Defender Headphones: Features, Model Overview, Criteria

Looking for inexpensive, but high-quality headphones worth paying attention to the goods of the brand Defender. The cost of the presented heads is pleasantly impressive, and the quality of the sound and design is not diluted with the delight of disappointment. The headsets of different types are attractive for different categories of users. Therefore, it is necessary to delve into the features of various series and models.


Defender headphones are inherent in broad functionality at affordable cost and modern design. Each line has its own wired and wireless flagships and best-selling models. Each of them has its own unique differences, structural and acoustic characteristics.

The main feature of all trademark products is their budget price tag and a decent quality of performance. It can not do not tee all music lovers, not ready to lay out for good sound huge amounts.

Review models

Warhead G-370

Budget bidding gaming headset with LED backlight on the housing and attracting design in black and red colors. Large embracing incosses minimize the pressure on the ears and additionally create sound insulation. In the headphones you can hide from external noise. This allows you to use them in noisy conditions and when immersed in virtual reality. Comfortable volume control and directional microphone provide high quality perception and speech transmission. The length of a reliable cable in the tissue braid is 2 meters.

Outfit B710

Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Headset is available in black and orange, blue, white colors. There is a convenient magnetic mount, so The model is optimally suitable for sports. Built-in microphone transmits high-quality sound. The control buttons are on the cable, which allows you to answer the call or switch the track without using a smartphone.

Outfit B720

Easy and portable stereo headset sits reliably on the head even with active movements. Built into the cable microphone provides Sound of good quality. There is also a response button. Included 3 pairs of differentized ambuvyur to choose. There are removable ear mounts.

Outfit W770

Mobile intracanal headset with vacuum ambush and passive soundproofing from Defender. Available in black with orange, blue or yellow inserts. 4-pin 3.5 mm jack and wire with memory effect. The microphone and the call response button are deposited on the cable, which eliminates the need to remove the smartphone from pocket or bags to accept the call or determine the volume level.

Flat 1.5 meters long cable breaks the likelihood of confusion. Outfit W770 can be used with any device if there are 3 connector on it.5 mm.

Twins 630 TWS

Perfect choice for sports and active users. When creating a model, the structure of the auricle was taken into account, which affects the comfort when operating headphones. They are practically not tangible on the ears, but keep and sit confident. The presence of a microphone and control keys on the device is very convenient for any user. In the kit there is a white case in the tone of the headset, indispensable for storage, and charging headphones (600 mAh). The period of operation of the battery is not more than 4 hours.

FreeMotion B640

Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset as if created for sports: Portable, Easy and reliable in motion. Each headset has a pair of active speakers to cover a large range of frequencies that provide a bulk deep sound. With control keys and microphone on cable Convenient to answer the call, switch tracks, even without getting a smartphone. The ten meter radius of the wireless communication implies freedom of action. It is possible to pick up vacuum ambush from the kit. Battery operation is 5 hours.

FreeMotion B530

Cheap Overhead Wireless Headphones. Easy and comfortable black and red model offers Decent sound in its price segment. Folding construction type, thoughtful ergonomics, design and convenient functionality – among the analogues in its price segment it is almost unrealistic to find something similar in characteristics. The presence of removable adapter bluetooth allows you to connect a smartphone to different audio devices for listening to music tracks or communication.

Built-in microphone provides high-quality sound transmission. Control keys are put on headphones. The headset allows telephone conversations either to listen to the Internet radio with a PC, moving freely in the room. Audio Cabel comes with.

The battery life is 8 hours oriented. When the headset is discharged, it can be connected to a USB port. Headband is adjustable if possible to choose a suitable arrangement length. Cups swivel.

Basic 604

Green, red, orange and black – there are any of these colors to choose from or all together for different images and styles. The value of the device allows you to purchase all 4 designs and change them for the mood. Wired insert headphones are available on sale on impressively low price. This is worthy of sounding models, bright and stylish, suitable for computer, tablet, smartphone, varying audio and television equipment. This is a find for those who are looking for simple, but reliable liners.

How to choose?

Selection of headphones depends on budget, materials, acoustic characteristics and design, power, type of design, method of transmission of the signal, microphone sensitivity, its location and fastening. It should be borne in mind that Full-sized headphones are considered more durable. They also allow to implement a full range of musical abilities.

Constructive headsets are open, half-closed or closed bowls. Their type is reflected in the reproduction of low sound frequencies, audibility of music outside, degree of noise reduction. “Inserts” can also be fastened with the help of ear meek either through the neck. This is a comfortable design for those who go to heads or running.

Models with a handicraft should not compress the ear, otherwise discomfort will not allow you to wear their long time. Full-size headphones are wrapped with a metal or plastic head. The handle can be adjusted for yourself. Separately it is worth mentioning Gamers headphones. From the products focused on music lovers, they differ in coloring and peculiar sound. First of all, accurate positioning of sounds. Gaming headphones create full-sized and comfortable for long-term operation.

In fact, it is unreal to pick up the headphones with perfect sound, simply considering the photo and reading the characteristics of the models. If it is impossible to make a choice, it is recommended to read reviews, study comparative testing, to ask friends about the most popular options. Thus, a completely defined picture of what is worthy of attention and will not disappoint in reality.

It is important to pick up a headset according to your needs, thinking how and where it will be used most often. If it is impossible to decide, it is better to stay on semi-closed headphones.

How to connect?

Before connecting the Bluetooth headphones to the phone on Android and their use you need to connect the device. It must be fully charged before the first inclusion. Some models have a charge indicator, which is a very convenient function. But most of the headsets cannot stand out. Therefore, users are offered count on the declared time of the device.

Installing Bluetooth Connection

Audio headset and smartphone are located at a distance of each other, not exceeding 10 meters. With the first pairing it is more convenient to put them nearby. Then you need to open the “Settings” menu in the smartphone and select the “Connected Devices” tab. It is worth clicking on the Bluetooth module icon.

Next, you need to designate the position of the slider in “Enabled” mode and select the desired headset name to pairing devices. In the future, the conjugation will occur automatically. This involves connecting wireless headphones to the phones running on Android. For a connection with the iPhone, the actions algorithm will be similar. It is worth remembering that Bluetooth promotes the discharge of the smartphone, so it should not be included without need. +

Video review of the Defender FreeMotion HN-B701 Wireless Headphones.

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