Choose a portable projector for the house

    Many of the modern models of projectors have compact sizes. Such devices can be used as homemade multimedia techniques, the main thing is to choose the right option. In this article we will get acquainted with such devices and learn everything about the features of their choice.

    Features and destination

    Portable projectors made in mini format produce many famous brands. Today the range of these devices is huge – it is possible to choose the optimal option for any purpose and conditions of use. Many devices are perfect for the operation of the house. As home appliances use portable equipment very convenient. It not only does not take up much space, but also easily transferred from one room to another, if there is a need.

    If the projector is portable, this does not mean that it turns out to be less functional and ergonomic. Many of the modern small devices boast of rich functional. Portable products can have built-in wireless network modules, all necessary and current connectors, speakers and other useful components.

    The appointment of any projector is quite obvious. It is worth considering, in what situations it is advisable to buy exactly a portable device.

    1. If you enjoy wireless multimedia compact appliances not too often, and the desire to admire the picture on the wall you have in rare cases, it is better to buy a mini-model of the projector. For standard models, you need a separate reliable mount and dedicated place. In an inactive state, these components will only interfere with households.
    2. Portable devices will become an excellent solution if you are looking for ideal techniques for presentations. The latter can be carried out not only at home, but also in any other locations. High-quality devices without wires can be taken with them even in nature.

    Modern portable film projector can replace the average TV. There are many multifunctional compact devices that differ in good technical parameters. Consider what kind of varieties are divided by such devices in accordance with their characteristics.

    Image format

    Modern models of projectors who differ “Native” image format 16: 9. Devices with such parameters produce many brands. Technique that can reproduce a picture of this format, will be an excellent solution for lovers of high-quality widescreen pictures. True, many of the portable projectors issued an image of such a format are expensive.

    There are also compact projectors With image format 4: 3. Such devices are considered a bit outdated, especially on the background of devices with a picture of 16: 9. However, they are optimal for those users who want to watch a classic film in good quality and in general are accustomed to the image 4: 3. As a rule, such pictures are projected onto the full screen.

    Image output technology

    There are several special image output technologies on the screen. Consider the most popular and frequently used ones.


    Most modern projectors work on the basis of this technology. At the heart of such devices There are microsercal matrices. All tiny mirrors reflect the image from the light source, and a full-fledged picture is formed from the points.


    This popular technology is based on a liquid crystal matrix, including 3 main colors – RGB. Each Crystal Cell equates to 1 pixel.


    This is a peculiar combination of technology described above. Based on a liquid crystal matrix, but it does not shine – It reflects. The flow of light is repelled from the mirror surface and redirected directly to the cloth with the image.


    Devices with such technologies work as follows: Light rays that come out of the apparatus, in the aggregate form a solid image. The peculiarity of such structures is that There is no lens. No scattering of pulses occurs, there is no need to focus.

    Projector optics with such technology only adjusts the angle of inclination.

    Type of optics

    In different models of portable projectors there is a different optical system, folding from the lamp and lenses. Consider which lamps can be installed in projector compact equipment.

    • Gas discharge. In special cases, electric discharge is involved, from here and it turns out a fairly powerful stream of light and image large brightness. Similar lamps have small sizes.
    • Metal halogen. Similar lamps are one of the best price-quality ratio. They can form a good stream of light. Their capacity indicators can only be reduced closer to the end of the resource. Many copies have special filters.
    • Projection. These are varieties of lamps that have better technical characteristics. Thanks to them, the picture is saturated, contrast and quite clear. Quality paints are preserved for a long time.
    • Xenon. Such lamps are often found in professional type technique. In portable devices, these optics items to meet quite difficult. Xenon lamps can produce large, clear and saturated images.
    • Led. LED lamps are also often installed in modern projectors of different modifications. Such elements consume a minimum of electrical energy, which makes the technique more economical in use.

    We will get acquainted closer with some top models of compact projectors for home use.

    DEXP DL-805D

    LCD portable projector With a resolution of 16: 9 (800×480 p). Does not support 3D format. Present LED lamp with a capacity of 48 W.

    Can reproduce content from USB carriers.

    Acer C101i

    Portable device With DPL technology. Supports the ratio of Party 16: 9 (accurate resolution – 854×480 p). Provided economical LED lamp. There is no TV tuner in the model, but it can reproduce materials from USB carriers.

    There is 1 speaker with 1W power.


    Compact multifunctional model from Taiwanese manufacturer. Light flow device – 150 lm. The product has a reliable metal case. The lamp boasts a large resource of work.

    There is a battery with Power Bank feature.

    LG PH450UG

    Model with a wide focus, high contrast. Supports 3D volume format. Can work from the battery 2.5 hours.

    The device has a fan that works loudly than distracts users from watching movies.

    Epson EB-W42

    Device with very bright and juicy color reproduction. It has a convenient and clear menu. It is possible both vertical and horizontal image adjustment.

    As in the previous case, the device is equipped with too loud fan.

    LG HF80JS

    High-quality portable projector model from a well-known brand in which a laser light source is present. The technique is controlled by a convenient remote remote control, can play the image in 4K format.

    The device is high-quality and kind, but it is very expensive.

    Criterias of choice

    Choosing a home portable film projector, you should repel from several main criteria.

    • Purpose goal. Think in advance how and in what cases you will use this projection technique. Deciding with your desires, it will be easier for you to choose the perfect model that will be really useful for you and necessary.
    • Permission for pictures, aspect ratio. It is advisable to choose the models of projectors with higher parameters. The most popular today devices that can reproduce a picture of the 16: 9 format and with a resolution of not lower than 1920×1080 p. If the specified values ​​are lower, the picture quality will not be flawlessly high.
    • Specifications. In addition to the specified parameters, it is worth paying attention to other characteristics of technology. Pay attention to how long the projector can work offline, whether wireless networks are provided in it, which connectors are present in its design, which formats it can read. Choose the compact model that will solve all the tasks that you put it in front of it.
    • Design. Despite the fact that the compact technique is not so striking, it should still be at the attractive design. It is recommended to choose those devices that like you most. Aesthetic technique and enjoy more pleasant, especially if it is surrounded by home interior.
    • Build quality. Pay due attention to this parameter. The device must be assembled perfectly. Carefully inspect the technique before purchasing. The housing should not have any backlash or slit, all buttons and connectors must be in their places, well fixed. There should be no flaw in the design. If you discovered scratches on the projector, chips, cracks or erased areas, do not risk and do not buy such goods.
    • Room service. If the quality of the work is not possible in the store, it is not possible to check if the domestic test is given due attention (usually it is given 2 weeks). Check all device options. Make sure to work correctly.
    • Manufacturer. Prefer exceptionally branded portable type projectors. Today, many famous firms produce such equipment. It is recommended to buy a corporate projector in a proven store with a good reputation so as not to stumble upon a low-quality fake.

    Video review of the Portable Spector YG-300 you can view in the following video.

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