Color Golden Oak

In the construction of arbors, houses from a tree Architects use elements from plastic, painted or covered with a special film color Golden oak. Consumers Selects the color solution for premises based on a golden background.


Plastic, Wooden frames on the windows, doors create imitation of wood texture. Constructions from such materials are not afraid of temperature drops, high humidity. On the window frame, a person does not notice the joints, because the whole design is firmly covered with film, outwardly reminding wood.

Laminate is carefully covered by the whole frame so that the color did not differ from the main.

There is another way to make a plastic element externally similar to wood. For this, the product is covered in several layers of acrylic paint color gold or golden oak, most similar to RAL. Watching such products are expensive, noble, emphasize the exquisite taste of the owners. Windows, plastic doors of golden oaks are usually installed on balconies, loggias, verandah. They are equipped with durable accessories to extend the life (photo 1, 2).

With the glazing of the loggia window from the color of the color of golden oaks become a stylish design option. At the same time, the glazed loggia slightly increases the active area of ​​use. Wherein:

  • At the same time at the highest level, there is an appearance;
  • Warm heat in the room;
  • There is protection against street noise.

Modern products of color Golden Oaks are impressive with a designer species, emphasize the aesthetics of the room.

Designs are offered in different forms, they are similar to color and texture on wooden, their kind of better common white.

They create a harmonious combination with inner wooden finish elements, while have significantly lower prices.

How to combine with other shades?

The construction and decorative products of the color of the golden oak are perfectly combined with an outdoor view of a brick building, adjacent arbors. Great windows, loggia frames under a tree in combination with white glossy facades. The color of Golden Oak is considered closest to natural wood, when middle-aged trees go to work. Natural oak has a light shade of straw tones. To get a rich gold color and at the same time keep the visible texture of the wood cutting, the products are painted with transparent colors or varnished. In the interior, different shades of natural gold oak give a great combination:

  • with warm tones of ocher;
  • straw shades;
  • yellow okra;
  • red tones;
  • brown shades;
  • with interiors in gold color;
  • Chocolate color elements.

For objects and parts made of natural wood, various methods of processing are used, due to which the Golden Oak takes various shades.

    Special wood processing reinforce natural patterns of cuts, give beautiful combinations with other shades and tones with the interior selection of basic design.

    Where is used in the interior?

    An extremely interesting choice in solving a modern interior is the inclusion in the design of the apartment of furniture, decorative details of the color, which is perfectly combined with the golden oak. Especially since the golden oak itself has various shades where the interior of the room can be beaten. Such solutions help create a spectacular situation where it is pleasant to relax, visually enjoy the view of the kitchen, rooms. Selected in one color range plinths, doors, platbands. A written table, wardrobe, dresser is purchased to them. Even if the furniture stands in different rooms, in the hallway or in the bedroom, the integrity of the interior is combined thinly selected wallpaper or painting of walls, other elements of the situation.

    In the living room, the interior is of particular importance, because guests receive guests, who immediately make up the impression of the good taste of the owners, if the interior is literate, and all the details of the situation are perfectly combined in color.

    Light oak golden shades can be a color for furniture made of LDSP, natural wooden parquet on the floor creates the perfect background for the entire setting, including decorative parts. From natural wood of noble colors, racks are performed, the upholstery of the walls on the stairs, the exit to the loft.

    In the courtyard of a private house from a terrace boards of natural wood, verandas are performed, arbors. The wood treated with a special way is not afraid of wind, damp, autumn rains and winter frost. The choice of oak golden shades – an indicator of wealth and the perfect taste of apartment owners, a private house.

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