Classic style in the interior

Classic style is considered one of the most popular in the design of modern interiors. It is distinguished by its unique features that are popular for many centuries. Designer techniques and methods that are used in the process of decorating the premises will always be in demand.

What it is?

The classic style appeared in the times of ancient Greece, but he achieved the greatest popularity in the Renaissance Epoch. It was then that the features were formed, which are still considered fundamental in classicism. This style absorbed the features not only ancient painting and architecture, but also the best of the areas in which he was distributed.

Classic style has its own distinctive features.

  • The predominance of symmetry. The classic was formed under the influence of unique architectural traditions of Masters of Greece and Rome of the era of antiquity. In these times, everything was maximally subordinate to the geometry, so the symmetry became the main sign of the classics.
  • All elements are related to the main axis and are associated with it. When creating an interior in a classic style, it is necessary to build a center and repel from it when decorating the room.
  • The presence of spheres. Of course, the classic involves the mandatory use of square and rectangular forms, but no need to refuse to use spheres. True classic assumes the presence of arches, various bends and columns.
  • Many decorative elements. Such interiors are almost always distinguished by the wealth of scenery, luxury and multiple stucco on the ceiling. In addition, elegant furniture is often used, which is characterized by plenty of carved elements;
  • In the process of finishing, extremely natural materials are used. If you need to create an interesting interior in this stylistic direction, you should forget about the use of chipboard, MDF and other similar materials. In the decoration there must be only natural materials in the form of a tree, stone or even noble metals.

Outdoor coating is usually presented in the form of a high-class parquet.

Color palette

Some people think that in the classic style will exceed only light shades. For this area, you can also use contrasting and monochrome options, however, it will be exactly possible to abandon.

The most popular in the classics are white and beige colors, which allow you to create a pleasant and soothing interior. A distinctive feature of such shades is that they are well combined with gold-plated fittings. In addition, an excellent solution for such an interior will be the use of hues of ivory, vanilla and milk.

If similar color solutions seem boring, then you can choose more interesting options. It is extremely important to ensure that the color decision is natural. Blue, pink or red tones are almost not found when creating a similar interior. However, with a proper approach, even they may look quite organically. The main advantage of pastel shades is that they are perfectly combined with each other, but still designers do not recommend using more than two shades at the same time.

If you need to place additional accents, then you can use the color of warm gold. It is perfectly combined with white and beige, giving the interior of finishes and antiquities.

However, here you need to be extremely attentive, so as not to overdo it, because otherwise the room will remind the museum.

Finishing options

Finish need to pay close attention, because it depends on it how the interior will resemble a real classic. Walls required to align the surface to be perfectly smooth. For decorations can use various materials, including wallpapers, plaster or cloth. The ideal option is the textured wall, however, this solution is suitable only for large premises.

The ceiling will also need to be aligned before you finish it. A distinctive feature of the classics is that the ceiling is considered here the ideal place for scenery. It is allowed to create various lepnings, patterns, use of frescoes and original cornices. In the classic interior, the floor must necessarily be wooden or marble. Moreover, the use of only natural materials is allowed. Typically, designers prefer the tree, as marble is expensive quite expensive and does not boast of practicality.


Lighting It is necessary to pay close attention, because competently arranged devices will be able to provide the sophistication of the interior. The central element of any interior, which is decorated in the style of “Classic”, is chandelier. It can be large crystal chandeliers made from expensive glass or bronze. The chandelier is located strictly in the center, while other lighting devices must be installed symmetrically. In addition, they must be duplicated. The ideal solution is considered to use the same flooring, due to which the straightness of the space can be distinguished, as well as achieve equilibrium compositions.

It is best to give preference to lamps and chandeliers that are made of valuable materials. Plafones should be made of ceramics, porcelain, fabrics or various candles. A distinctive feature of the chandelier is their multistage and a huge number of levels. The main difference between such a stylistic direction from others is that with the help of lighting can be zoning the premises. An excellent choice for this will be various floor lamps and candlesticks.

Choice of furniture

Select furniture for the interior in the classic style is extremely carefully so that it can show the unique taste of owners. If the room is distinguished by large sizes, then it will be possible to carry out a different kind of experiments with the design.

