Cumbers in modern style under TV

TV cabinet – absolutely necessary piece of furniture in modern apartments, creating comfort when watching television programs. But not only that are good ones. The diversity of style and design solutions of these products involves the possibility of optimal and harmonious choice under the existing interior of the room made practically in any style. Actually this variety and caused some difficulties when choosing bedside tables.


The stands in a modern style under TV are small, often wide low height lockers. The overall and other elements of this type of furniture tend to change as dimensions and design features of television equipment change.

The placement of TVs on the couches has a lot of positive moments:

  • It is convenient and practical;
  • Successfully selected furniture under the TV emphasizes the effect of television equipment, complementing the fashionable interior of the room;
  • The couches are usually compact and save space in small areas;
  • Constructive and style diversity of Tumba allows you to select models made of multiple materials, different design and colors;
  • the ability to hide the wires and additional equipment (tuners, routers, etc.) inside the cabinet;
  • Low cost of simple products.

In addition, often the consumer gets the possibility of convenient storage in the cabinets of newspapers and magazines, remote PU, carriers and other necessary minor items.

Nowadays manufactured by television shows Comfortable and optimal solution, at the same time, and organizing homemade space, and freeing it. The variety of forms and types of used materials used for bedside tables enhances the effect of image perception, making TV viewer more comfortable.

Review of species

Forms and materials for the manufacture of supports qualitatively define their types, and therefore the choice of products. The bedside tables can be made in the most unusual configurations, for example, executed in the form of a triangle, polygon, oval, semicircle or other forms that can be obtained truly present and original design objects.

The stands of the correct rectangular or square form are most popular among consumers. Products of rounded outlines with a flat back and semicircular front is less popular, but original and comfortable. Services – Furniture performed in several tiers (without a back wall) fastened by special racks. Asymmetric models – a number of sections shifted to the side, fasten with open shelves.

Extended products are canceled for the installation of TV receivers with large diagonals, acoustic equipment and player. Usually such models are selected for significant rooms in size and are used both in stationary and in suspended versions. Such products are often equipped with niches, shelves, side polarons, comfortable boxes or suspended cabinets. Maybe they are made in modular execution.

Extremely practical Corner types of Tumb, providing The possibility of productive savings of space in various areas. Usually they have accommodated niches and sections, stylistically complementing the interior of the room. Nevertheless, the angular options create a specific ventilation deficit for technical devices. Triangular options Usually used for techniques with significant screens. However, they “take” some place and not in any room can be installed. In addition, the storage of small items on them is not always convenient.

Pyagonal products Completely able to fit into small rooms – in fact, this is a triangle with truncated corners, taking less space than the first option. M-shaped stands are able to save space to a large extent and look in the interior quite effectively. Trapezoidal vehicles It looks easier for triangular furniture, but practically occupy the same area. From the back, some space is formed, contributing to the ventilation of TV equipment. Shelves are used here less depths than in triangular versions, which determines the greater degree of their convenience.

Radius stands – triangular options equipped with a rounded front part. Models, canceled fit into modern interiors, well suitable for storage.

From materials used for the manufacture of bedside tables, we note the most popular.

  • Products from plasterboard. Using the flexibility of this texture, make the stands of almost any forms, turning products into a wonderful and exclusive element of the interior.

  • LDSP / DSP – It is considered a practical, reliable and eco-friendly option having a low price. What, in fact, explains the popularity of this type of product.

  • Metal stands – Stylish, durable and durable product, easily withstanding loads and various impacts. Cancelly decorate various interiors, giving them an original appearance.

  • Stone stands Characterized by an exclusive texture, the uniqueness of patterns that gives the setting special natural. They are durable, but have a significant weight and high cost.

  • Glass products can be executed in a transparent or matte format using an ordered version of increased strength. Standard material thickness – not less than 6 mm, which guarantees the absence on glass of chips and cracks. These stands are fully maintained by the TV show and additional devices for it. According to its configuration, the product is available open or closed, two-level or multi-level, transparent or color. In most of them, they are equipped with special packs for additional techniques.

