Closed Headphones: Features, Model Overview, Choice Criteria

To date, everything is passionate about music, so you can meet not only adolescents, but also the elderly with headphones. Despite the fact that manufacturers offer headsets of various types, ranging from ordinary “plugs” and ending with cool audiophile versions, in great demand among Melomanians enjoy closed-type headphones. To choose them correctly, you need to take into account not only the sizes, design, but also the specifications of the device.


Closed-type headphones are Modern type of device for personal listening of music, which is characterized by a closed volume. Their bowls are hermetically close speakers on the back side, preventing the penetration of sound outward. This means that such headphones provide excellent noise reduction. The design of most such devices has a similarity of phase inverters, they have a lower level indicator of 8Hz. Closed headphones have not very wide scene depth and stereo base.

To improve these indicators, you need to choose damping.

This type of headset usually acquire computer players, musicians and sound engineers, Because they are able to transmit high-level sound. Closed headphones are also considered an optimal choice for listening to favorite tracks in public places and during long trips. Now on the market you can find a huge range of closed headsets, while each model is characterized by its technical characteristics.

What differ from the open?

Many music lovers are lost when choosing headphones, as they do not know what is better – open or closed accessories. There is a significant difference in which it is necessary to know.

  • Open modelsnot able to provide complete isolation from external noise, Closed, on the contrary, are produced with hermetic cups that prevent the penetration of foreign sounds. Therefore, the first option is ideal for listening to classical music, and the second – for rock and metal lovers.
  • Open headphones are recommended to purchase for home furnishings, where you can safely listen to tracks and do not interfere with others. Closed are considered the right choice for offices and public places.
  • The difference is also available in the appearance and weight of devices. Closed models are heavy, as it is supplied with a solid body, open – lungs, their design is made up mesh and holes.

Best models

Closed headphones allow us to fully focus on music, “Disconnecting” from the outside world. To date, the market is represented by a chic assortment of a closed headset, but wireless models deserve special attention. Their rating is represented as follows.

  • Sony MDR-7506. These are full-size headphones that are distinguished by affordable price and good quality. They are great for long listening to music of various genres. Pros: budget option, functional design, smooth sound. Cons: poorly playing from a weak source, the sound of the tracks “Academic”.

  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50. Overhead (monitor) Headphones with good noise reduction. We are produced both wired and the ability to connect via Bluetooth. The main advantage of this model is that it is not demanding about the sound source, as it has a fantastic volume. They can be bought for vocal recording. Headphones are characterized by high quality and reliability in operation. Disadvantages: With a long wear of the headset, there may be a sense of discomfort, over time, leather ambush people lose their attractive appearance.

  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. These are professional headphones with a closed design that are designed for both studio entries and enjoyment of favorite music at home. They have high sound insulation, practicality and ease of operation. Ideal for smartphone and media player, providing an unforgettable immersion in musical nirvana. Pluses: Durable Corps, Excellent Pricing Quality, Magnificent Sound. Cons: often on sale you can meet a fake.

  • Sony MDR-XB950AP. Semi-closed, isoodanic headphones with a microphone, their liners have a noble design. This acoustic accessory provides a smooth sound, without pronounced bursts and failures. Due to the fact that such headphones are folding, it simplifies their transportation and storage. Advantages: The presence of the built-in remote control, microphone. Disadvantages: constantly missing ambursors are not suitable for listening to heavy rock.

  • Axelvox HD272. This is a budget version of a wireless headset that has a good sound. This model can be selected for both studio and home use. Pros: comfortable landing, extended frequency range. Cons: boring design, monitor sound.

Complete overview of the most popular models can vacuum headphones Campfire Audio Jupiter (Recommended for jazz and chamber music lovers) and semi-open headphones AKG K141 MKII.

They are wireless, but have a lot of weight due to built-in batteries and additional schemes.

How to choose?

Some of the most important things in the list of items that are carrying with them every day, headphones are considered. To reproduce music, they can be connected to the audio player, computer and smartphone, enjoy the same way tracks during sports, in transport and houses. Despite the huge selection of model range of acoustic headset, closed headphones are used by special demand. So that this device reliably served a long time and rejoiced with excellent sound, during its acquisition you need to pay attention to the following characteristics.

  • Sound oscillation frequency. Its permissible indicator is considered from 20 Hz to 18 kHz.
  • Sound pressure. This indicator indicates the volume of the sound. To safely listen to music, you need to choose headphones with sound pressure up to 130 dB. If it is higher, it will lead to gradual hearing degradation.
  • Power. This parameter should be paid attention to bass lovers who use stationary amplifiers for listening to musical compositions. The higher the power will be, the brighter and the sound is passed. If you plan to listen to tracks from your smartphone, then the power level can be not taken into account.
  • Resistance. This indicator has a huge impact on the quality and volume of sound. When connecting the headset to stationary techniques, models with high resistance from 32 ohms are suitable, for smartphones – from 16 ohms.
  • Purpose. For computer equipment, the wireless closed-type wireless headphones are well suited, which consist of a receiver and a transmitter dock. In addition, the device must provide a surround sound with configuration imitation 5.1 and If it is planned not only to listen to music, but also communicate on the Internet, by phone – the wireless models with a microphone will be an excellent option.

Lovers of sports need to be preferred by vacuum headphones of closed type, which are resistant to moisture. To listen to music on the road, you need to purchase models with active noise reduction, closed headphones in this case can be both wired and wireless. Before buying a particular model of headphones, It is necessary not only to learn its technical characteristics, but also check the sound in test mode.

Separate attention should be paid to the features of the design, the folding headphones are considered a good option. They are comfortable in transportation (take up little space in the bag, equipped with a special case).

The video below presents an overview of the best models of closed-type music headphones.

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