Description of air dryers Ballu

Ballu manufactures very good and functional air dryers. Branded technology is characterized by the highest quality, it works very effectively, without creating unnecessary noise. In today’s article we consider a detailed description of modern air dryers from Ballu.


High-quality air dryers Brand Ballu appeared on the domestic market more than 10 years ago. Products of this manufacturer are very popular and today is present in many houses. People who are really worried and care about their health, acquire high-quality Ballu dryers and remain them very pleased. Often, such equipment is purchased not only for apartments and houses, but also for offices, garages and even basements.

Modern air dryers from Ballu are not in vain won the vast popularity and recognition of buyers. Reliable and efficient devices have many advantages that have been in demand for many years.

  • Ballu dryers are characterized by impeccable assembly quality. The original devices of this brand do not have a single drawback or flaw in their designs. Moreover, only the highest quality, reliable and practical materials are used to produce each air dryer Ballu.
  • High-quality equipment for drying air from Ballu is distinguished by durability and wear resistance. Reliable equipment is sharpened under long-term trouble-free service. Even after a long time, the Ballu desiccant will not be subject to strong wear, will not lose its best qualities demonstrated initially.
  • Attracts the price policy of the Ballu brand. The manufacturer produces excellent air dryers, which are quite inexpensive. Low cost does not affect the quality of products.
  • Original air dryers BALLU are distinguished by low energy consumption. This suggests that the operation of brand devices will be economical, not particularly expensive.
  • High-quality Ballu Equipment demonstrates perfect and uninterrupted work even in low temperature conditions.
  • Use brand dryers very easily and just. Data management of devices is thought out to the smallest detail, so it is intuitive and convenient. Deal with how to use equipment from Ballu, every buyer will be able to. In the event of any questions, a person can always refer to the instruction manual, which comes each model of the dryer.
  • Devices from Ballu firm characterized by absolute security and high reliability.
  • The equipment under consideration from the famous brand There are several different modes of operation, which indicates a high level of functionality.
  • Ballu air dryers are easy and simply not only to operate, But also serve. Usually, users do not have any problems with it.
  • Most of the Ballu dryer models work almost silently, Therefore, do not bother households.

Ballu brand products demonstrate a considerable amount of advantages, therefore enjoy in great demand. Serious disadvantages do not have. Most of the minuses possessing Ballu devices are strictly subjective and for different people they turn out to be different.

A variety of traditional models

The model range of high-quality driers from Ballu has many excellent models with different technical characteristics. We will get acquainted closer with the parameters of the most purchased traditional dryers.

  • Ballu BD30U. Very good air dryer model with a capacity of 520 W. The device has a pretty case made in white color. Distribution capacity is 30 liters per day, which is the ideal indicator for standard residential premises. The device is characterized by compact dimensions, demonstrates the most economical power consumption and attracts users a very low noise level during operation. The device under consideration can operate at temperatures from +5 to +32 degrees Celsius.

  • Ballu BDT-25L. The popular model of the corporate desiccant, which is ideal for working in the premises of up to 20 kV. M. The maximum capacity is 25 liters per day, 2 air drainage modes are provided. When the capacitance with condensate is filled, the device is turned off automatically. The equipment under consideration provides a vertical installation, controlled electronically, has all the necessary sensors and indicators. The BALLU BDT-25L device has good characteristics, but today it is not so easy to find it.

  • Ballu BD70T. Cool apparatus demonstrating high performance indicators for moisture removal. The device provides modern touch control, equipped with an informative LCD display and all necessary sensors / indicators. The device under consideration works with minimal noise, has a built-in hydrostat, equipped with defrosting function. The Ballu BD70T model can successfully serve the premises whose area is up to 58 kV. M.

  • Ballu BD10U. Inexpensive and highly efficient model of air dryer, characterized by compact and elegant performance. This device, as discussed above, is controlled by a touch method, equipped with an LCD display. There is a timer on shutdown, built-in hydrostat, indication of humidity and temperature. The device under consideration is intended for servicing small rooms, the area of ​​which is no more than 17 kV. M.

