Choose incubuser for insert headphones

Ambush (tabs) – This is the part of the headphones that directly contacts the user’s ears. From their shape, materials and quality depends on how clean will the sound, as well as comfort when listening to music.


If you need light headphones of small size for walking or sports, then you should pay attention to in-ear headphones. They are two types – Internal and deposited. Each of these species have their own characteristics.

The main difference of intra-channel from ordinary tabs – this is what the first is inserted into the ear canal is very tight, like ear. By this, they provide insulation from outsiders and better sound.

Usually complete with them goes at least three size of the ambush.

The main advantages of intra-channel devices.

  • Small sizes. This involves ease of use on the road, in training. If necessary, you can easily fold them in a small pocket, the protective box is not required when transporting.
  • Comfort. Manufacturers offer nozzles from various materials that provide usability.
  • Good sound and noise insulation. Due to the fact that the ambuchuirs are pretty deeply immersed in the ear canal surrounding the sound will not interfere, and the sound itself will be much more pleasant.

There are minus. With prolonged wearing such headphones, a head can be distinguished or discomfort in ear sinks will be felt.

If you decide to buy headphones – “Tablets”, then you should know that they are only available in one size and are placed in the ear shallow. They are the same as vacuum, have a compact size and good sound, but cost cheaper and do not have such pressure on the ear canal. This allows you to use them longer.

The disadvantages of this type is that they are quite often falling out of the ears and do not have sufficient sound insulation in crowded places.

Form and materials

Of great importance when choosing headphones, their form and materials are made from which they are made, will mostly depend on the comfort of their wearing. Usually even the most inexpensive models are equipped with interchangeable incosses. In the appearance of the inserts are divided into:

  • semicircular – they are most often found on sale;
  • cylindrical;
  • two- or three-constructive – contours are based on diameter and noise insulation;
  • anchor type – come in a set with round and provide reliable fastening;
  • custom-made.
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The choice of materials for making an ambushure is quite extensive. Most often occur Rubber inserts – This is the most inexpensive and affordable option. But they are pretty quickly losing hermeticity and wear out.

The second most popular material is silicone. Craft made of it are pretty inexpensive, relatively durable and well cleaned from pollution. Silicone liners are well protected from external noise, but can distort the sound.

Foam nozzles – This is a gadget from a new hybrid material. Such a shell is more expensive, but also gives higher sound insulation and perfectly fixed in the ears. But she has its own feature. Foam has a “memory effect”: it heats up from the heat of the body and takes the shape of the ear can. This property provides comfort while listening and less pressure. After using the tab, after a while takes the former shape.

The most fiscal option is a foam rubber, but it is rapidly polluted and not durable. “Pads” from it often fly and lose.

How to choose?

Remember that the universal recipe for choosing an incubuser for headphones does not exist, but there are several important points to pay attention to when buying.

  1. Material from which covers are made. It is advisable not to use rubber or silicone – they distort the sound. Foam is the best choice.
  2. The size. It depends on how comfortable the use of headphones will be. Before buying it is desirable to try them. You need to choose such options so that when you turn your heads, they did not fall out of the ears. But there should be no such thing that you need to constantly correct the headphones, “pushing” in the Ear Channel.
  3. Ability to restore the former shape. Before buying, it makes sense of the ambush to remember a little and see how deformed, and after what time is the same condition is restored.
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It is important that the headphones not only looked well and differ in good technical characteristics, but also convenient. Only then the pleasure of music will be complete.

In the next video given advice on the choice of Ambush.

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