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Large format documents printing is impossible on a standard printer due to compact design sizes. Therefore, printing of such files is carried out on special equipment – Plotter.

If we consider the plotter with structural and functional points of view, then this device is an enlarged printer. It is often used where it is necessary to organize the printing of engineering or project documentation. So, the plotters are in demand in printing houses, which are often addressed by students of building and engineering specialties for the purpose of printing applications to coursework, thesis.


Plotter – a device that provides the ability to output any file on the material carrier A1 format, A0. Printing on such equipment is performed on a high-quality engineering paper roll, the density of which reaches 80-90 g / m2. Additionally, in most models it is possible to derive material to:

  • whatman;
  • traction;
  • Standard paper.

The selection of the carrier should be carried out depending on the requirements of the document and other factors.

The plotter is recommended to acquire only if it is planned to print files on large formats. If the process is extremely rare, then the purchase of an expensive device will not justify itself, and it is better to do the printer.


Several types of plotters for printing large formats. Consider the most common.

  • Perch. An indispensable device for those who constantly print great drawings, schemes or cards. The advantage of such an apparatus is to get clear lines during printing. This is achieved by the pen provided for in the design.

  • Electrostatic. Perfectly copes with the task. In demand from designers and advertising agencies. The minus device is the high price and the impressive cost of consumables. Additionally, it is worth noting that work with a similar mechanism requires special skills, so at the initial stage of the development of printed business, it is better to give preference to cheaper options.

  • Thermoplotter. The principle of operation is based on the thermal transfer effect. By increasing the temperature, the image is transferred to the fabric or paper. Ultimate images are clear and resistant to environmental impacts.

  • Jet. The most accessible version of the devices of widescreen color or monochrome printing. The principle of operation is the same as the classic inkjet printers. Ink under pressure are applied to the surface through the provided spray holes. As a result, the picture obtained at the output is saturated, but it is not always possible to achieve the desired definition.

  • Laser. Laser print technology was based on the design. The coloring powder is applied to the vella sections charged by the opposite charge, which rolled along the sheet and leaves the imprint of the desired part of the image. Before leafy, the baking step is underway in the stove.

  • Plotter straight output. The principle of operation is the same as the thermoplotter. However, the desired result is achieved due to a special thermal film. It warms the material inside the device in those places where applying image is required. Minus equipment lies in the possibility of holding only black and white printing.

  • Cutting plotter. Also called catter. Suitable for printing houses that carry out the manufacture of stickers or other printed products in large volumes. The principle of operation consists in cutting certain elements or figures. The device itself does not print.

Also manufacturers produce highly specialized plotter options. These include photoplotters, grafoposters, aggregates with SRSH. All of them are intended for use in certain areas or in production.


Today, the market of printing devices presents a huge number of models of plotters from different manufacturers. Let’s see which devices will be the most qualitative.

  • HP. To create modern plotters, the manufacturer uses unique thermostrous printing technologies, and also equips the model of the automatic paper loading function.

  • Epson. This company is one of the leaders in the world in the production of printed devices. The advantages of the issued models are high quality printing and excellent performance. In addition, the plotters provide the automatic mode function and the ink regular supply system.

  • Mutoh. During its existence, this firm has achieved impressive success. The devices produced by it are distinguished by a long service life and high print quality.

  • Canon. The famous firm, the plotters of which are in demand worldwide. Creating devices occurs on the basis of modern technologies, which allows you to guarantee excellent print quality. Today, widescreen printers with fast printing feature are popular.

There are other companies that are engaged in the release of printed devices to output files to large formats. Therefore, there is a consumer, from which you choose.

How to choose?

It is not always possible to immediately choose a suitable plotter, because the range of the proposed devices is just huge. To not guess purchases, it is recommended to take into account several recommendations.

  • Purpose. First of all, before buying it is necessary to decide why the device is necessary. For example, if you need to establish the production of advertising posters, leaflets or stickers, then you will need a simple plotter, but the device in which the cutting function is provided.
  • Print speed. To optimize your own time and achieve the desired result, it is recommended to take the optimal speed during equipment selection.
  • Type of feed. If the plotter is selected for business, then the best option will be the rolled device. A distinctive feature of such devices is compact sizes and a small cost of printing materials. If we are talking about the use of a plotter in production, it is recommended to give preference to tablet models.

The listed parameters will help you choose the appropriate plotter for the requirements and needs to be used to use.

A1 Canon ImagePrograf IPF670 Inkjet Plotter Overview.

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