  • Mature Models of Natural Wood Masters, Possessing a status view and made in minimalist, laconic or rich design with elements of manual thread. The coulters from the massif are canceled on the background of classic interiors, but if adding elements from dark glass to the wood base, it is not difficult to go to the style of High-tech.

Wood products are extremely durable and used until hundreds of years.

Wall mounted

Hinged (wall-mounted) designs – one of the modern variants of the bedside tables that allow you to keep in rooms the necessary space. This type of product can be quite embedded not only a small area of ​​the room, but also to be located for the entire length of the wall. For their production, the easiest materials are used.


CUMBES, which are an independent element of furniture, often with legs or rollers. This type of bedside tables is usually equipped with additional niches, shelves in a closed or open version, boxes and racks.

In a certain sense, embedded options can be attributed to the outdoor stands, for example, dressers. They can place dimensional TV shows. Relevant models combined with toilet tables or structures made with electrocamers.


Typically, the cabinets have small sizes. Products with a length of more than 1.2 m are classified as wide. The most dimensions of them intended for spacious premises reach lengths up to 3 meters at depth and height of about 50 cm. High bedside tables are released high up to 90 cm with a width range of 0.8-1.2 m.

In the category of narrow coats, the depth is usually about 45 cm, but the height can be different within 80 cm, with a width of 60-80 cm. The category of low stand is available with a depth of 40 cm, a height of 30 cm and 1.4-1.6 m wide. They are often used as a suspended element of furniture. Tumbers less than 60 cm wide and a depth of less than 40 cm can be dangerous to place plasma telephoneials on them.

Color solutions

Coloring Tumba is selected taking into account the general interior design. In this regard, classic variants will be the designs of black, black and white or white, which form an immaculate classic environment. White roller products perceived stylish and concisely, harmoniously combined with various types of wall and floor arrangement. Its main advantage is that it is always in fashion, because fully allocates other shades of the interior, causing the feeling of greater space. In most styles, such as minimalism, fusion, it is better to select models of light tones.

Extremely stylish products of brown, as well as a model with a shade of wenge. The latter has a pronounced structure with rough texture and explicit veins, demonstrating the naturalness and solidity of furniture.

Individuality and style design give color or two-color stands. Build a room in warm, cozy and lively style, will help, for example, spectacular products made in red shades. Brightly looks in the furniture of green tones. Touches of yellow shades contribute to lightening small premises, creating a sense of holiday. Blonde tone is better to choose for angular products. It is quite suitable for products from natural light wood or plastic. In this way, you can slightly expand the space.

When choosing a caller of the stands, it is recommended to consider a number of factors:

  • Style Solution of the room interior;
  • the total gamut of furniture units near the cabinet;
  • Color Solution of the TV Ship Case.


Classic always elegant, exquisite and aristocratic. It is characterized by furniture made of array of natural wood, decorated with skilled carvings, with forged elements, moldings and baguets. Such designs look fashionable, solid, but perceived quite gracefully. Style supporters Industrial Loft Specialists recommend choosing a coarse outdoor metal standard or wood in combination with metal elements. However, this is exactly the case when admissible and unusual solutions. So, the stand can be completely changed on the box or roller tray.

For Scand-interior Simplified models of rectangular outlines, performed in white, grayish or other pastel shades. Often in this style, suspended or outdoor beds from chipboard, wood or plastic created in retrostile are used. Trend lovers high tech Offered design, including geometric plastic, metal or glass. More suitable will be the narrowed stands in low-light, gray or silver tones.

Chrome parts and other original supplements may be present as additional elements.

For Provence The vintage coasters of wood or chipboard are characterized with non-veneer details, small widespread, giving the subject slightly aged view. Following style minimalism, it is worth using low, non-rigid bedside tables, weathered in black, white or grayish colors. Neoclassic is characterized by a harmonious complex of elegance and innovation. This style trend is exceeded with wood structures with decorations made of glass mirror inclusions with embossed patterns.