  • Ballu BD50N. Wonderful model of a dryer, which costs more than the above. Demonstrates very high performance performance, provides 2 different fan speeds, 2 LED-displays. In the design of this device there is a special air filter of reinforced type. Power consumption of this unit is very economical. Here, too, there is a built-in hydrostat, as well as a high-quality housing of increased strength.

  • Ballu BD15N. Good and relatively inexpensive device that can operate in temperature from +7 to +32 degrees Celsius. The device has a built-in hydrostat, works very quietly and efficiently. Household desiccant perfect for work in the room with an area of ​​no more than 18 kV. M. The model is equipped with the defrost option, has a timer on shutdown. This desiccant is characterized by compact sizes and an attractive appearance.

  • Ballu BD20N. Very productive device with a timer on shutdown, built-in hydrostat and tank content indicator condensate. The product is provided by defrost defrost function. There is a useful indication of humidity and temperature. The device under consideration is designed to work in the premises of up to 24 kV. M.

These are just some top models of air dryers from the BALLU BD20N brand. The principle of their work is the same, but the set of functions varies. You can choose an ideal suitable model for almost any premises and operating conditions.

Multiccomplexes review

In the range of the brand there are very good desiccit multicole complexity. They have a rich functionality and demonstrate high performance. Consider some of these brand products.

  • Ballu BD30mn. Beautiful model made in black and white housings. This device can easily dry clothes, save the room from an excessive level of humidity, restore optimal climatic indicators, implement flavors and ionization. The device under consideration quickly copes with the solution of the main tasks, equipped with the autorenta function, is reliably protected from possible leaks. The device Ballu BD30MN works as quietly as possible, can act automatically.

  • Ballu BD12T. Very good device that can eliminate the high level of humidity in the room, clean the air from harmful microorganisms by means of exposure to UV lamp, dry clothes in the bathroom. The device works quickly and efficiently, but at the same time consumes energy very economically. The BALLU BD12T device functions as quickly as possible, supplied with a timer and can operate automatically. The compact device in question, which takes the minimum of free space, is reliably protected from probable leaks.

Instructions for use

Like any other household devices, Ballu air dryers need to be used strictly by all the rules. Only neat and correct operation will guarantee the full and effective functioning of such equipment.

The rules for using Ballu desiccates are strictly individual and depend on the characteristics, settings and options of each specific model. That is why it is so important to familiarize yourself with the instructions before turning on the acquired apparatus. However, there are general rules that concern all Ballu dryers. Read with the most important of them.

  • Once the device after transportation turned out to be at home, it must be put up in a vertical position. The dryer should stand so at least 2 hours. You can only run it after this stage.
  • The device must be connected to a separate power source of 220-240 W. Other devices to the same source cannot be connected.
  • Before starting operation, before turning on the dryer, it is necessary to check the status of the network cable. If he has at least the slightest damage, it must be replaced with a new one by contacting the Ballu service.
  • To avoid possible water leaks during the operation of Ballu dryers, as well as not collide with too noisy work of the device, it is necessary to put it on the perfectly smooth horizontal surface.
  • If the device needed to move from one place to another, it is required to do it with maximum caution and accuracy. The dryer in no case can not be hit or strongly tilted down. It is important to ensure that the device does not accidentally fall on the floor, as this may entail very serious malfunctions in.
  • It is not allowed to connect or turn off the equipment by removing the outlet from the electrical network. You can spend such manipulations only by pressing the Special “On / Off” button.
  • In the lattice-air intakes of the device is not allowed to stick anything. It is very dangerous because the fan in the Ballu devices works at a very high speed.
  • If there are small children in the house, it is very important to ensure that they do not have access to the Ballu air dryer.
  • On the lattices in the design of the dryers, dust is very often actively accumulated, which must be removed. To do this, it is recommended to use a pure cotton napkin moistened in a warm soap solution. Conduct similar cleansing manipulations required regularly.
  • In no case can I pour on the air dryer Ballu water even in small quantities. This prohibition is due to the fact that the injection of water on the device can cause electric shock.

Having bought a Ballu air dryer, the user must carefully examine the instructions for its use, even if the instrument management seems extremely simple. It will save from incorrect actions that can lead to household equipment breakdowns.

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