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Many people choose big wireless headphones. But the perfect appearance and even the famous brand of the manufacturer is not all. It is necessary to take into account a number of other requirements, without which it is impossible to find a good product.

What it is?

Big Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, as follows from their name, have large cups. They completely close the ears and form special acoustics, isolating the person almost completely from the outer noise. But it is for this reason that it is not recommended to use them on urban streets. But the model without wire is more convenient to wear, and they save place:

  • in pockets;
  • in bags;
  • in table boxes.

Of course, the Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless model becomes one of the favorites of this year. The device is capable of using BT-compound 4.0. Inside the headphones, a powerful battery is installed, due to which the performance is saved until 12-14 days. Complete battery charging takes about 2 hours. In consumer reviews, note:

  • surround living sound;
  • convenient touch control;
  • availability of connection via NFC;
  • the presence of a pair of microphones;
  • Comfortable flexible headband;
  • excellent assembly (traditional trait of Sennheiser technology);
  • Fully closed cup that provokes sweating of ears on hot days.

An attractive alternative will be Bledio T2. It is rather not headphones, but functional monitors equipped with a built-in player and radio receiver FM. The manufacturer declares that BT communication is supported at a distance of up to 12 m in any case. In the absence of barriers, it must persist at a distance of 20 m.

True, sensitivity, impedance and frequency range immediately issue a typical amateur technique.

In descriptions and reviews note:

  • long standby mode (at least 60 days);
  • Ability to listen to music on one charge up to 40 hours;
  • good manufacture and convenient landing;
  • Comfortable volume adjustment;
  • a decent microphone;
  • the ability to simultaneously connect to a computer and smartphone;
  • available cost;
  • the presence of a multilingual assistant;
  • slightly muted sound at high frequencies;
  • Neuriznaya ambush;
  • Slow (from 5 to 10 seconds) Connection in the Bluetooth band.

For using headphones only at home may come SVEN AP-B570MV. Externally large sizes of deceptive – such a model is compact. Battery charge allows you to listen to music until 25 hours in a row. Radius of action by the BT protocol is 10 m. Bass deep, and the details of bass does not cause complaints.

Control using the buttons well thought out. Users invariably say that the ears in such headphones are comfortable, and they do not squeeze the head unnecessary. BT protocol communication is supported with the most different devices, and without any noticeable problems. Noted the absence of an unpleasant background, and effective passive noise insulation.

However, count on panoramic sound, as well as on the stability of headphones with active movement, do not have.

In the ranking of the best one should be sure to mention and advanced intra-channel model Jaybird Bluebuds X. The manufacturer in the description notes that such headphones never fall out. They are designed for resistance of 16 ohms. The mass of the device is 14 grams, and one battery charge is enough for 4-5 hours even at high volume.

If users are careful and reduce the volume at least to medium, they will be able to enjoy the sound for 6-8 hours.

Technical and practical properties are as follows:

  • Sensitivity at 103 dB;
  • all the necessary frequencies on the placed places;
  • Full support Bluetooth;
  • high-class sound in comparison with other devices of the same form factor;
  • ease of connection to different sound sources;
  • High build quality;
  • slow switching between different devices;
  • Uncomfortable microphone placement when attaching ears.

The list of optimal structures naturally falls and headset LG Tone. Fashion is completely explained. Designers, using a slightly outdated version of the BT protocol, were able to increase the reception radius up to 25 m. When headphones are waiting for connections, they can work up to 15 days. Active mode depending on the volume of the sound lasts 10-15 hours; Only 2.5 hours is required for complete charging.

How to choose?

From the point of view “just to suit” for the phone you can choose absolutely any wireless headphones. If only they effectively interacted with a gadget (there are no problems with any problems). But experienced professionals and just music lovers will pay attention to other key moments. An important parameter is used to compress the sound codec. Modern adequate option – APTX; It is believed that he transmits the sound qualitatively.

But the AAC codec, calculated only at 250 kbps, is inferior to the modern leader. More Speed ​​Sound Lovers Prefict Headphones with APTX HD. And those who have money and do not want to put up with compromises will stop at the LDAC protocol. But it is important not only the quality of sound transmission, but also a variety of broadcast frequencies. For technical reasons, many bluetooth-headphone models make an excessive focus on bass, and the upper frequencies are playing weakly.

Touch management lovers worth paying attention to that it is normally implemented only in the headphones of the upper price range. In cheaper devices, instead of simplifying the operation, sensory elements only complicate it. Yes, and their working resource is often small. Because those for whom the first practicality, It is necessary to give preference to traditional button options. As for the connectors, Micro USB gradually goes into the past, and the most promising option and even, according to a number of specialists, the standard – Type C. It provides a faster battery charge replenishment, and an increased bandwidth of the information channel.

Buying headphones with a wireless module cheaper than 100 dollars or an equivalent amount, you need to immediately understand – this is a consuming product. For its manufacture usually apply poorly quality plastic. IMPORTANT: If the manufacturer focuses on metal parts, it is not worth buying headphones either. The likelihood is great because this metal will fail earlier than a good plastic. Acquisition of products of the most popular firms, such as Apple, Sony, Sennheiser – means paying a significant amount for the brand.

Asian products of little-known firms may not be worse than the products of world giants. The choice of such models is huge. Another important nuance is the presence of a microphone; chances to meet wireless headphones without it is small. The NFC module is not useful for everyone, and if the buyer does not know why it, in general, you can safely ignore this item when choosing. And finally, the most important recommendation – try to use headphones and evaluate the sound quality yourself.

The video below shows a large overview of the best wireless headphones.

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