Luxurious aura Art Deco Usually complemented by exclusive fragments from rare wood, made with inlaid, festive, golden color elements or finely filtered glass inserts. Simplicity, functionality and naturalness – keyfits of country direction. To this style, choose the basis of the coarse texture, without polishing and varnish, as well as artificially aged products by the film.

From all sorts of original ideas used to decorate Tumba, mention Ivory Decor, Mosaic Fragments, Decoupage and Burning. Exclusively stands from a bar with pronounced annual rings, bedside tables from pallet or brick blocks. The cabinet may well become not only a useful and multifunctional item, but also an exquisite element of the interior.

Attractive design possess Backlit stands that make up attention and thereby forming the aesthetic perception of the entire interior. Strengthen this effect will help parts from transparent or matte glass with different drawings. The standings with a glossy, which gives the gloss surface to effectively refresh the appearance of the room and “impregnate” with its light and air, while the matte version will give softness and contributes to the formation of touching and cozy design.

Special delights shrink mirrored Stands that endow the interior of an unusual view, mysteriousness and mystery. Good and bedside tables with Characteristic ambassador. The creation of a multifunctional design contributes to the choice of racks under 2 TV shows, equipped with rollers, shelves and a hidden wired system. Such racks are convenient place in the center of the room. Cabinets for living rooms are chosen taking into account the area and stylist accompaniment of the room. At the same time, it will be quite relevant as attached, so outdoor products. Acceptable and comfortable solution will be the nightstands installed using brackets with rotary devices that allow you to adjust the viewing angle of TV.

For bedrooms often use compact dresser bedside tables, swivel transformers or non-shimmer suspension. For giving a sleeve bedroom, products with open sections or glass items with various types of spraying are used. In the premises for children it is better to place products with bright collers performed from strong and practical texture. Do not use forms with pointed corners and fragile fragments. In general, modernity dictates the use of laconic, rectilinear stands, which are characterized by the maximum functionality, without excessive decorative parts. It is appropriate for the use of lightweight and massive options.

Serets of choice

Selecting the Tumbler under the LCD TV, it is important to take into account a number of useful recommendations of specialists:

  • In the process of the selection should be borne Possible load on the bedside table – what she is more, the stronger the stand is selected;
  • Dimensions Products depend on the sizes of the television, and a safe option is considered when the device does not protrude beyond the edges of the cabinet;
  • Special attention should be paid to Furniture, its high reliability and strength;
  • color Stands must be harmonized with a common color spectrum, designer design of the interior and other furniture located in the room;
  • Significant on the area of ​​rooms there are bedside tables of any sizes, knowingly withstanding plasma weight;
  • In living rooms, medium and smaller areas should choose small stands, installed along the wall with the greatest length;
  • In small premises use corner structures;
  • Quality Overview – the main criterion for placing the cabinets under the TV show, and high furniture elements or decorative trifles should not prevent the viewing of the TV;
  • On the contrary, and on the sides of the TV receiver should not display windows – Then the natural light will not prevent viewing, and the sun’s rays will not distort the color of the image;
  • Recommended Floor TV Show Distance – Not less than 1 m for bedrooms, 1.2 m for living rooms, the device should be located at the level of the organs of the seated person;
  • Distance to Standa (including under the overall TV) – not less than 1.7 m from the viewer (determined by the size of the screen diagonal, multiplied by 4).

It is not necessary when selecting the cabinets to eliminate and choose a convenient concomitant additional equipment – rollers, brackets, backlighting and other parts that make the operation of the equipment convenient and comfortable.

Mobility of the nightstands on the rollers is important and convenient, but it is prohibited to move them together with the television. Do it should separately.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Here are some options to the bedside tables under the TV receiver:

  • Element EX260 TV card;

  • suspended regiment under TV;

  • High-tech TV cabinet;

  • Designer cabinet under TV;

  • Cup of a TV in a modern style.

About how to make a tumble for a TV from a tree with your own hands, see the following video.

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