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Famous South Korean brand Samsung produces high-quality equipment of various types. Many brand headphones of this manufacturer are sold in stores. Such devices are presented in a wide range and are distinguished by excellent technical specifications. In this article, we will consider in detail what headphones release Samsung, and how they need to be correctly choosing.

Types and their features

Samsung produces many different models of high-quality and practical headphones of a variety of modifications. In the assortment of the brand you can find both inexpensive standard and advanced devices with a rich set of functions. Consider in more detail what kind of headphones can offer South Korean manufacturer.

With wires

Samsung produces many models of wired headphones. In the assortment of the South Korean manufacturer, you can find multifunctional products in which it is provided Built-in Bluetooth module. Samsung offers to choose users Very comfortable vacuum wired headphones, In the set with which there are additional silicone linings.

Intracinal wired headphones The famous brand is convenient to operate and are presented in different colors. In stores you can find options with excellent sound and a democratic price tag – buyers have something to choose.

However, the presence of wires can deliver some inconveniences. They are very often confused, dust and dirt dust on the surface, and safe storage does not contribute. The presence of wires reduces the level of comfort of using such music equipment.

Wired headphones are most often connected to audio sources using a 3.5 mini jack connector or USB port.

Without wires

Ultra-modern models of branded headphones that do not have wires are extremely popular. Such musical equipment from Samsung is in demand due to ease of operation. No extra wires – a pledge of comfortable use and the same comfortable storage. SAMSUNG wireless headphones are presented in a rich assortment and are characterized by good sound, in no less inferior to traditional wired products.

Using wireless musical gadgets from the South Korean brand, music lovers can forget about forever confusing wires. Sound transfer technology provides uninterrupted playback of music tracks.

Accessories are distinguished by a good noise reduction system. In most cases, branded headphones without wires are synchronized with sound sources due to Built-in Bluetooth module.

Branded wireless Samsung Increwing Headphones often have a drop of droplets. They are inserted directly in the ear canal, due to which the user does not face interference in the form of external noise.

Wireless plug-in headphones of the famous manufacturer can be stored in a special convenient case, where they definitely do not lose and always be clean.


Some of the most popular musical gadgets for home use. Overhead models of headphones differ in that for listening to sound tracks, the user must wear the device for itself. As a result, the headphones are superimposed on the ears from above. But it must be borne in mind that with this method of use, the speaker does not penetrate directly into the inner part of the ear can. For this reason, it is necessary to select devices that are capable of radiating sound waves of sufficient power.

Large SAMSUNG overhead headphones are produced both wired and wireless. The manufacturer offers to choose from Melomanians Gadgets of different colors. The most popular black, white, red, golden and blue models.


Excellent sound quality boasts Modern sports headphones of the South Korean manufacturer. These musical gadgets demonstrate themselves very convenient in operation. This is the best solution for people looking for practical headphones for listening to tracks during sports activities, jogs and visits to the sports hall.

SAMSUNG sports headphones are also produced wired and wireless. Their main feature is Low mass. These are very light, weightless musical accessories. Ambushur of similar products is fixed directly in the user channel. Often in the design there is a special occipital arge.

Many of the devices boast of increased water, which is an important indicator for sports accessories.

As mentioned earlier, the assortment of headphones of the famous brand from South Korea is huge. Samsung releases many high-quality and functional musical accessories, so the user with any requirements and wishes can be stopped at one particular option. We will get acquainted closer with the characteristics of some of the most popular copies.


Despite the fact that modern wireless headphones gradually displacing standard copies with wires, the latter still have enough fans. Consider several top wired headphones from the South Korean manufacturer.

  • EO-IG955. One of the most popular wired headsets from Samsung. The device boasts impeccable sound quality against the background of a democratic value. EO-IG955 can easily compete with more expensive models. The product is characterized by excellent sound insulation characteristics that will definitely delight Melomanana, especially if he selects the most suitable ambush. Headphones are elementary in management, distinguished by the wonderful quality of the assembly, which guarantees their durability and incompetence of breakdowns.

  • EO-HS1303. Most inexpensive, but practical and comfortable headphones equipped with a microphone. Weigh accessory only 13 grams and connects to 3.5 mini jack connector. The product refers to a plug-in half-open type, the cable length is 1.2 m. There is a convenient volume control, in the kit – additional ambush. The product is presented in several attractive colors: white, black, blue, pink, green.

  • EO-EG920L. Cute and affordable samsung wired headphones belong to the type of liners. There are volume control and microphone regulator that are fixed directly on the gadget wire. Provided good noise reduction. Cable length standard – 1.2 m, plug form I-shaped. As in most cases, the connection of this should be done by the 3.5 mini jack connector. There are 3 sets of ambush, there are additional options.