  • In the process of placement of furniture, it is mandatory to follow the principle of symmetry. First of all, it is necessary to choose a central piece of furniture for a certain room, and the rest is already placed in a certain order.
  • You need to start with a banquette for an entrance hall, which is considered a real symbol of classics. It is she who attracts the attention of all people who are part of the room. It is best to choose options that are made of natural materials. Loan also can be installed here.
  • The dining area is usually decorated with a buffet on which sets and various souvenir products are protected. The mandatory attribute of the kitchen should be a headset, which is usually performed in a light color solution. In addition, here you can install slides for dishes.
  • Staster attention should be paid to the selection of furniture for the living room. Here you can put the TB for TV, the various consoles and shelves that will become the perfect chain for books and various decorative attributes.
  • In the bedroom you can install both separate cabinets and embedded options for clothes.

Decor and textiles

A distinctive feature of the interior in the classic style is that there should be a large number of decorative items. These can be various paintings with flowers, mirrors, figurines and much more. When making a living room, you can arrange accents using various pillows that should be bright shades. Textile selection is essential. The most popular options are broken, satin and silk.

Curtains made of similar materials are well draped and hold the form for a long time. You can give the curtains of sophistication with the help of lambrequins. The decor should be seamless in order to fully fit the atmosphere of the house.

An ideal solution will be various porcelain figurines, bronze figures or oil paintings.

Registration of different rooms

Classic style is quite universal, so it can be used to decorate any rooms and premises. It should be noted that This stylistic direction is considered an optimal option for large premises. If it is a one-room apartment, where the living room is only 15 kV. m, then the classic is unlikely to suit.

Living room

In the process of designing the living room in the classic style, close attention should be paid to the materials used to be expensive. Classic usually assumes that it will be used for a long time. Here it is impossible to allow wallpaper to lose a presentable species a few years later, and the floor covering was worn after six months.

It is worth paying attention to the main nuances.

  • If the size of the room allows you to install a fireplace that will be the central element.
  • A significant place will necessarily take up the upholstered furniture that will be finished using textiles.
  • Proper attention should be paid to the design of doors, which usually represent the designs of two sash.
  • The chandelier must be as simple as possible, but at the same time bulk to attach attention. In addition, in the living room, the rest of the lighting devices must be installed symmetrically to it.


Central elements of any bedroom decorated in classic style is a large bed that boasts a soft headboard. It can be complemented by various stands, dressing tables and other furniture objects. Each accessory and piece of furniture should be selected in one style, so that you can create harmony in the bedroom.

There must be many tissue elements in the bedroom. The ideal solution will be a factory textile – silk or velvet. Sources of lighting should be two – chandelier as basic and sconce as local lighting.


When designing a kitchen, it is necessary to achieve not only attractiveness, but also functionality.

  • It is best to use an embedded technique that will avoid imbalance, because separate instruments with a multitude of buttons do not fit with the classic style.
  • An apron should be white or beige, which are considered the main colors of this stylistic direction.
  • Central elements in the kitchen is a headset that should be made of solid wood.
  • As for the countertop, it is best to choose options from natural stone. They are quite expensive, however, they differ in durability, reliability and ability to cope with the mechanical effects, which is of paramount importance for the kitchen.
  • If the size of the room allows, a small island can be installed in the center, which is usually used to separate the functional area from the main.


The bathroom in its dimensions is the most modest, but its finishing should also be less attention to. It is worth paying attention to important moments.

  • Only natural stone or tile can be used for finishing walls or floor. Artificial options do not look so rich, so do not suit the classics.
  • Close attention should be paid to the decoration of the mirror, which is usually installed above the sink. It makes it possible to increase the area of ​​the room. In addition, with the right approach, the mirror can be the main emphasis in the room. To do this, you can add it a few.
  • It is best to buy stylized plumbing devices that perfectly fit into such a room.


Cabinet is an integral part of any classic style house. The situation here should be as comfortable as possible so that you can fully immerse yourself in the work and not distracting anything. When making a Cabinet, designers usually prefer the English classic, which involves the use of dark tones.

If wallpaper will be used when finishing walls, it is best to choose options in a cage or products with a small ornament.

Stylish examples in the interior

  • The combination of modernity and classics in this room gives him sophistication. The central element is the chandelier with the effect of gilding, as well as various decorative details.

  • The classic style bedroom, the main focus on which is made on the furniture. Creation of a secluded atmosphere contribute to beds, cabinets and various dressers.

  • Kitchen in the style of “Classic”, which boasts a wide color scheme, a unique garnitour from a natural tree and a stone countertop.

Thus, classic style in the interior is one of the most popular. It is British and French, each of whom has its own distinctive features. Such rooms are drawn up in bright and brown color colors, the repair is carried out using natural materials, and the mandatory attributes of the furniture are the bedside tables on the legs and chairs.

Design project often involves the use of luxurious wrought railing, many decorative elements and stucco.

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