Choosing an inexpensive camera

Previously, the determining factor when choosing a suitable camera was the price, so in most cases did not expect a lot from the device. However, modern technologies made it possible to purchase a cheap, but good photo. Yes, you can not create a high-quality image, if you use middle optics. But the correctly selected camera, taking into account the necessary parameters, will be a sure other of the beginning photographer and with time will allow you to earn more expensive equipment.

Today, the market of photographic equipment is pissed by a large selection of devices from different manufacturers. Companies engaged in the release of cameras, enough. It is worth considering the top of the most popular manufacturers who can be purchased a budget and high-quality camera.


The advantages of equipment from this manufacturer include:

  • high technical characteristics;
  • Built-in stabilizer in most models;
  • CANON IMAGE GATEWAY, with which you can upload photos and video files to a special cloud storage;
  • durability.

Many Canon models are equipped with a CCD matrix, which has a high sensitivity indicator. Cameras create good pictures, are great for beginners.


Nikon cameras – Great option for those who love high-quality shooting. The manufacturer’s models have a number of useful features and equipped with reliable Matrix, allowing you to create high quality photos.

Most manufacturer cameras have compact sizes, which allows you to take them on the road.


The manufacturer is distinguished by the release of high-quality professional level optics. Most of Sony models lies in the average price category, but they justify their price. In many cameras, high detail and effect of defocusing background.

TO Benefits This manufacturer’s photographic equipment includes usability and fast setup.


The distinctive feature of Rekam cameras is to create high-resolution photos. Regardless of the value of the model, the manufacturer tried to make even budget options to create excellent and detailed pictures.

Cameras are suitable as novice, so experienced users. Some models provide a person or smile definition mode, as well as automatic shutdown video filming.


Cameras of this manufacturer are considered one of the most durable. Powerful lens and a large set of functions – what makes Fujifilm attractive technique among beginners and professional photographers.

Rating budget models

Those who are just getting acquainted with the photo, it makes no sense to acquire expensive equipment. At first it will not be any benefit. The best option will be the acquisition of a budget model. In addition, recently manufacturers produce excellent cameras at a low price.

Nikon Coolpix L120

Suitable for those who need chic Optical zoom. The model lens is able to bring the image to 21 times, while retaining its quality. Focusing is carried out at the expense of a standard matrix size 1 / 2.3 inches. The advantages of the camera include:

  • the presence of an optical stabilizer;
  • 102 MB of internal memory;
  • Low price.

The disadvantage is considered large sizes and weight of the device.

Canon Digital IXUS 230 HS

Old model whose body is painted in pink shades. Despite age, the device is still popular. This is explained by the high quality of the pictures created due to the matrix of size 1 / 2.3 inches.

Additional advantages of the model:

  • Compact dimensions;
  • the presence of macro mode;
  • Attractive design.

The minus is to quickly discharge the battery.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W830

Sony maker is characterized by creating high-quality matrices For cheap cameras, and this model has not exceeded. Despite the low cost, the device received a matrix with a 20.1-megapixel resolution, which will appeal to beginners Photos.

As for the lens, it provides 8-fold optical approximation. Inside it is a special element promoting image stabilization. Advantages:

  • high resolution matrix;
  • macro mode;
  • compact dimensions;
  • Small weight.

The disadvantage is the lack of the HDMI connector.

Fujifilm Finepix XP80

Is a compact camera with a protected housing. The main advantage is low price. At the same time, the manufacturer was able to put a high-quality matrix and lens with aspherical lens in the budget model. Additionally, an image stabilizer is provided in the chamber.

The advantages of the model include:

  • the possibility of immersion under water to a depth of 15 m;
  • The presence of a Wi-Fi module;
  • Matrix resolution 16.4 Mp.

Key deficiency – Low Quality LCD Display.

Canon PowerShot SX610 HS

Advanced model with built-in 18-fold optical zoom. Front camera lens is protected from damage to a special curtain. The matrix with a resolution of 20.2 MP belongs to the type of BSI CMOS.

Camera feature In stock Manual settings. And also the manufacturer provides LCD display for 922 thousand pixels. Additional advantages include:

  • Connect to Wi-Fi;
  • high resolution of the matrix;
  • attractive design;
  • Optical stabilization.

