Design 3-room apartment area of โ€‹โ€‹60 kV. M

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Design 3-room apartment area of โ€‹โ€‹60 kV. m come up with just and difficult at the same time. Just – because the expanser for the incarnation of fantasy has already been quite a lot, difficult – because there are many non-obvious seems to be subtleties. Taking into account the basic requirements and nuances, you can avoid mass problems and “pitfalls”.


As in any other case, 3-room apartment design 60 kV. m definite without a clear, verified project. And it is built depending on priorities. So, For one person or couple, not planning to start children (or already published from the relevant age), The optimal option will be the transformation of the apartment in the studio. True, make it in the panel house it is difficult.

On the way of such a plan, bearing walls are inevitably becoming the demolition of which is prohibited due to unsuccession.

Family with 1-2 children can do a simple three-bedroom apartment and not make changes to the model layout. In any case, it is necessary to maximize the zone of the upper third of the walls. There are storage systems, including mezzanine to unload space. It is advisable to try the attachment of the loggia or balcony to the residential area. Them, however, will have to glazate and warm, but the result costs such efforts.

In three-bedroom “Brezhnevsky” apartments during repair often reduce the kitchen area. This allows you to increase the free space in the residential area. Windows in any room must be made minimalist. In order to save place, also built-in wardrobes, hiding equipment and other necessary things. Visually expand the territory will help various shades of white.

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Area 60 kV. M allows you to issue a classic interior. This option uses clear, strict geometric forms. Actively apply stucco to create a solemn mood. Molding decorative elements will especially well look at the ceiling and on the doors. And also should look at such decisions as:

  • Cable ceilings with LED backlight;
  • creation of symmetry axes with identical furniture pairs;
  • Registration of the television panel of a carved gold-plated frame.

It seems to be Registration in the neoclassical key. But at the same time it is necessary to achieve maximum visual ease. Unacceptably use bulky furniture. It is recommended to choose specimens with elegant carved legs. In the living room designers advise to deliver biocamine surrounded by an unusual frame. Expand the bedroom will help the mirror facade of the cabinet.

You can show originality, Arching an apartment in Dutch style. In this case, you will need to make large windows. Of course, they must be equipped with energy-efficient frames.

Important: There should be no foreign barriers on the sunlight paths. Because any partitions, barriers are unacceptable.

You should try to use more natural finishing materials. The floor is discharged by natural stone or reproducing its appearance tiles. Walls are advised to fly under the stone laying. Furniture mainly used from natural wood. Add authenticity will allow a Dutch tiled stove.

Beautiful examples

Dark chocolate door and relatively light floor in the bedroom are well combined. The two-tier ceiling is decorated both stucco and point illumination. TV against brick masonry and poles with highlighted niches perceived very well.

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    But this can look like a bedroom with an angular M-shaped sofa and decorated “under the bricks”. The combination of chandeliers and LED ribbons on the ceiling is perceived as a brave and unexpected move.

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