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The current range of professional cameras is huge. Each experienced photographer can find an ideal model in it that meets all its requirements and requests. In this article we will understand in detail how to choose a similar photo equipment.


Many large famous manufacturers who produce high-quality and functional camera-level cameras fixed the market. Due to the wide choice of various models, consumers have the ability to select absolutely any device. Today’s high-end cameras enjoy great demand. And there is nothing surprising in this because they have many positive qualities.

  • Professional technology of modern production boasts high functionality. Many devices have an additional equipment, such as built-in wireless network modules (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi), the ability to edit photos directly on the device itself and other options.

Thanks to this, the technique becomes practical and multitasking, to use it more convenient.

  • Brands, appreciating consumer opinions, produce high-quality professional cameras that are characterized by an ideal assembly. Such devices with all their views are talking about impeccable quality, wear resistance and durability. In the branded professional chambers you will not find a single shortage.

  • Professional cameras manufactured at the current time are made as ergonomic and comfortable as possible. In them, the location of all functional and control elements is thought out to the smallest detail. Due to this, the devices are obtained by more “comfortable” and pleasant in operation, which marks most photographers.

  • High-quality professional technology allows you to get, really beautiful, juicy and spectacular frames. Many of them can be decorated with different kind of original effects, at the expense of which the image becomes truly fabulous.

With such a technique, users can arrange excellent photo shoots, weathered in various topics.

  • Most professional devices have many useful settings, thanks to which it is possible to photograph any objects without distortion in almost all possible conditions.

Many photographers, including professional, often use automatic modes, because they are comfortable, and with them it is also possible to achieve wonderful photos.

  • Many users refer to the pros of the fact that today there are several types of professional cameras. These are not only popular “SLRs” (mirror chambers), but also other types of devices that are characterized by the principle of work and features of operation.

Posses the perfect option can a photographer with any experience and different preferences.

  • Most of the aggregates under consideration has a pleasant exterior design. Many brands pay great attention to the design of manufactured equipment, so it is not only practical and comfortable, but also beautiful cameras, which are especially nice to use.

  • Many of the professional cameras are made especially durable and wear-resistant. Otherwise, such devices are called “unhappy”. These are the devices that can be operated in extreme conditions, without fearful damage or malfunction.

  • In the range of professional aggregates there are not only large, but also compact specimens that are convenient to carry and use in general.

This technique today is especially in demand, because it has a small weight, and it does not have to release a lot of space in the bag / portfolio.

  • The advantages of professional class photographic equipment can be attributed to the widest range. Reliable and durable devices produce many well-known brands, famous for the excellent quality of manufactured photo equipment. Choose “your” camera can every customer.

  • Sorting out this technique is difficult, but still possible. If you cannot master the device independently, you can look into the instruction manual, which always accompanies such a technique. There is nothing complicated. We just need to be patient and carefully familiarize yourself with all points of management.

Many professional cameras remove not only high-quality and detailed photos, but also excellent videos. In modern devices there are connectors for installing memory cards to which you can record a lot of high-quality and “heavy” files having an impressive “weight”.

It must be borne in mind that a large number of professional cameras from famous brands are quite expensive. For example, in the Arsenal of the Japanese manufacturer Sony, it is possible to meet enough devices, the cost of which is from 200 thousand rubles and above.


As mentioned, there are several varieties of modern professional cameras. Each of them has distinctive characteristics and features of operation that the photographer must necessarily take into account by selecting the optimal device. We will get acquainted closer with existing cameras of different types.


Many people think that the compact camera in principle cannot be professional and high quality frames will demonstrate not able. In fact, it is not. There are more advanced devices that can compete in quality and efficiency with modern “mirrors”. Properly using similar devices, users can get bright and sharp high-level images.

In many compact professional cameras, a lot of useful settings are provided, allowing you to get better frames. This technique is equipped with excellent matrices and advanced optics, but at the same time it is more expensive than its simple competitors. Compact devices have small sizes, they are convenient to use.


The current “mesmer” is rapidly gaining popularity among consumers. In the aggregates, it may also be possible to replace the optical component. In the design of mirrorless devices there are no mirrors and a classic viewfinder. The latter can be exclusively electronic.