  • EO-IC500. Plumbing wired type headphones, distinguished by attractive and modern design. There is a closed acoustic design, there is a good microphone. Equile devices are performed from a safe silicone, high-quality noise reduction is provided. The sensitivity of the musical gadget is 109 dB, the resistance level is 32 ohms.

  • Advanced Anc. Functional and high-quality technique in which a system of active noise reduction is present. The latter feeds from the battery. The product refers to intra-channel type, the format of the sound system – 2.0, there is a headset function. There are no backlights in these wired headphones from Samsung, but there is a clip to consolidate the user’s ear. Acoustic design type – closed, emitter type – dynamic.


In the assortment of the South Korean brand you can find a lot of high-quality wireless headphones, characterized by excellent sound without unnecessary noise, interference and distortion. Devices are as simple as possible in management and use. Sold both budget and expensive devices. We will get acquainted with some of them.

  • Galaxy Buds. Wireless models of headphones that can boast the best sound insulation features. Music Accessory pleases music lovers with stunning sound quality with sufficient volume. The “Sound Surrounding” option is provided. Galaxy Buds is characterized by good autonomy, guaranteed almost 5 hours of continuous operation. Case can charge headphones literally for 20-30 minutes.

  • Gear Iconx. Elegant wireless headphones with a built-in Bluetooth module. Equipped with high-quality microphone. Transmission of sound tracks is carried out in excellent quality without delays and interrupts. There is a terrific sound insulation that many music lovers, which bought Gear Iconx. Gadget has 3.5 GB of its own memory, so it can be operated offline, without connecting another sound source.

  • LEVEL U PRO. Comfortable wireless headphones, distinguished by unsurpassed quality. Have a plug-in design (in the form of a plug), equipped with LED indication. Gadget supports Bluetooth version Multipoint functions, voice dialing, microphone shutdowns. In the design there is a special cervical lace. Radius Act Act is 10 m. Total weight – 45.7 g.

  • EO-BG930 LEVEL ACTIVE. Modern Bluetooth-headphones with a microphone belong to the plug-in type. EO-BG930 LEVEL ACTIVE – the perfect solution for music lovers looking for optimal devices for sports. There is own lithium-ion battery, waiting time can be 250 hours. There is a cervical lace, and the total weight of the gadget – 18.2 g.

  • EO-BG950 U Flex. Ergonomic Headphones from Samsung. Can boast the maximum continuous period. The device is distinguished by a practical folding design, high efficiency and ease of use. Music equipment can continuously work offline for as many as 10 hours – this is a great parameter. In comparison with most devices of this type of Samsung, EO-BG950 U Flex headphones have a democratic cost than attracting modern music lovers.

  • Level ON. Large Wireless Overhead Headphones. Connection with sound sources is carried out due to Bluetooth module. Acoustic design of this technique is closed, headphone design made folding. There is a lithium-ion battery, providing 11-23 hours of autonomous continuous operation. There is a good active noise reduction system. There are 3.5 mm mini jack plug, Micro USB connector, microphone. Challenges feature provided. Samsung Level ON headphones are presented in different colors, but white, black and saturated blue models are especially popular.

How to choose?

All samsung headphones line are folded from high-quality and ergonomic models characterized by excellent sound. But this does not mean that they can be bought “without looking”. Consider, repulscing from which criteria it is necessary to select such a music technique.

  • Decide for the purpose of buying. If you need professional devices for operation in appropriate conditions (for example, in the studio), then you should give preference to high-power copies with excellent technical specifications. Simple wired headphones for 1000 rubles for this will not fit. If you need a homemade technology, then you can buy gadgets simpler – it all depends on your own requirements and desires.
  • Options and specifications. Carefully examine all the technical parameters of South Korean headphones that you liked. Pay attention to their functional “stuffing”, power level, technology and control systems. Make sure the device meets all your wishes. Specifications It is recommended to consider in the accompanying documentation, and not blindly believe the “advertising” stories of sellers of consultants – they often artificially overestimate the parameters of technology to more interest Melomanana.
  • Exterior of technology. Inspect the selected brand headphones. They should not be the slightest damage and defects, whether threads, scratches or chips. Wires (if any) must be dense and integer, without jar and damaged areas. If at least one of the shortcomings you have been noticed, it is better to give up the purchase of a device.
  • Ease of operation. Before payment is worth checking if you will be convenient for you to use selected headphones. Check the operation of all available systems, if there is such an opportunity.
  • Designer decoration. Do not forget about the design of branded music accessories. Samsung headphones for the most part have an attractive look, so choose the aesthetic option will be easy. Stay on the device, to use which you will not only be comfortable, but also nice.
  • Quality of sound. It is advisable to check the sound of brand headphones in the store. If there is no such possibility, you must check the device at home. Reproducible sound should not have distortion, accompanied by noises and other similar defects.

