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TV is a popular technique that is in every home. For it, you must need a suitable cabinet or rack. We will talk about the last article in today’s article.


Racks for television equipment are different. Each buyer may choose an optimal option that will meet all its requirements and harmoniously fit into the existing interior. We will get acquainted closer with the most popular and demand models.


Today’s consumer very often gives preference to modern mobile types racks. These are comfortable mobile structures equipped with maneuverable wheels.

With such a base, the TV can easily move from place to place without the attraction of titanic efforts. I will cope with this task even a child.

The main thing is that at the time of transporting the TV has been well protected from drops or removed somewhere on the side.

Otherwise, mobile racks are called presentation. They have different sizes and configurations. In the range there are a variety of models from large manufacturers. Among products come across both budgetary and very expensive copies.


No less popular varieties of racks for TV. Thanks to their device and design, users have the opportunity at their discretion adjust the angle of the tv screen and plasma reversal.

In stores you can meet rotary racks that can rotate 45 degrees.

Rotating structures are made from different materials – from kalen glass to glossy MDF. These models are usually performed in the modern stylistic direction, so they look progressively.


The choice of buyers shows not only mobile and rotating, but also angular modifications of racks for TV. Similar structures are ideal for premises that do not differ in impressive quadrature. Angle models are exhibited in the corner, and the rest of the space remains absolutely free and does not look overloaded.

Many angular racks have very small dimensions. They are also produced from various materials and differ in the design execution. Most of them are distinguished by high reliability and wear resistance due to their device.


As mentioned earlier, modern TV racks are made from various materials. This is an important parameter that has a direct impact on the final cost of structures and on the level of their reliability. Consider in detail from which materials make racks for television equipment, and we learn about their features.


The chipstop is used in the production of many models of racks for TV. This is one of the cheapest and affordable options. Many large manufacturers produce racks from LDSP. However, not every user knows that this material can hide a lot of secrets.

LDSP – toxic material. It has hazardous formaldehyde resins used in the course of manufacture. Exceptions are only chipboard plates related to classes E-1 or E-0. In these materials there is a minimum amount of hazardous compounds, so they can be considered environmentally friendly.

Designs from LDSP pushing buyers not only by their composition, but also rustic, template design. It is extremely rare on sale there are really spectacular and fashionable racks from a similar material.


Budget racks for the TV are made of this inexpensive material. Do not expect from plywood racks of chic designer performance or unsurpassed performance characteristics. These are usually simple designs that fit into the same simple furnishings devoid of luxury, gloss and gloss.

If you are looking for just such a kindly and cheap model of the rack, then plywood will be a good solution. In the store you can search for a pretty design.

Natural tree

It is an environmentally friendly material that falls in love with one glance. Wooden racks not only look luxuriously, but also highlight a stunning natural aroma, loved by many users.

In the production of racks for TV, the wood of various breeds. Many designs are in a round sum, if made of rare and elite varieties. For example, oak racks can serve for many years without losing their positive properties and pristine beauty. True, for such a design will have to pay a large amount.


Glass racks are one of the most stylish and fashionable. This is an excellent solution for the modern interior. In most cases, similar products are made from thick and strong glass (at least 9 mm).

Material is shockproof and fragilely withstands impressive loads.

The glass rack will become an excellent solution, but it is necessary to take into account that dust will often be accumulated on its surface and fingerprints will remain, if they touch it. The owners will have to constantly monitor the appearance and cleanliness of the product. For some users, this feature turns out to be a serious minus.


The most strong, durable and reliable rightly recognized metal racks for TV. Such products are not afraid of mechanical damage, deformations, mold or rotting. Many of them look great and can be combined with other materials, such as glass or wood.

Metal structures are the most practical and high-quality, but often have a very big weight, because of which they leave insight traces after themselves. Such specimens look well only in the interiors weathered in the modern style. From the same classic or finished ensemble such a model will be abruptly knocked out, making a disharmony.


Today’s racks designed to accommodate televisions are performed in different style directions. Consider what particular design features are different options.

  • High tech. Modern style in which progressive materials are predominant – metal, glass, plastic. Here, the metal rack will find its place (it can be combined with glass). Chrome details may be present in it.

  • Minimalism. Another modern direction. Stands for such interiors should be as simple as possible, concise and restrained. On products there should be no motionless decorations and scenery. Based on the style name, and the design itself must be minimalistic.

  • Classic. In classical interiors, natural wood products are usually dominated. Breed can be expensive and chic. Simplicity and restraint of lines without “cheap” excesses.

The rack should look presentable.

  • Loft. Popular “attic” style. It is in this interior that it will be nice to look at plywood or weakly treated boards. Similar furnishings with the joy “will take” bold designs related to other styles, because different directions are often collected in the loft.

Tips for choosing

    Consider what parameters need to be considered by making a choice in favor of the best rack under the TV.

    • Functionality. Hold proper attention to this criterion. It is desirable to select models in which adjustment at the altitude of the location, as well as the angle of inclination and turning. Use such a design much more pleasant.
    • Dimensions. Be sure to make sure that the rack there is a place in the interior. It is important to take into account and compliance with the design sizes of the TV. For example, for a huge model with a diagonal of 75 inches makes no sense to take a standard rack several times shorter and already. If you have not found an ideal instance on sale, it is better to order the best option. Most often, such services have to contact the owners of the big TV.
    • Material. Prefer the most reliable and durable designs. Best options – Natural wood, metal or glass. Of course, the model from the same LDSP will cost many times cheaper, but this material can not be called environmentally friendly. If you decide to purchase exactly such a rack, give preference to the product from the material of class E-1 or E-0.
    • Load. Picking up a suitable rack, pay attention to what loads it is calculated. If your TV does not match this parameter, in no case should not risk and hope that the design will still withstand its mass. Look for another option.
    • Design. Pick up an attractive model of the rack that will fit the style of the interior, as well as its color scheme. Fortunately, there are quite many different options on sale.
    • State. Inspect the rack before paying. There should be no chips on her surface, scratches, faded sites or scuffs. If such defects are available, you need to refuse to give up, even if you are offered a good discount.

    It is recommended to buy racks for TV from well-known manufacturers in popular furniture salons, known in your city. In the market or in dubious stores without a certain name, such products should not be taken – high risk rushing to marry.

    Beautiful examples in the interior

    A television stand can be a harmonious interior addition, if you choose it correctly.

    • In the room with light gray walls and floor, trimmed with light brown laminate, it will be good to look at a stationary black rack with glass shelves.

    • The chic part of the interior will be the TV installed on the rack, which is an element of a complex futuristic composition composed of chrome-plated guides and glass rectangular shelves.

    • In the modern interior, aged in neutral and inconspicuous colors, will find their place an angular rack of white. The model may have a structure resembling the letter “g” with a shelf.

    • Beautiful rack under TV – made of glass. It can consist of several shelves on which you can position all the necessary equipment. Due to this, the shelves will be practically imperceptible, and the whole design is weightless. Especially bright and stylish such a solution will look on the background of light finishes.

    Rack Overview for Brateck TP1004L TV in video below.

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