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    When choosing children’s headphones, first of all, it is necessary to think about not harming the child’s health, because children’s hearing is not yet formed and has increased sensitivity.

    Girls are especially capricious in choosing headphones, because these audio devices are for them not only in the way of listening to your favorite music, but also a fashion accessory, and for adolescents – and the way of self-expression. In our article we will talk about what the techniques for girls are for girls, as well as give advice, to pay attention to when purchasing them.


    A feature of children’s headphones primarily is their safety in operation. After all, most problems with the auditory apparatus in children are due to the wrong use of these audio devices. Children are too small to determine the threshold, when the sounds begin to cause discomfort and can cause hearing impairment, so all responsibility for the right choice of headphones lies with adults.

    If we talk about suitable models that do not harm your child when listening to the loved melodies, then It is necessary to pay attention to the devices whose speakers are not located near the eardrum. These are primarily overhead models that have over the ear shell. The second moment to pay attention to when choosing headphones for a child is Flexibility design, Since such a device in no case should squeeze the head.

    The best choice will be adjustable model, which can be customized under the size of the head, so you can even buy headphones to grow.

    Sound Range – Very Important Headphone Fitness Indicator for Children Use. Children’s headphones must have a 90 dB sound volume threshold, while adult models may have an overestimated volume level – over 115 dB. Materials from which headphones are manufactured for children must be hypoallergenic, best if on the body of the product you will see the mark “for children”, then you can certainly be sure that this accessory will not cause negative consequences for your child’s health. You should also buy products only from proven brands.

    Children’s headphones are smaller, compared with adult models, dimensions, usually in the product characteristics, the age category is indicated for which it is intended, so when buying carefully examine the attached instruction. And, of course, When choosing headphones for children, you must pay attention to the attractive appearance of such devices: Usually their housing has a bright design with the image of heroes from favorite cartoons, and headphones for girls have a pleasant pink or lilac colors for small princesses.

    Review of species

    Depending on the design, two main types of headphones are distinguished:

    • with a headband in the form of an arc;
    • without headband.

    To the first type belongs:

    • overhead;
    • Monitor devices.

    To the second type of headphones ranks:

    • inserts;
    • Zamin.

    Overhead fixtures are mounted on top of the head, completely closing the ear shell. Monitor headphones – These are professional devices specially adapted to handle sound in studio conditions. Headphones in the inserts fixed by means of a membrane placed in the outer part of the ear shell. Headphones-plugs are placed directly in the ear canal.

    Large, full-size headphones are closed and open. Closed devices provide full suppression of external noise, allowing you to get the highest quality sound. However, such devices that do not have sufficient ventilation due to dense adjacent to the ear, cause some discomfort during long-term use. Open headphones have holes through which the sound can penetrate both inside and out. You can hear the sounds of the environment, which is safer when using headphones on the street.

    There are models, equipped with a special microphone for conversation by phone. Depending on the signal transmission method, allocate Wired and Wireless Headphones. Wired devices are equipped with a special cable connecting the device with speakers. Wireless headphones will be useful if you need to receive a signal from a further distance device.

    In this case, instead of the cable, a method of transmitting a signal using Bluetooth, which is equipped with a device.

    Here is the ranking of the best models of children’s headphones for the current 2019.


    This Swiss brand is known for high quality products, including perfectly thought out functionality and specifications. This model is closed-type headphones, fixed with headband. Reproducible frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz, the sensitivity threshold is 114 dB, the maximum power is 20 MW. Accessory has a bright design, high sound quality and excellent noise insulation. Differs great reliability, suitable for children over 9 years old.

    The disadvantages of this device include the absence of volume limiter.


    These are overhead headphones of the Russian assembly with bluetooth support and a radius of action up to 10 m, reproduce frequencies in the range of 20-20,000 Hz. To the advantages of the model can be attributed Availability of microphone, disconnected cable, folding design, LED display, excellent sound quality, multifunctionality, and beautiful children’s design.

    Great for children over 10 years old.

    JBL – JR300

    Products of the American JBL company producing High quality audio engineering. The headphones of this brand are produced in a very wide range. This model of overhead devices is available in blue and red color decoration, ideal for children over 8 years old. The advantages of the model is Excellent adjustable landing, ease and compactness, foldable design, volume limit, high-quality sound, frequency filters.

    Snuggly Rascals

    Cheap children’s headphones in the form of a kitten, unicorn or monster – choose a form depending on your child’s preferences. The case is made of soft fleece, which is perfectly cleaning. Inside there are speakers with a volume limit of 85 dB. Very easy fixtures are ideal for long listening to music, have a regulator with which you can customize this cute device in the size of a children’s head. Of the disadvantages, only weak sound insulation can be called, however, on the other hand, this fact can serve as a dignity in terms of child safety on the street.

    JVC HA-KD5

    Japanese overhead closed type headphones, range of reproducible frequencies 15 – 23 000 Hz. Volume limiter 85 dB, several design design options: in yellow-blue, pink-purple, yellow-red and purple green tones. The model is designed specifically for children aged 4 years. Among the advantages can be allocated Easy and elegance of the device, available gilded connectors, soft pads, stylish children’s design, volume limiter.

    Headphones include stickers.

    Philips SHK400

    Wireless overhead headphones with sound transmission via Bluetooth, having volume limiter, thanks to which the load on children’s hearing is reduced. This model is perfect for adolescents, because its design can not be called children’s. Flexible headband Allows the device perfectly sit on my head, fabriced to the ears.

    From disadvantages, you can only call the inability to connect the device using the cable.

    Criterias of choice

    Nowadays, children, barely reaching a two-year-old age, are already trying to use various gadgets, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and so on. Modern technologies allow you to purchase headphones for the youngest users, what are children from 2-4 to 7 years. Companies producing high-quality electronic equipment for children follow the safety of their products, and also think about the design capable of interest to kids.

    Depending on the age of the child, Headphones with both certain technical specifications and the corresponding design should be selected. For older children, namely, from age 10, they begin to produce accessories with more stringent, on the other – a stylish design that allows this age category to feel more adults.

    Adolescents from 12 years old have other requirements for such devices, in addition to fashionable design, paying attention to sound quality, wide functionality and stylish interface of these audio devices. All children without exception will be suitable overhead headphones with volume limiters, allowing to spare gentle rumors. Flexible headband is perfectly sitting on the head, allowing you to choose a device in size, the soft pads of which are not pressed on the ears. Speakers in such models are located at sufficient removal from drummers.

    There are a large number of children’s headphone models, so Everyone can choose devices depending on their preferences based on the above tips.

    Video review Headphones for girls Gaming Headset you can see below.

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