Many “lamellar” are characterized by small sizes and low weight, What makes them very comfortable in operation. They have good matrices.

True, the ergonomics of the specified devices to many users seems not the most thoughtful one, it has to get used to it.


Today, one of the most popular devices for photographers of professionals are mirror cameras. These devices can also be equipped with other optics if there is a need. Provides the optical type of viewfinder, displaying a live and real picture from a removable object. During a photo session in these devices, a special mirror is lifted, then instead of the viewfinder, the image goes directly to the matrix. So the frame has been saved.

Mirror cameras during film devices were extremely professional. They used experienced photographers, seriously engaged in photography. With the development of digital technologies, similar photo equipment has become more popular and popular. Today, “Slskalki” have many people, among whom are quite lovers.

Mirrored devices are distinguished by quick focus on the removable object, the possibility of high-speed shooting. These products are ergonomic and thought out, many different types of optics are produced for them.

With a translucent mirror

Among professional equipment can meet such varieties of cameras. Such subtypes refer to the “SLRs” described above. Visually they do not differ from each other. Their main difference lies in the absence of a bulk mirror part. Instead of it in devices there is a special translucent mirror. Optical viewfinder is not provided in such devices. In the product of the Japanese brand Sony it is, but only electronic. From the point of view of many photographers, this feature refers to minuses of such devices.

Another shortage of the apparatus under consideration is that part of the light is usually delayed on a translucent mirror in the design. Similar devices actively produces brand Sony.


In times of film cameras, such a technique was very popular. Such devices could be very expensive, especially if we were produced under such a well-known brand as Leica. In these devices there is a full-frame sensor. They are more compact than popular “Sls”. Prices for many rangefinder devices are literally translated. On average, one such camera costs 300 thousand rubles, and lenses for it – from 100 thousand. Simply put, Leica is a kind of Bentley, only among cameras.

Currently, the range finding cameras are considered elite, prestigious devices. Buy them in rare cases.


These are expensive devices, which are developed for shooting high-quality photos. As a rule, medium format copies demonstrate higher quality than all of the above cameras, therefore the cost of their corresponding.

Medium format cameras are designed exclusively for experienced professionals. It is expensive not only by the technique itself, but also components for it, namely, high-quality lenses.


Qualitative professional category cameras are used for photography. If you correctly exploit these devices, the photographer can get beautiful pictures in all conditions: in nature, in the studio or any other room – a lot of options.

Many professional cameras are used to shoot video footage. Despite the fact that it is not the main purpose of their purpose, with this function they cope perfectly.

Rating the best models

The range of practical and multifunctional cameras relating to the professional class is constantly growing and updated with new quality models showing excellent results. Good devices are implemented not only in premium, but also in the budget category. Get acquainted closer with the most popular and demand specimens.


Among modern professional cameras are excellent budget copies having democratic price tags. Consider the characteristics of some of them.

  • Nikon D5100. Opens top inexpensive and high-quality cameras Popular model from Nikon. The device quickly and accurately focuses, has many settings. The body of the device is equipped with a convenient rotary screen. By making photos to this machine, you must first make sure that it has been focused on the shooting object, and only then press the button.

There are many convenient modes in the model, thanks to which the shooting of high-quality photos is possible in a variety of conditions.

  • Canon PowerShot SX430 IS. Cheap and popular camera that has good performance characteristics. The product provides a built-in stabilizer, due to which the images are obtained clear and detailed. There are all the necessary automatic settings, which are convenient and easy to use. The device has a CCD matrix, characterized by increased sensitivity.

  • REKAM ILOOK S970I. Top machine equipped with a high-quality CMOS matrix (21 MP). There is a feature of face recognition. Provided good automatic focus.

If the SD card ends free space, the video shooting in this device is turned off automatically. There is a built-in webcam mode.

  • Canon EOS 2000D Kit 18-55 mm. Model with highly sensitive sensor, allows you to get beautiful high-definition photos. You can make beautiful pictures with the effect of the blurred background, even subject to a weak level of illumination. Supports FHD format, so that the camera can shoot wonderful video. There is a built-in Wi-Fi module. Additional creative filters are envisaged.

Middle price segment

Sufficiently good professional chambers are presented in the average price segment. Consider the rating of top devices that are distinguished by high quality and popularity.

