Concrete in the interior of Loft

In recent years, the use of concrete is very popular when making an interior in Loft style. This is a fashionable material from which walls, ceilings, countertops and other items. The use of different sample decisions and special additives make the scope of its use of truly infinite. On the pros and cons of concrete surfaces when designing interiors in the industrial style we will talk in our review.

Pros and cons

Industrial architecture is advantageously underlined by the minimalistic texture of concrete. Similar design is a bright element in the living room, creating a harmonious background with TV and authentic wall decorations in the living room. Concrete looks very impressive in the kitchen space, replacing the hair tile that happened to all. With the help of this moisture-proof composition, it is possible to place a stylish apron – it will harmoniously look together with the artificial stone countertop. Very profitable against the background of concrete coatings highlights glossy plumbing. And such properties of concrete, like moisture resistance and heat resistance make it a good solution for finishing the bathrooms, shower and bathrooms.

Important! Concrete harmoniously looks with all major industrial style markers, such as brickwork, metal pipes, suspended lamps and other engineering communications typical for this direction.

When applying concrete in the style of Loft, it is not necessary to achieve the ideal smoothness of the coating, so even people with minimal experience in construction and finishing can cope with the works. Concrete surfaces are distinguished by high parameters of chemical and mechanical durability, as well as resistant to the action of moisture, do not appear in concrete fungi and mold. The use of concrete gives the placement of a brutal minimalistic type.

Nevertheless, concrete coating from a technical point of view has drawbacks. In particular, Finished coatings contain crumb and mineral filler, so they have a grainy porous texture. Alternatives often use plaster imitating concrete texture. However, this material is in finished form differs to toxicity, so all work must be performed in protective gloves and preferably in the respirator. In addition, most of the building mixes will very quickly dry, which significantly reduces the total time for finishing and leaves no possibilities for adjustment in case of improper application.

Wall finish options

To separate the loft premises under concrete, use materials of different types. The most demanded microbeton and Venetian plaster.

Microbeton is a composite coating on the basis of cement with the addition of mineral pigments, resins and some other fillers. It is optimal for the fulfillment of internal and external work, gives a fully seamless surface. It provides high adhesion with the overwhelming majority of wall materials, namely:

  • concrete;
  • plasterboard;
  • wood;
  • metal;
  • tile.

Microbeton is distinguished by wear resistance and resistance to water action, shockproof, as well as steam and gas-tightness. This material is chemically inert, it does not react with aggressive media, has pronounced anti-slip properties. Eco-friendly and safe material with severe antiseptic properties. When installing, there is practically no construction trash, in the process of operation, the coating is easy to clean. The advantages can also be attributed to the male. The composition is applied by a subtle layer, due to which the total load on the design does not increase.

Similar technical and operational parameters has mic cement. The only difference lies in the absence of polymers and mineral crumbs. It is produced in the form of microfino and aquateman. The latter is characterized by resistance to water, salts and chlorine, so it is optimal for lining of bathrooms, shower cabins and other rooms with high humidity.

Microfino forms a rather thin texture, so most often it is used for furniture, ceilings and plastered walls.

Most often, decorative plaster goes into the course. It is so flexible material that it allows you to equip the decorative details of various shapes. Decorative plaster with concreting effect was widely used in the design of the room under the loft. The relevance of the material is due to the fact that concrete is not the most “light” material, the plaster is devoid of all its decorative flaws, such a coating looks stylish, modern and fashionable.

Decorative putty under concrete gives a very durable coating that practically does not require special care, a similar effect is optimal for large spacious apartments and studios. Any pollution is quickly cleaned by water, sponges and cheapest cleaning products. Venetian plaster is universal, so a concrete effect can be created not only inside houses, but also outside. Over time, the material will not burn under the action of sunlight and retain its original shade.

In addition, concrete itself does not have a smooth shade and homogeneous structure, therefore, on the walls decorated with decorative plaster, cracks, scratches and chips will be not particularly visible.

Beautiful examples

Many owners of the premises planning to design in Loft style are asked whether an architectural concrete is worth using the interior decor as an independent element. Well, try to present any room inside your house of a residential building, all the walls, the floor and the ceiling in which is fully made of this material. Presented? We think the question disappeared by itself. That is why concrete is often combined with other materials and coatings. It should be borne in mind that not all elements of the interior decor of modern interiors can be used together, at the same time there are those that seemed to be created for each other.

Mitigate the cold of concrete coating will help the use of any additional wood finish. If you decide to combine these materials, it is best to take a panel or a national board – these materials are harmoniously complement each other.

Very effectively looks tandem concrete and glass in all its manifestations. Such a solution adds volume to the room and additionally visually increases space. It is not by chance that the loft interiors near the concrete wall so often placed windows or mirrors from the floor to the ceiling – such an ascetic solution is optimal for supporters of a clean form.

    Many may seem strange, but very harmonious with concrete looks greens in all its manifestations. Combining plants with cold material, you can achieve an amazing effect. Natural freshness makes the design finished. True amateurs Industrial is likely to prefer live flowers, nevertheless, their artificial imitation can also be used.

    Loft apartment overview with concrete Look in the following video.

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