Colonial style in the interior

    Modern designers in an attempt to find inspiration more often pay attention to the past. That is why today one of the most popular premises in the process of decoration is a colonial style playing on contrasts and well-combining pomp and modesty.


    Colonial style in the interior involves the use of large sofas with attractive upholstery, light wicker chairs, as well as large wardrobes with threaded elements. Other distinctive characteristics of this style can be distinguished.

    1. Active use in the process of finishing natural materials, including a stone, wood and even metal.
    2. Restrained color solutions when finishing walls and ceilings.
    3. A large number of open space to ensure excellent air circulation. It can be huge windows, openings in the form of arches or a complete lack of doors.
    4. The presence of overall furniture made of wood – bedside tables, tables, bookcases for books.
    5. Carpets on the wall and on the floor, which are distinguished by interesting oriental ornaments.
    6. Live flowers located all over the room. It should be noted that it is usually used here that the ill-dimensional options for indoor plants are used.
    7. Many objects that are somehow related to the east.

    One of the unique design solutions is to create an open wall inside the house. Due to this, it is possible to access the sunshine, and also improve the view, because often the mansions are located in the picturesque areas. Of course, only those people who live in countries with a constant warm climate can take advantage of this idea.

    In the process of creating an interior in a similar style, it is worth considering the fact that it is usually considered the best solution for large houses that can boast enough free space.

    Large furniture will not be able to look good in a small apartment, but it is possible to use some elements of the colonial style in the conditions of cramped space.

    What happens?

    Mixing with colorful decor of India, USA or Africa, colonial style has undergone significant changes. It is thanks to such a symbiosis that he became so recognizable. To date, allocate several directions of this style.

    • English, which is characteristic of the UK and Australian. His features are restraint and orderliness. In addition, in this interior it is impossible to see chaotic placed furniture, bright paints or any asymmetry. The mandatory attribute of this room is a fireplace that is located in the center. Door openings are usually performed in the form of an arch, and large chandeliers and floor lamps are used as additional interior elements.

    • American, Inherent in US residents. They decided to completely move away from moderation and aristocracy. American colonial style is characterized by design symmetrical. In addition, there can be different rooms here.

    • French. The culture of Asia, as well as some African countries, was greatly influenced. A distinctive feature of this direction are freshness, lightness and airiness.

    • African. Represents a successful combination of English restraint and african dynamism. In this interior you can see the details that are related to local savannas – animal skins, elephant figures and similar things. In addition, paints are used in the decoration, which are as close as possible to nature.

    • Spanish. It is considered one of the most recognizable and popular. The inside of the premises is distinguished by curved lines and arches. Finishing is carried out using pastel colors, and in some places bright spraces may occur. Wrought items are often used as a decor.

    • Georgian. Characterized by neutral color palette, large windows and use of ethnic textiles.


    When creating a colonial style, one of the most popular finishing materials is a tree. In addition, a stone and brick are used in demand. Some also give preference to imitation, which looks like a modern version of the colonial style.

    It should be noted that Create an interior in this style direction using cheap materials will not work. It will be necessary to stack the ceiling, decorate it with wooden beams, and the floor to trim with a board or ceramic tile. As for the walls, they are very often covered by expensive fabric wallpaper.

    Color spectrum

    Here you can see two opposite approaches to the choice of the optimal color solution. The first option involves the presence of a large amount of white elements, while the furniture is kept in dark colors. The most popular color for furniture is brown or burgundy, but the use of black is not recommended.

    This color is usually used in hot countries where it is necessary to create a feeling of lightness.

    The second approach involves creating a real holiday. Yellow, green or red colors can be used, which will be perfectly combined with tapestries, carpets or furniture covers. Sofas are usually tightened by fabric with bright patterns. It is not surprising that these features have become so popular among the colonists from England, who tried to forget about the serm of the streets.

    If an ordinary apartment or studio is drawn up, then the perfect solution will be a combination of two options.


    The distinctive characteristic of the colonial direction is that the wooden furniture is most often used here. These can be rubber or tulip trees, Asian weak types, as well as palm. Colonial-style furniture should be energetic, durability and reliability. It will become an excellent option for the scenery of the country house, and it can also be relevant in the interior of a modern apartment.

    Interior with similar furniture will seem exotic and interesting.

    Another characteristic feature of the colonial style is the presence of a set of wicker parts, special inserts and natural or artificial woven furniture items. In order to ensure the maximum level of comfort, similar furniture is issued by replaceable covers. The fabric that tightens them has pastel shades and gives a feeling of lightness.

    Colonial style furniture is usually performed in a dark color solution and is distinguished by unique prints.


