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Nowadays, audio manufacturers seek to conquer the consumer not only a wide range of their products, but also a modern stylish design of such devices. Now in trend colored headphones, whose shades are distinguished by a great variety. In our article we will tell how to choose headphones, the color of which will emphasize the individuality inherent in you and help stand out from the crowd.

Color spectrum

You can find wired and wireless models of headphones of various shades on sale. In addition to traditional white and black accessories on store shelves selling household electronics, you will find the whole range of colors: blue, yellow, purple, orange, blue, turquoise, red, brown, as well as combined models that combine several colors in their design at once.

Colored headphones can be both glossy and matte surface. Glossy when turning from side to the side give glare, the matte headphones have no shine, since they practically do not reflect light. At the same time, devices with a matte surface seem to be slightly rough to the touch, and glossy, on the contrary, very smooth.

Thanks to its high gloss, glossy headphones visually have more rich and bright shades, and multicolored matte headphones give a feeling of muffled tones.

Currently, Apple colored headphones appeared, However, in fact, the American corporation itself does not paint its devices in all colors of the rainbow. Enontending Russian companies buy white headphones of this world-famous brand and, repaint them, sold with a significant cheating. Thanks to the best demand for multicolored gadgets among young people Such headphones disagree quite quickly.

And yet headphones are not just a fashion accessory. This is primarily a complex acoustic device designed to listen to music or any other sound in decent quality. Therefore, when buying this headset, first of all, it should be sorted out what models should prefer.

Currently, an increasing number of devices costs without wires, although even recently just did not even dream. Did not bypass these innovations and household electronics. Now you can still see wireless headphones, which, of course, is a big plus.

Such devices provide great opportunities, because thanks to the absence of a cable, a person can freely move around the house while continuing listening to favorite melodies

You can also take this headset with you, when you go hiking, go on a journey or just go to the shop for shopping.

Currently great popularity Wireless headphones using Bluetooth, Since it is this type of sound transmission, developers pay high attention. Such devices are most often used for smartphones and laptops.

However, many are preferred by wired headphone models, because, despite the boning wires, Such devices provide a sound of much higher quality. The ideal option is to purchase headphones of both types: after all, you get the opportunity to enjoy the great sound of your favorite music at home using wired devices, and, going for a walk, wear a wireless headset type.

Let’s conduct an overview of the best wired and wireless gear models from different brands.

  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. This is a model of closed full-sized (large) wired headphones, which, by numerous reviews, is the best in the current, 2019. Differs highly detail sound, suitable for listening to music of various genres. In addition to ordinary music lovers, professionals in recording studios. The model is characterized by increased reliability and the possibility of replacing some component elements, which increases the life of the product. However, the design can ideally approach lovers of classics, while seekers extraordinary solutions may be disappointed too simple an appearance of this accessory.

  • Sennheiser HD 650. German model of open full-size wired headphones with high quality sound. Ideal for studio work. Different with the supply of natural smooth sound, its detail, also from the advantages can be called ease of construction due to the use of plastic, while the model is characterized by great reliability due to metallic elements. It looks like this device is very modern and stylish.

  • Sony MDR-1AM2. Attractive for youth wired model of closed type headphones with optimal combination price-quality. They are distinguished by bright sound and interesting design, the model is also very easy and convenient enough.

  • JBL T450. This is a budget version of wired overhead headphones from the famous American brand, characterized by good quality for their money. Despite the fact that the assembly is made in China, this model, according to many users, is distinguished by great reliability of the design. Narnish causes only quite thin wire. The sound quality is not bad with a predominance of low frequencies. Suitable to lovers of bass sound.

  • Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless. Wireless full-size overhead model of closed headphones. Differs in bulk living sound, convenient flexible case and excellent assembly quality. The kit includes two microphones.

  • Bledio “T2 +”. Multifunctional overhead headphones, distinguished by stylish design and ease of use. Have a slightly muted sound, your own player and radio with a stereo.

  • Sony MDR-ZX330BT. Wireless Bluetooth Overhead Bluetooth Types Reproducing Very Pure and High-quality Sound. Of the advantages: a fairly inexpensive model with good functional and reliability. Of the minuses: the housing is made of glossy plastic, which is quickly contaminated. Pretty weak soundproofing.

  • Apple Airpods. This is the best plug-in wireless model of headphones. Basin in such models have a rather weak sound, the emphasis is given to high frequencies. For lovers of light music.

Selection criteria

When selecting headphones, it is necessary to take into account that girls prefer cleaner and bright shades, they are suitable accessories of yellow, pink, turquoise or purple flowers. Young people more often stop their choice on classic white or black models, and children love red or multicolored headphones. Some children’s models can be made of a soft fleece in the form of animals.

Those who closely monitor their style carefully pick up headset in tone clothes, girls pay attention even to a combination of headphones and macked face.

Representatives of various subcultures prefer not to part with their favorite music, everywhere appearing in headphones. These people serve these accessories to the means of expressing their inner world, so they are very serious about choosing the color of the headphones.

Experts in the field of psychology in one voice argue that The choice of one or another color indicates the character of a person, so before buying headphones, you should think about what basic features are inherent in you.

If you want to tell about it around it without words, then pay attention to this list.

  • Blue. Indicates the responsiveness and emotionality of nature, also this color prefers hardworking, purposeful people.
  • Red. Bright, impulsive people who are not afraid to overcome obstacles, very purposeful and confident – these are those who prefer this color.
  • Black. On the one hand, this color choose the sophisticated, spiritual nature, prone to self-pressing and internal analysis. On the other hand, pragmatics who give special attention to small details. Also the choice of this color distinguishes people of creative professions.
  • Yellow. Calm, confident type with logical thinking, inclined to solve complex tasks. In a word, intellectual.
  • Pink. Of course, this is primarily a girl. Color of youth, tenderness and romanticism.

Multicolored headphones combining several shades of the color palette, choose people whose professional activities are related to music and creativity: these are DJs, musical leading and musicians themselves.

They often appear in front of the public, their image obliges to look fashionable, bright and stylish.

Review of Apple Airpods Colored Headphone Look in the video below.

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