  • Canon EOS 77D Kit. One of the best models in the ratio of price – quality. Can boast of rich opportunities in the field of photography. Users celebrate excellent ergonomics of this unit. It is often buying for work. There is a built-in Wi-Fi Wireless Module.

The model is high resolution, quickly focuses on a removable object.

  • Nikon D7200 Kit. Popular device perfectly protected from moisture and dust. There are Wi-Fi and NFC modules. There are the possibilities of the finest settings. The device boasts a productive and powerful processor, an impressive amount of rechargeable battery.

Nikon D7200 Kit is a camera with thoughtful ergonomics and simple control.

  • Canon EOS 80D Kit. Reliable and durable camera with touchscreen interface. Demonstrates high serial shooting speed. Differs on well thought out and worked with ergonomics. Wi-Fi and NFC are provided. A high-quality microphone is built on the front surface of the device.

With this camera, the photographer can get very beautiful and juicy pictures of high detail.

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Kit. Model having high resolution 4K. The camera has the ability to focus. Equipped with an excellent processor, thanks to which great pictures can be obtained even at high ISO values. A thoughtful noise reduction system is provided.

Premium class

Among modern professional cameras from famous brands there are a lot of beautiful models belonging to the most expensive premium class. Such a photographic engineering demonstrates the impeccable quality of personnel, has “sea” of useful options and settings. In most cases, premium devices are quite expensive. We will get acquainted with the characteristics of the most expensive premium professional level devices.

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Body. One of the most popular professional “mirrors” in the modern market. Demonstrates a gorgeous resolution of photographs, the minimum number of noise even subject to high ISO (6400 inclusive). It has the impressive speed of serial shooting, has a very convenient high quality touchscreen display. The case of this camera is reliably protected from moisture and dust, there is a GPS / GLONASS module.

High-quality professional camera, popular among many experienced photographers.

  • Nikon D850 Body. High-quality professional camera from a well-known brand, with which a user can make bright pictures of excellent quality. The automatic white balance is perfect, a rather wide dynamic range is provided. Technician control buttons have a backlight, so it is more convenient to use it even with bad lighting. The unit is also protected from dust and moisture, it has a good automatic focus and a capacious battery that can demonstrate long work (up to 3000 shots).

With this camera, good frames can be done even at night.

  • Pentax K-1 Mark II Kit. Surrected professional model demonstrating wonderful autofocus. The device boasts a well-thought-out screen design, reliable operation and flexibility capabilities. Wi-Fi and GPS modules are provided.

The camera makes high-quality pictures even against the background of high ISO values ​​- no noises on frames.

  • Nikon D5 Body. Top professional camera from a well-known manufacturer, which is characterized by mechanical reliability and high strength. Characterized with excellent automatic focus, wide range of ISO working values ​​in combination with unique sensors.

Using this famous camera, you can get spacious photographs of a professional level having saturated paints and well-visible details.

Selection criteria

Consider what criteria the buyer should pay attention to, choosing “your” professional camera.

  • Weight and sizes of the camera. Do not neglect these characteristics by choosing the optimal chamber. There are such days when there is a lot of time on shooting. If the device is too bulky and heavy, the user will not work very comfortably with it. Choose the devices of optimal dimensions and masses so that they do not deliver inconvenience in operation.
  • Specifications. Pay due attention to the technical parameters of a professional camera. ISO indicators are important, the number of megapixels, the volume of the battery, the presence of existing modes and settings. All parameters are recommended to find out from the accompanying technical documentation, and not just listen to consultants, because they also can be mistaken in something or specifically called overestimated data to awaken in you more interest.
  • Ergonomics. Make sure that we use the technique to be comfortable, and all control buttons / levers are for you in optimal places. Hold the camera in your hands, get your fingers to the existing keys and buttons. If the technique seems to you comfortable – you can safely choose to buy it.
  • State. Inspect the professional chamber for any damage and defects. Check out the work of photo equipment in the store. If the device works faulty or has some shortcomings on the housing / optics, you should not risk – look for another option or go to another store.
  • Brand. Acquire only branded technique of impeccable quality. Many stores will be able to meet a sufficient number of original branded devices of different costs and functional.

On how to choose a camera, see the following video.

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