Design Apartment Studio 40 KV. M.

Studio apartment design should be beautiful, functional and modern. About how to do this we will talk in this article.


Studio apartment is an room in which the walls are separated only by the bathroom, and everything else is divided into functional zones. The advantage of this layout is the savings of space due to the lack of doors that steal the place for their opening. Corridor as such in such apartments also no. As a rule, it goes along the wall of the bathroom, but it depends on the planning.

If we are talking about modern housing, then developers, mostly, do not put any walls inside the studio apartments. Correction of the bathroom and toilet occurs at the discretion of tenants. It is worth noting that the typical one-room apartment will not be easy to redeem in the studio. First, this process requires the project harmonization in the necessary instances. Secondly, demolition doors and walls will be impossible if a gas stove is installed in the kitchen. Thirdly, the partition to be demolished may be carrier.

Such redevelopment is not recommended if the kitchen is over 8 kV. m and in the apartment lives 2 or more people.

Planning options

Square apartment in 40 kV. m sufficient to equip it beautifully, comfortably and spacious. Especially if it is intended for one person. In the competent organization of space, the accommodation of several people will also be quite comfortable.

Planning the room must be started with the determination of the number and size of zones. One of the most important steps is to define the size, location and geometry of the bathroom. As a rule, it is adjacent to the kitchen due to the proximity of the communications. But there are exceptions and risers located in different parts of the apartment.

Another important element in the studio is a wardrobe. Its competent arrangement is simply necessary in the Studio Conditions: everything should be placed in it.

The mutual location of the premises and functional areas is highly dependent on the geometry of the apartment itself, as well as the presence of various niches and structural corners. As a rule, they help to draw zoning of the room without facilities of additional designs. Therefore, they need to consider with general planning.

Planning options are very much, but there are the most common. So, the bathroom, as a rule, is located immediately at the entrance on one side of the door, and the dressing room – on another. If the communication is near, the kitchen comes to the bathroom. It can be angular or linear. The remaining space goes under the living room and the sleeping area. Partitions can be separated in both the kitchen from the residential area and a sleeping place from the guest.

If the space allows, the sleeping place is best placed for the dressing room. When communications are separated by different parts of the apartment, then instead of a sleeping place there can be placed the kitchen.

So the distribution of functional zones will be more natural and reduces zoning due to color and textures. This, in turn, will improve the overall design.


The kitchen-living room can consist of two or more zones. Options are somewhat and depend solely on the needs of tenants. Someone has enough kitchen zones with a bar counter and guest with a folding sofa. And those who love to receive guests and sleep on a double bed in a cozy atmosphere, it will take to arrange four or even five zones.

If we talk about the kitchen, then lovers often take a lot of guests better to organize a dining area with a large table. To visually not clutch the room, you can put a glass table with transparent chairs. This part of the apartment often is distinguished by a multi-level ceiling and floor, finishing of different textures or color. You can also build a partition from drywall, wood, glass, plastic and t. D. Its height can be different and not reach the ceiling.

It is worth noting that the kitchen should not use traditional materials and decor elements. For example, tile on walls or decorative plates, banks, fruit and t. D.



For placement of two or three people will fit the bar. It will also serve as an element of zoning.

Sleeping place most often fencing with sliding septums of wood or plastic. Curtains are also actively used. They create comfort and harmoniously fit into the sleeping topics.

Another way to locate the bedroom is an extra floor over the kitchen or bathroom. This is a great way to save space, as well as spectacular decorative reception.

For the placement of the workplace, various small niches are excellent. A good solution will be a folding table, built into the rack or attached to the wall.

Style and Color Solutions

Limitations of space and multifunctionality impose restrictions on the use of styles in the interior. This is due to the need to avoid unnecessary elements: tissue drapes, stucco, other volumetric and openwork decor. Thus, an ampir or baroque will be difficult to enter into a small studio. However, you can borrow any stylized elements: chandelier, lamp, mirror or bed.

Best of all, modern styles are suitable for the studio as minimalism, Loft, High Tech. Very popular discreet Scandinavian style. In short, the design should be based on a spectacular combination of finishing materials, color solutions and a minimum of small decor.

As for the color, the area of ​​40 square meters. m well allows the use of a rather dark color gamut right up to black. You can also apply various contrasting combinations. But most often used light colors and shades.

If it is decided to use saturated or dark colors, you need to competently distribute them between the walls, the ceiling, floor and furniture. Especially carefully choose the color of the walls, so as not to reduce the visual perception of the apartment.

Place the furniture

In the kitchen-living room

In the apartment-studio furniture can serve as an element of zoning. So, the shelves with open shelves are actively used as partitions. Visually distinguish between space will help and sofa. It can be put back to the dining table or bar counter. Thus, the TV will be visible to everyone, including those who sit at the table. In addition, you can exhaust both sleeping space if you join the sofa close to bed.

Note that for small-sized apartments is quite a lot of folding furniture:

  • Beds, folded from the wall;
  • Coffee tables transforming into dining;
  • Puffy, disassembled by stools and others.

There are even whole complexes combining several items, such as a dressing room, bed and workplace.

As we have already spoken a full-fledged sleeping area can be organized on the supplemental floor above the bathroom or kitchen. You can also build a bed above the sofa in the room.

To organize an additional storage area, as well as to give the design of originality, you can build a podium bed. Such a reception also helps to highlight the bedroom zone.

In the corridor

In the corridors of apartments studios, the wardrobe is most often organized. Area 40 kV. M. It allows you to leave enough space for it. To save money, you can hang the shelves and close their curtain. It will look modern, spectacular and add comfort in the house.

In addition, you can use the maximum space and build the mezzanine under the ceiling. They can be open and closed. Open will become an additional decor element if you put there beautiful boxes.

Design ideas

Let’s start with an apartment that has an interesting design of the walls and a color solution. Creating a horizontal strip on the wall – not only the original idea, but also acceptance by visual increase in space. And the use of the same coating is effectively looking and does not create extra contrasts, thereby facilitating the view of the interior. Black sofa and curtain attracts attention and white sleeping area is completely not striking. The vertical line of the curtain also raises the ceiling.

Note that this technique almost eliminates the use of an additional decor.

The following project is characterized by a pleasant color scheme, a competent distribution of green accents in combination with wood and good zoning. Vertical lines of kitchen headset and wooden slats behind the TV raise the ceiling. Wooden decoration of the kitchen and walls behind the TV create symmetry. In combination with a white bar counter, they very harmoniously share a room into two parts.

Consider another Loft style design. White walls and ceiling make it possible to use dark furniture. Such elements characteristic of loft, like brickwork, lamps on cables and metal rails are the decor, which gives the interior aesthetics, not littering space.

Examples of design projects

The first project is allocated by an example of how you can place a sleeping place on the additional floor above the kitchen and bathroom. Thus, enough space for the living room with a variety of decoration was released.



Consider another project with competent zoning. Wooden partition separates the bedroom from the living room and organizes a good desktop place. Preferential use of white in decoration and furniture allows you to add a lot of bright accents when decorating.

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