Design Apartment-Studio 21-22 kV. M.

Design small apartment studio area 21-22 kV. m – not an easy task. How to equip the necessary zones, arrange furniture and which color gamut to use, we will talk in this article.




The apartment in which the kitchen is combined with the only room is called studio. Only bathroom allocated in a separate room. Can also be a wardrobe. Thus, it turns out that the kitchen-living room will be divided into functional areas: living, for cooking and eating.

The main feature and the advantage of such a layout is the lack of doors, stealing enough space for opening. In addition, it is easier to create an ergonomic design.

The concept of the studio appeared relatively recently and housing with such a layout can be purchased only in the modern house. As a rule, developers are just four walls without separated bathroom. Thus, housing, the location and geometry can be planned, based on their needs and desires.

The positive side of an independent organization of the bathroom is particularly relevant for apartments of 21-22 kV. M. Design development of such an apartment requires a special approach because it is required to save literally every centimeter.

We develop a design project

The design of the project should be started with the definition of the required areas under the bathroom, kitchen and dressing room. Accordingly, it depends solely on individual needs. Note that it also needs to take into account the geometric shape of the room and the presence of structural niches, recesses and angles – they can help more rationally use space. In niche or recess, you can organize a dressing room or workplace.

In such a small place, it will be difficult to organize a full kitchen. In most cases, it is placed along the wall of the bathroom and consists no more than three sections, one of which washing. As a rule, the size of the kitchen is reduced by reducing the working surface. Modern electrical appliances can solve this problem. For example, multicooker, electric power plant or airhogril. They can be removed at the time when they are not used, freeing the place on the desktop.

The issue of storage in such apartments is solved through the use of the entire wall space up to the ceiling. Andresoli becomes also the way out. In modern performance, they become an additional element of the decor and save from lack of space.

Best storage furniture make to order or use modular designs. Thus, you can take all the free space of the wall allotted under the storage area. It should be noted that the designs that occupy the entire floor space to the ceiling look more aesthetic than the closet, and do not create the effect of clutter.

In the residential area can be placed folding sofa or bed. The bedroom can be organized on the supplemental floor above the bathroom and kitchen. The bed can also be located above the sofa in the guest area.

If the apartment with a balcony, then an additional area will appear, which must be included in the design project. If the design of the house and the wall of the balcony can be demolished, a great place for the sofa, a table or bed will appear. If not, the balcony can be insulated and equip the storage area, recreation or workplace.

We put furniture

Square in 21-22 kV. m requires competent arrangement. Furniture is best to choose a simple shape and monophonic. It is worth noting that furniture that transports light makes it easier to perceive space.

You can make a glass bar rack or coffee table. Racking perfectly replace hinged shelves. They are usually hanging above the sofa and TV.

For such small apartments there are quite a lot of practical solutions in the category of transforming furniture:

  • Folding dining tables;
  • folding beds;
  • folding chairs;
  • Racks with built-in desktop and much more.

Color solutions

Small premises are recommended to draw out in bright colors. It concerns furniture. The smaller it will be allocated in general terms, the lines will feel freely. Furniture can be white, beige or light wood.

Walls and ceiling are best made white, and the floor is contrast. Such a floor delineates the boundaries of space. When it merges with the walls, the effect of closets can be created. However, in this case, you can make dark or bright plinths.

Color ceiling visually lowered below and, accordingly, it is extremely recommended. Note that the room is drawing up vertical lines, but in a small amount. Such can be broken colored curtains or painted storage area elements.

You can add colors due to bright accents: pillows, paintings, shelves, curtains, or other decor elements. Note that excessive use of small items, for example, vases, statuettes or pictures, litto the space. Therefore, it should be very gently approaching this process. It also applies to personal belongings as books or boxes. You can recommend placing anything in decorative boxes, and books wrap in the same covers.

Interior ideas

Let’s start with an interesting design in a fairly contrasting gamma. This interior is an excellent example of the competent use of bright accents. Dominant color – white. Light walls, furniture and floor allow you to use not just bright elements of the decor, but even black furniture and abundant painting. And to outline the borders of the space, as we said, black plinths were used.

I also want to note the zoning and placement of furniture. A small partition between the kitchen head and the sofa, together with the bar, unobtrusively separate the zones from each other. The white desktop fits perfectly into the space and how it continues the wardrobe, and in the ensemble with a white chair, it is completely not striking. The combination of the open and closed storage zone is very convenient. Open sections allow you to easily and quickly take daily things used.

In the following example, I want to highlight the use of a bed-attic not only as a bedroom, but also as an additional storage area. Gray carpet highlights whitish floor on the background of light walls. We also note the concentration of small items in one place: on the sofa and on the shelves from above. Books, photos and pillows are collected in one corner, and not dispersed throughout the space. Due to this, they decorate the interior, but do not litter it.

And in conclusion, consider the interior in the style of minimalism. It is characterized by the maximum possible use of various techniques to increase the storage area and the minimum decor elements. In addition to the large cabinet with a rack to the ceiling, additional compartments are in the sofa-podium and under the stairs. Inside the loggia over the sofa also suspended shelves and cabinet. Tables located along the wall can be moved. Thus, in the same position, they fulfill the role of a convenient workplace, and in the other – zones for the location of the guests.

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