Original Samsung Headphones should be bought exclusively in proven stores. It may be a major “networking”, for example, “Eldorado”, “m. Video “, or the monobrend point of the South Korean manufacturer. Only in such conditions you can find the original product, not a replica. In addition, in the specified places you can buy devices accompanied by a guarantee.

Not recommended for savings to buy branded headphones in dubious vending points or on the market. In such places, you can hardly find the original and high-quality product with a guarantee.

Do not think that genuine devices from Samsung are always expensive expensive – in the range of the brand you can find a lot of high-quality, but all inexpensive headphones of different types and categories.

How to check on originality?

South Korean “Giant”, like many other major manufacturers, “suffers” from the sale of fake products issued for the original. A lot of copies of the “real” Samsung headphones are available on sale, so the consumer should always be as attentive and vigilant in the choice of favorite device. We will analyze on the items how can you check such music technique on originality.

  1. pay attention to Cost of headphones. Check it with data on the official website. If you are a gadget, the cost of which is 70% lower (especially if it is expensive, powerful model), then you should not risk. This concerns those cases when you doubt the store that visited.
  2. The packaging of the original product will always be neat, without damage and defects. Unfortunately, modern counterfeit product manufacturers are very well copying the authentic design of packaging equipment Samsung, so the buyer must be at the maximum attentive. Deposit the image of headphones on the box with the device itself – they must be absolutely identical.
  3. Say says much Appearance of headphones. Inspect them before buying. There should be no burrs on the device damaged and uneven seams, traces of dried glue. Samsung Original Headphones Cable Do Not Shipping – Pay attention to this. In the manufacture of its technology, the brand does not use cheap and fragile plastic.
  4. If when checking the sound you noticed that the headphones give too flat sound, unreadable bass, and high frequencies turned out to be overwhelmed, then, most likely, before you fake.
  5. Buying samsung headphones, Request accompanying documentation and quality certificates from the seller. If you are in response you hear the refusal, then it is better to give up from buying.

As mentioned above, it is important to take care of the selection of the place of purchase. On the same market or in a street shop a chance to find the original is almost equal to zero.

Operating tips

      We will analyze several useful SAMSUNG headphones.

      1. When connecting wireless devices to the phone (smartphone) need to run the headset itself, wait until the corresponding indicator lights up on it. The latter can shine and periodically blink. On the phone should be launched Bluetooth. A window with detected devices will open, you will need to select the desired device, enter access code to it. The latter is usually indicated in the instruction manual. The above way, wireless headphones can be connected not only to the smartphone, but also to the tablet or personal computer.
      2. If you purchased popular intra-channel Drip-type headphones, they need to wear correctly. Apply the device directly to the entrance to the ear canal, gently push it into the inner part for reliable fixation. Headphones should push into the inner part of the ears until they are securely fixed. When the technique stops easy to enter the ear, it is not necessary to promote it. Due to this, the devices will be comfortable in the sock and will not fall out.
      3. Do not be too rude and strongly push the headphones in the ears. If not to follow this simple rule, you can apply serious damage.
      4. If you are using SAMSUNG wired headphones, the most convenient to exploit them, throwing the wire through the ear shell.
      5. Keep headphones any type in a separate case or box when they don’t need them. Many devices are sold complete with comfortable cases and bags in which they can be placed. It is not recommended to store musical devices of the considered type in one place with a player, in the connector of which they are left stuck. Do not wrap the gadgets of headphones with wires – it often leads to their rapid abrasion.
      6. If there is no way in the instruction manual, it is not indicated that it is waterproof, It is necessary with maximum attentiveness to refer to its operation and not to use in places where there is a risk to expose its influence of water. In many devices, it is impossible to sweat – it can negatively affect the state of technology.
      7. It is not recommended to unscrew the volume at the maximum. In such conditions, devices are faster than wearing, important nodes in their designs may suffer. Over time, due to this, the sound quality may worsen.
      8. If you use wired machinery, Carefully insert the plugs into the appropriate connectors of sound sources. Should not do it sharply. Hold cables too carefully. If you follow this simple rule, you “extend the life” by purchased gadgets.
      9. Keep your headphones clean. Watch out for the state of the ambush, and behind the wires. And first, and on the second there should be no contamination.
      10. Always study the instruction manual purchased musical technology, even if it seems to you that you can easily cope with its control and without it. It is in the instructions that all the nuances of the use of devices are indicated, which the user may not know.

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