Columns with USB flash drive and radio: Model review and selection criteria

Questions about how to choose columns with flash drive and radio, regularly arise from lovers of a comfortable stay away from home – at the cottage, nature, picnic. Portable devices today are presented on the market in a huge assortment: you can find the option for the soul to any budget. Overview of models with Bluetooth, large and small wireless columns with a USB input will help to figure out the range and do not overpay for unnecessary functions.


Portable column with USB flash drive and radio – Universal media device that does not require a permanent connection to the network. Such gadgets today successfully produce most of the manufacturers of technology – from budget defender or supra to more solid JBL, Sony, Philips. Among the obvious features of portable columns with FM tuner and USB can be allocated:

  • autonomy and mobility;
  • the possibility of recharging the phone;
  • Performing a headset function (with Bluetooth);
  • support for wireless connection in different formats;
  • a large selection of sizes and shapes of the case;
  • convenience of transportation, storage;
  • the possibility of using external media;
  • long-term work without recharging.

There is no doubt that compact columns with USB support and the built-in FM tuner can easily replace familiar player or telephone speaker, ensuring a much higher sound quality of music.


There are quite a lot of varieties of portable columns. You can highlight some of the most common criteria for their division.

  • Wired and rechargeable. The first difference is only convenience of transportation. Models on the battery not only portable, they also do not depend on the outlet, and sometimes do not need even in connection with external devices. Wireless speakers most often have several supported bond types. For example, Bluetooth models may also have a Wi-Fi or NFC module.

  • With a display and without it. If you need a clock technique, the choice of functions, switching tracks, a programmable radio station set, it is better to choose a model equipped with a small screen. Among other things, it helps to control the battery charge level.

  • Large, medium, small. The most compact models look like a cube with faces less than 10 cm. Full-size starts from 30 cm in height. Medium have horizontal orientation, quite stable.

  • Low power and powerful. A radio receiver with FM radio may well have speakers on 5 W – this will be enough in the country. Average model power up to 20 W provide volume comparable to a phone speaker. Made for parties and picnics Portable speakers sound bright and saturated. This is achieved with the help of speakers in 60-120 W.

Review models

The best portable columns with support for FM radio and USB port is customary to share both prices and size, intended purpose. The musical component in such devices is often moving into the background – the main ones are the mobility and the duration of autonomous operation without recharging. It is worth considering the most popular column options in more detail in order to fully appreciate their capabilities and features.

First consider the best compact models.

  • Interstep SBS-120. Compact acoustic system with radio and USB port for charging. The most expensive from compact, as well as the only one with stereo. The model is characterized by a very large reserve of battery capacity, stylish design. Included carbine for mounting on a bag or backpack. Supports Bluetooth connection, there is a memory card port.

  • JBL GO 2. Rectangular portable column for home use. The model has one drawback – the speaker is 3 W. Otherwise, everything is fine – both design, and sound, and the implementation of the control system. Works appliances in monorsis, charges enough to 5 hours of autonomous work, there is a Bluetooth, microphone, hull moisture protection.

  • CaseGuru GG Box. Compact cylindrical shape column. The model looks stylish, takes a minimum of space at 95 × 80 mm. Device has a USB connector, built-in FM tuner, Bluetooth support. Included built-in microphone, 2 dynamics of 5 W, housing moisture protection. This is a single-band column operating only in monodemif.

Compact versions of popular portable columns are good because they do not limit the freedom of movement of their owner. 5-7 hours stock will be enough to make a ride by bike or spend time with friends in nature.

Medium and large columns with FM tuner and USB also deserve attention.

  • BBK BTA7000. Model, as close as possible to classic speakers in size and sounding. It has a stylish appearance, there is a built-in backlight, equalizer, support for external microphones, as well as a special function for losing low frequencies.

  • Digma S-32. Inexpensive, but a very good medium-sized column with a complete set of ports. Cylindrical shape, built-in backlight, support for USB flash drives and memory cards, Bluetooth module make this column excellent choice for home use. Weighs the device is only 320 g, its dimensions – 18 × 6 cm.

  • SVEN PS-485. Portable column with a shoe belt, original housing configuration, stereo. There are equalizer, various ports and interfaces for connecting external devices. There is a Bluetooth module, broadband speaker, built-in microphone. Illumination and ECHO feature are focused on use in karaoke mode.

  • Ginzzu GM-886B. Compromise model with resistant legs, cylindrical housing, comfortable carrying handle. The model is equipped with a built-in display and an equalizer, distinguished by long autonomous operation. Mono sound and the power of only 18 W do not give this column the possibility of equal to compete with leaders, but in general it is very good.

How to choose?

Even portable acoustics should provide comfort to use. High sound quality is one of the important criteria for choosing such a column, but not the only one. Consider what is worth paying attention to the purchase.

  1. Price. This factor remains fundamental and largely determines the class of available gadgets. Budget models of columns cost from 1500 to 2500 rubles, fully coping with their tasks. The middle class can be found at 3000-6000 rubles. It is worth considering more expensive technique only if you plan to arrange parties or conduct large-scale Open-AIR, listen to classic concerts in high quality.
  2. Brand. Despite the abundance of new brands, there are still unconditional leaders in the market. JBL and Sony can be attributed to manufacturers who deserve special attention. When choosing between them and Ginzzu or Canyon, with other things being equal, it is necessary to navigate exactly on the status of the brand.
  3. Number of channels and speakers. Single-channel technique gives sound in mono mode. Option 2.0 – speakers with stereo sound and two channels, allowing to receive volume playback of music. The number of speakers must correspond to the number of bands or exceed it, otherwise the live transmission will mix high and low frequencies, turning the melody into something illegible.
  4. Power. It does not affect the quality, but determines the volume of the speaker. The minimum is considered to be 1.5 W per speaker. In low-cost columns there are power options from 5 to 35 W. High-quality, loud and clean sound provide models with indicators from 60-100 W, but portable acoustics are often sacrificed to extend battery life.
  5. Place of installation and use. For bike trips exist portable gadgets size with palm. For the rest in nature, you can consider the variants of the Middle Size. Large speakers are better used as a home acoustic system. In addition, you can find columns with mode switching – for full sound disclosure in nature and in 4-wall.
  6. Operating frequencies. The lower boundary must be in the range from 20 to 500 Hz, the top – from 10,000 to 25,000 Hz. In the case of “nizami” it is better to choose the minimum values, so the sound will be more. “Top”, on the contrary, it sounds better in the range after 20,000 Hz.
  7. Supported ports. Optimally, if, in addition to the radio and Bluetooth, the technique supports reading USB flash drives, microSD cards. AUX 3.5 connector allows you to connect a column to devices without Bluetooth, to headphones.
  8. Battery capacity. In portable columns, it directly determines how long they can play music without interruption. For example, 2200 mA · h is enough to work on average volume for 7-10 hours, 20,000 mA · h Enough for the work of non-stop for 24 hours – the most powerful boombox are equipped with such batteries. In addition, the availability of a USB port allows you to use such a column as Power Bank for other devices.
  9. Options. In addition to the FM tuner, it may be support for NFC, Wi-Fi, speakerphone or microphone socket that allows you to connect karaoke mode. Support for settings applications also gives good opportunities to regulate the work of the column “for yourself”.

Following these recommendations, you can choose suitable columns with radio and support for flash drives for home use, trips and travel.

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