Island Kitchen Headset Location. Island, on the one hand, performs the function of the bar counter and separates the kitchen from the living room, and on the other – is used as a kitchen utensil storage box.

    The peninsular location of the kitchen headset with a minimum number of upper boxes and with folding bar counter.

    Branch of the kitchen-dining area using the arch.

    Zoning the kitchen area using the podium.

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