    Selectable fabric when creating a colonial style in the interior you need to pay close attention. The process of choosing the optimal option was usually dictated by living conditions. Permanent confrontation with nature and regular transitions in the forests required the use of reliable textiles. That is why the cloth was in great demand, from which the clothes were sewn and used when finishing the premises.

    Wealthy people preferred silk and velvet, which showed perfectly in the manufacture of upholstery for furniture or curtains.

    If the financial means lacked, flax or cotton was used.


    The use of various accessories allows you to create accents and improve the attractiveness of the room. You can use various chests, leather suitcases, baskets and other items that emphasize nomadic life. In addition, there are many things in order to strengthen the unity of this interior. These can be different mirrors, vintage clock or statuettes.

    Most often you can notice bronze sculptures, but sometimes they can be wooden. Wall panels, chandeliers, lamps and other similar items play an indispensable decorative role, which contribute to the creation of a casual atmosphere. The most popular combination of materials in the decor is marble and bronze, as well as leather.

    For that To select the optimal accessory, you must first get acquainted with the ethnic style. Thanks to this, it will be possible to create an interior that will disturb the soul. Competently selected accessories are able to make a warm even the most lifeless interior that will be placed to a relaxed and high-quality vacation.

    The ideas of the design of different rooms

    Each room has its own characteristics that need to be taken into account in the process of its colonial style. The main advantage of this direction is its versatility, so you can issue any room.


    Traditionally, this style in the bathroom is associated with the interiors of the colonists mansions in the hot regions. Here prevails a large amount of light, greenery and ceiling fans. You can allocate a number of other features.

    • For the manufacture of furniture, expensive wood breeds are used, which are distinguished by their resistance to the effect of water and high humidity. The optimal is considered a teak tree, since it perfectly tolerate moisture and does not deteriorate due to its impact. That is why earlier this tree was actively used to create boats.
    • In addition, you can use special wicker kits, as well as other materials of this kind.
    • Interior is separated exclusively in the restrained palette.
    • The colonial style bathroom is characterized by large windows, as well as small curtains with ethnic patterns.
    • When finishing the shower, a mosaic or ceramic tile is actively used. The palette should also be light to create a feeling of lightness.

    In the process of arrangement of the bathroom in the colonial style will have to abandon modern new products. You can decorate the interior with the help of crystal vases, inlays of mirrors and palm trees.


    For decoration of walls in the kitchen, you can use a stone masonry that will remind you of an ancient furnace. As for the floor covering, it is best to make it from light material to expand the space. An excellent solution for the colonial style kitchen will be the use of a headset in the form of an island. In the center of such a design, both a dining area and a large table for cutting can be placed.

    If modern cuisine does not need to decorate additionally, then for a colonial style it is mandatory. As decor you can use fruit baskets, a vase with flowers or designer dishes.

    Living room

    When creating a colonial style in the living room, the most difficult thing is to choose the right furniture that should be made from the environmentally friendly materials.

    The furniture for the colonial style living room is usually distinguished by large dimensions and dark color solutions. For furniture coloring, only natural varnish can be used, which is made from tropical plants leaves. The distinctive feature of such furniture is that it almost does not need to care. It will be enough just once every six months wipe it with wax.

    It will also harmoniously look in the living room furniture made in Chinese style, such as bamboo options. Extremely important in the process of creating a living room interior is the use of decor elements. There are no restrictions here, and will become an excellent choice any exotic subjects. Properly selected accessories will allow the living room unique and refined. You can use various lamps with lampshades, cards, globe, textiles and more.


    The colonial style in the bedroom should differ primarily by elements of antiquity. At the same time, you must try to quickly avoid pompous, which looks good in the living room, but it will be inappropriate in the bedroom. In the process of finishing, preference is worth sending a natural palette that will resemble nature.

    One of the most important conditions for the bedroom is the presence of a large amount of free space and light. Draw up the room is best in cream colors. Initially, the colonial style did not assume the use of wallpaper, but if desired, it is better to choose options that are made of vegetable fibers.

    When choosing a furniture worth paying preference to dark shades, as well as a chocolate palette, which will look great in the bedroom. In addition, animalistic motifs look quite original and stylish here. In other words, you can choose furniture, which is decorated with various animal figures.

    When creating the interior, it is necessary to pay attention to several items characteristic.

    • Big mirror. An excellent solution will be a model that is characterized by a massive frame. She will emphasize the restraint of the interior.
    • Wardrobe, reminding an antique version.
    • Nightstand From wood with many comfortable boxes.

    Colonial style in the interior is one of the optimal and popular today. It will be an excellent solution for large one-story mansions and apartments, where there are many free space. As decor, you can use pictures, scab, lampshades, chandeliers, globes and any items that are related to nature.

    How to pick up furniture in colonial style, you can learn from the video below.

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