Among the disadvantages, not the best serial shooting mode.

Nikon Coolpix A300

Traditional camera that allows you to make beautiful pictures. Besides, In this model, the manufacturer provides a microphone input that allows you to produce high-quality reportage shooting. The matrix installed in the device is made using CDD technology. As well as the camera is equipped with an optical image stabilizer.

Advantages include:

  • support Wi-Fi;
  • Full-size 8-fold zoom;
  • high resolution of the matrix;
  • Small weight.

Among the minuses are distinguished by an incomparable LCD display and a short duration of the device without recharging.

How to choose a good camera?

The choice of a suitable budget camera should be considered responsibly. Many during the purchase of an inexpensive chamber face a problem in the form of a wide range of various models.

In order not to spend time on long-term search for a suitable device, you should pay attention to several key parameters.

The matrix

Most of the photo equipment market is digital devices. Image processing is carried out by means of a matrix machinery. Several types of similar element.

  1. CMOS. Previously, such technology was used to create telescopes and microscopes. Over time, she has become popular in the medium of photographic equipment. Noteworthy, but it is found primarily in the budget segment. The advantages of technology include high performance and features of high-quality video. Minus is that it is not always possible to get a clear shot.
  2. CDD. Matrix made on this technology allows you to create real masterpieces Photos. It costs more expensive, but at the same time fully justifies its value. In budget models, such a type of matrix is ​​rare, but if you try, this option can be found.
  3. Live-Mos. Represents an even more economical first option that has gained the benefits of CCD technology. Pretty rare type that is mainly used by Panasonic, Leica and Olympus.

Another important moment is Physical size matrix. Here everything is quite simple. The more sizes, the more light can absorb the surface of the element, and the better the image will be fixed by the camera.


For many shooting in the dark – this is a real test. Not every device can catch enough light and make a clear and detailed image. Assist in this can the size of the matrix.

An indicator demonstrating how the amount of light is capable of accepting a photocell is called photosensitivity. In most popular models, it lies between 400 to 800 ISO. It is quite enough to use the camera conveniently both in the afternoon and late at night.

It is worth noting that high indicators of photosensitivity are not always good. If the light is enough, they will simply spoil the picture or require the choice of a more suitable angle. As well as the high ISO indicator leads to the appearance of the so-called “noise”, which spoil the frame.


Otherwise, it is called luminosity – lens bandwidth. If you look at the camera characteristics, then the luminosle means the letter F with a slant. Figure out what value is needed to get high-quality pictures, easy. The smaller the indicator, the better the shooting result will be.

If, when choosing a camera, the indicator of the lights above f / 8 was met, another option should be viewed. The best budget cameras are not equipped with a similar type of diaphragm, so pick up the appropriate device at an affordable price is quite real.


Often lovers taking camera for shooting, notice the occurrence of a rather unpleasant effect – hand shakes. The result of such a problem is smeared and low-quality pictures. Today, in almost all models of cameras, a reliable solution is provided – embedded Stabilization technology.

Allocate two types of stabilization:

  • digital;
  • Optical.

The second option demonstrates a good result in any case, however, the devices with optical stabilization are expensive. When choosing a budget model, it is recommended to give preference to the cameras in which the image stabilizer is provided.


Practically everyone in his life used binoculars. This device allows you to visually bring the far object located, increasing it several times. Today the possibility of approaching the picture is provided in many cameras.

In photographic equipment, such ability is indicated as zoom. Just as in the case of stabilization, two zooms are distinguished – optic and digital. The first is considered the most popular and efficient.

However, it is not recommended to give preference to technique with high indicators in the form of a 20- or 30-fold approximation of objects. The fact is that there is not always a lot, it means high quality.


Everyone who has begun to create photos knows that the image contains the main elements of the composition. Actually, for the sake of these elements and it is worth taking the camera. To achieve maximum object details, you need Autofocus.

Budget models usually equip out obsolete autofocus, which is a contrast version. Similar offers are recommended to bypass and choose more modern cameras. It is worth noting that in the low price segment are found. The best option will be the camera with phase focus.

Accounting for the listed parameters will help you choose the optimal, main, budgetary camera, with which it will be possible to create beautiful pictures.

About the features of the choice of the camera see below.

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