Country style furniture

In the process of repair, design, or interior design, the dwelling is first necessary to determine what style you will use. In this regard, it is necessary to focus on the features of the room that it is planned to decorate (size, availability of windows, appointment and much more), as well as your personal preferences. Of particular importance in the process of arrangement of any room has furnishings. Today in our material we look at the unique features of country style.


In itself, the word “country” came to the Russian language from English, and it is literally translated as “village”. Obviously, the name determines the main features of the direction. So, country style furniture (or so-called rustic) are characterized by such qualities:

  • the use of exclusively natural materials (for example, plastic or vinyl are unacceptable);
  • Color range of basics, facade and upholstery should be warm;
  • The presence of a large number of handmade elements (forged handles of cabinets or feet of sofas).

Country style arrangement is possible only if it is spacious enough. The thing is that in small rooms, stylistic rustic furniture will look cumbersome and inappropriate.


On the modern furniture market, the user can find a large number of types of country style. At the same time, for convenience of choice, manufacturers classify all existing products depending on which rooms it will be used.


In the center of the country kitchen or dining area (if the equipment is so possible in the conditions of your home) must necessarily be large in size table, Most often wooden. At the same time, the tabletop itself can be performed both in the form of a rectangle and in the form of an oval or circle. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the legs should differ in high levels of stability.

As a seat for seating, you can use chairs with high backs or benches similar to rustic. The main requirement in relation to these products is a high level of comfort and convenience. In addition to the furniture items listed above, the integral component of any kitchen are Storage systems. Here, they can represent buffets (vintage or under ancient), display cabinets, and suspended and outdoor lockers.

Living room

In the living room you can install Sofas, Chairs (or any other varieties of upholstered furniture), Dressers and cabinets (which make the role of integral components of the storage system). In addition, within the country interior can be used non-standard elements, such as chests.

Designers also recommended the location of coffee and coffee tables, which will only highlight the style.


In the corridor it will be relevant to lay great mirror To the whole growth, placed in a massive wooden frame. For storing small things (for example, keys) you can also purchase a small locker with lots of drawers. In order for guests to be as comfortable as possible, you can arrange bench Soft upholstery (or small sofa).

For bedrooms

The basis of any bedroom is definitely, bed. For country, it should be a massive strong product. And also in the bedroom will need a wardrobe, a dressing table, bedside tables, as well as various wooden dressers, possibly decorated with ridiculous carvings.


In the process of decorating the room and the choice of furniture in the style of Country, special attention should be given to used materials. As mentioned above, for this direction it is characterized by the use of a large number of natural materials and tissues. To emphasize the stylistics of the country in the furniture environment will help:

  • array of wood;
  • Worn iron;
  • copper;
  • brass;
  • rattan;
  • bamboo;
  • vine;
  • Genuine Leather.

Despite the fact that professional designers limit Choosing materials as part of country style with natural varieties, The user still remains quite a large selection.

IMPORTANT: Remember that natural should be not only the main material manufacturer of furniture, but also the fabric from which the upholstery.


Color gamma has a dominant value in a country stylistry. That is why it is necessary to approach her choice with all seriousness and responsibility. At the same time, experts advise adhere to several key principles:

  • As in relation to materials and in terms of colors, the use of exclusively natural and natural shades, which you can detect in a natural environment (for example, white, beige, light blue, green, swamp and similar);
  • You should not create bright accents – the color scheme should be monophonic and holistic;
  • The surfaces of furniture objects must be matte, it is not allowed to use brilliant, glossy or chrome materials.

In addition, it is important to remember that all colors should be harmoniously combined with each other, so that the total color gamut room is the most uniform and holistic.


The manufacture of furniture in the style of Country is engaged in a large number of manufacturers (both domestic and foreign). Consider the most popular firms.

Salon furniture “Country”

This Russian firm exists on the market for more than 15 years. During this time, she managed to conquer the love and confidence of a large number of consumers. Assortment range of companies is constantly updated. At the same time, the furniture of this manufacturer fits not only for home use. It is often used for installation in restaurants, cafes and other public places.


In the assortment line of this Belarusian furniture manufacturer in country style You can find both individual items and whole kits (for example, a fully furnished living room). At the same time, all products fully comply with the requirements of a rustic style and are popular among consumers.


This manufacturer Specializes in the manufacture and release of furniture items from a wood array, which fully complies with the requirements for the use of exclusively natural materials, which puts forward the country style.

How to choose?

The process of selecting rustic furniture in the living room, kitchen, children’s or bathroom is a responsible task. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to be guided by the advice of specialists who recommend paying attention to some key factors.


Obviously, the priority parameter to which It is necessary to give the greatest amount of attention, is the purpose of furniture. So, in the modern market you can find kitchen headsets, baby beds, coffee tables, sofas and other Country style products. Choose only those objects that correspond to the assignment of the room you decorate.


In the process of choosing furniture Be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer. Prefer the proven and complain of respect among users of firms. Thanks to this approach, you will be sure that you get a high-quality product that was manufactured taking into account all standards based on modern technologies.


Each individual piece of furniture can have both one and several functional purposes. For example, the bed can perform the function not only sleeping space, but also act as storage. If possible, give preference to such products.

Convenience and comfort

Before purchasing one or another piece of furniture, Make sure that it is characterized by a high level of convenience and comfort. Remember that you will use these products for a long period. Indicators Convenience and comfort are especially important for sofas, chairs, chairs, beds and other objects of upholstered furniture.


External furniture design plays the same important role as her functionality. You need to carefully approach the choice of color gamut. And also pay attention to whether one or another will look like a print in the indoor decor.

Place acquisition

For the purchase of furniture It is recommended to contact official offices and specialized stores, And you can only carry out orders on verified Internet sites. In this case, you will be sure that you acquire a branded product, and not a low-quality fake. In addition, highly qualified and experienced sellers are traditionally operating in official stores, who will be able to give you professional advice.


Regarding the cost of furniture First of all, you must focus on our financial opportunities. As a general rule It is recommended to purchase products from the average price segment, Since they comply with the optimal value for money.

On the other hand, it should be refrained from acquiring unnecessarily cheap items, as they are distinguished by low quality and short service life.


Before purchasing one or another piece of furniture, It is recommended to carefully examine customer reviews. Thanks to this approach you can in advance Rate the fact as far as the characteristics and properties of furniture, which were declared by the manufacturer, correspond to the real state of affairs.

If in the process of selecting and buying furniture in the country style you will take into account all important factors, then you will get high-quality and multifunctional furniture, which will have an aesthetically attractive view, and will also serve you for a long time.

Examples in the interior

Consider some successful examples of using country style as part of the design of various destinations.

  • Country kitchen In green tones and using metal parts in the interior will like each fan of rustic aesthetics. It is also important to note the presence of such decorative elements as a picture with flowers and a parrot figure.

  • A distinctive feature of this room is the fact that one of its parts is beveled. In this case, this feature did not prevent the designers to create a real village fairy tale. Special attention deserves the regiment, which in its design resembles a staircase.

  • The living room in warm colors is filled with homemade comfort and warm. In this case, warm shades of brown and cold gray are successfully combined in this case.

  • Central composition dining room in rustic style is a set of wooden chairs and tables. Also, wooden beams on the ceiling deserve special attention, which give uniqueness to the whole room.

Country style features in the interior.

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